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OnPage Ryte Review

OnPage (Ryte) is a technical SEO software with many moving parts all designed to help you get superior SEO rankings. OnPage is an SEO powerhouse with a boatload of features and tools. 


Whether you want to literally comb every single page of your website, detect problem areas that are preventing optimal search engine rankings, measure the efficiency of your content, measure the individual effectiveness of your current keyword rankings and structure, or monitor your server speed, robots.txt functions, or even your server’s performance, OnPage could be a vital component to your organization (or your client’s organization).


OnPage offers technical optimization for each and every page on your website. So you can literally improve every asset of your page for better rankings. OnPage’s innovative website crawlers constantly seek and hone in on any problem areas, so you can focus on creating beautifully optimized websites that rank fast, even if you’re currently an SEO novice.


Maybe you’re a content creator, or you hire outsourced writers. If that’s the case, you can actually measure the SEO optimization level of each piece of content on an individual level. If you’re a blogger, or create content for your clients, this one feature alone by OnPage might be the perfect piece to complete your SEO strategy or toolbox.


If you’re after traditional keyword monitoring, OnPage has you covered with the ability to keep both of your eyes (and OnPage’s eyes) on your latest rankings across several mediums, so you can better focus on your SEO campaigns for superior results.

OnPage Review
OnPage Ryte Advantages

Unrivalled Intelligence – If you’re looking or leading edge SEO reports, sleek interfaces, and features that few other SEO tools can provide (like content optimization and technical SEO analysis) then OnPage might be your top choice as a website owner, or SEO consultant.


Technical SEO Analysis – Maybe you’re wondering what technical SEO means. Technical SEO (in accordance with OnPage’s tools) allows you to measure and assess your website’s images, videos, PDF files, JavaScript, and CSS code so you can turn every single moving part of your website into an SEO asset, instead of a potential liability.


Speed Analysis – One variable that the majority of SEO tools overlook is the actual performance of your website. You realize by now that Google loathes a slow website, which is why OnPage exerts great effort to ensure that you can address your website’s response time, compression performance, redundant file sizes, and any trouble-making cookies that might penalize your SEO performance.

OnPage Ryte Disadvantages

No Focus On Local – If you’re in the business of managing several heavy hitting local clients (such as plumbers or restaurants) then you might be saddened by OnPage’s lack of formal support for local NAP submissions (name, address, phone number) and other local submission and citation services. 


That being said, OnPage’s other features (especially their content optimization feature) could absolutely benefit a local business, but it’s important to mention some of their fallbacks in full transparency.


Above Average Cost – OnPage’s motto is simple. “What would it cost you if you had a broken website?” which is quite frankly, a beautiful premise. That being said, their lowest premium plan is designed for optimizing 50,000 URLs, which might indicate that they cater specifically for massive companies or experienced SEO agencies. 


That being said, and to be fair, OnPage does have a free plan that allows you to manage 100 URLs. If you’re curious to learn more about OnPage’s plans, their pricing, and how they can help your business, then you’ll find comprehensive information later on in the summary review.


Limited Free Plan – To be honest, if you’re just starting out as an SEO agency or if you’re simply looking to improve the SEO of your website, then OnPage’s free plan might be sufficient. For example, OnPage’s free plan allows you to manage 100 URLs, grants 1 user, and grants 1 crawl per month. 


This is probably adequate if you only manage one client, or if you’re simply testing the SEO analysis of your website, however if you have multiple clients, you’ll want to graduate to a bigger plan. (Again, if you’re curious for an in-depth analysis of the plans, you can find more information later in this summary review).

Who Is OnPage Ideal For?

OnPage is perfect for two types of end users. The first end user is someone who’s a blogger, affiliate marketer, author, publisher, or anyone who owns or manages a website and wants to analyze their own SEO performance.


Also, OnPage’s content optimization tool makes creating beautiful content (that both humans and search engines will love) absolutely ideal for bloggers. So, OnPage might be for you if you want to use it for your own website so you can create better content, and better understand how to make your search engine rankings fly through the roof.


On the other hand, if you’re an SEO agency, or otherwise manage the SEO for clients, OnPage might be one of the best options for you, because you’ll be empowered with the ability to create awesome content, analyze existing content, conduct technical SEO analysis, deliver customized and branded reports, monitor for keyword rankings, and crawl an entire website for ways to enhance SEO ranking performance.


So whether you’re a heavy hitting SEO agency, or a small startup, OnPage has plans and features that will complement your business or current SEO offerings.

OnPage Ryte Signup Process
Long Tail Pro Register

Signing up for OnPage is absolutely free, and you don’t pay anything unless you want to graduate to an advanced plan. There’s no credit card required for a free account, so you can take them for a test run to see if you like them before you invest in an advanced plan. You can upgrade your account at any time from a free account, so there’s no risk of losing your data if you start with a free plan. 


In any event, you start out by entering your website, or client’s website, email address, and name, and then OnPage will send you an email with your account information a moment later. After which, you can login and immediately begin using their tools to analyze your website’s SEO performance.

OnPage Ease of Use
OnPage Dashboard

If you’ve been turned off that other SEO tools require you to download software (that may or may not work on your operating system), then you can crack a massive smile right now because all of OnPage’s tools are available right inside of their beautifully designed website.


OnPage has a very sleek and clean interface, and as soon as you access the member’s area you’ll notice a few things. The first thing you’ll notice is that they have a news & updates tab which includes new features that are being added, in addition to training webinar announcements.


You’ll also notice all of the features and tools that are at your disposal, which are all readily identifiable and easy to grasp. The learning curve shouldn’t be high, even if you’re not very advanced with SEO. If you currently have any SEO optimization experience, you’ll understand the tools without any stress at all.


You’ll find OnPage’s Navigational tool, their Zoom tool, their Focus tool, the TF-IDF (content) tool, their Keyword tool, and their Monitoring tool. (If you’re curious to learn more about these tools and what they do, you can find a better description in the following “Features” section). Within the member’s area, you’ll also find a friendly reminder offering to upgrade to a premium plan, in the event that you ever outgrow your free account.

OnPage Features
OnPage Features

Navigator Tool – OnPage’s navigational tool is the perfect starting point whether you’re already an SEO legend or if you’re not sure where to start. OnPage’s navigator tool takes you by the hand and walks you through a step by step process, analyzing your website and shows you how you can enhance your SEO performance in the shortest time possible.


Zoom Tool – OnPage’s zoom tool takes a hard look at your website for any broken pages that can significantly damage your SEO reputation. You’ll also be able to better determine your SEO ranking potential, and fill in any holes that the zoom tool finds.


Focus Tool – The focus tool is all about checking any page on your website in real time for indexing problems. So maybe there are crucial logic errors on your site, a lack of mobile responsiveness, or performance issues that are preventing optimum SEO performance. The focus tool aims to find these egregious errors that are throwing a monkey wrench into your rankings, so you don’t have to crawl around on your hands and knees with a magnifying glass trying to find them manually.


TF-IDF Tool – TF-IDF stands for term frequency inverse document frequency. In other words, the TF-IDF feature will actually analyze your existing (and future) content so you can perform better with search engine rankings. The TF-IDF tool looks at your keyword structure, language diversity, and provides a detailed analysis of how your content stacks up by weighing the quality of your text. 


By using the “intelligent term weighing” algorithm that’s exclusive to OnPage, you’ll be able to compare your content with your competitors, brainstorm new content ideas, and make sure your content is optimal for killer search engine ranking.


Keywords Tool – What would an SEO tool be without detailed keyword analysis? OnPage provides a monitoring analysis of your current keyword rankings, so you can hit your future targets and improve your current search standing. So if you’ve ever suffered from a lack of traffic that you just couldn’t pinpoint, OnPage’s keywords tool might be the answer you’ve been looking for.


Monitoring Tool – Do you realize how tremendously negative a server timeout, server outages, or unnecessarily large file sizes can be to your overall search engine reputation? That’s why OnPage’s monitoring tool might be the most powerful asset to seize the low hanging fruit for almost any SEO campaign. So you can finally tap into SEO variables that aren’t readily visible to the human eye, even if you have no idea how to look under your own hood.


Indexability Analysis – You can have the most beautiful website on the planet, with the best content that humans love to read, but what if that content just isn’t indexable by the majority of power-house search engines? If that’s ever the case, your content will never get the exposure it deserves. That’s why OnPage offers a comprehensive indexability analysis, so you can be rest assured that your content flies to the top, even if you have no idea what variables determine superior indexing.


Asset Monitoring – Did you know that images, videos, PDFs, JavaScript, and CSS can weigh heavily upon how your site ranks? But maybe you’re frustrated because you have no idea what this means, and what the search engines look for? If that’s the case, OnPage’s asset monitoring can shove you in the right direction, by thorough analysis of the aforementioned variables so your content is off to the races.


URL Structure Analysis – URL structure has absolutely no standing with search engine ranking, right? Wrong! The overall structure of your site is arguable one of the most important SEO variables that you might be overlooking right now. That’s why OnPage will help you to best determine your URL structure and site layout, so the search engines know exactly where your primary pages are located, and so the search engines can crawl your website with speed and ease.

Performance Analysis – Did you know that a slow website can be the difference between SEO success, and dismal failure? But maybe you have no idea how to effectively and reliably measure your site’s speed? Moreover, maybe you have no idea what variables might negatively affect your site’s performance. 


If this is the case, OnPage’s performance analysis might be the single best tool to look at, because you can have the best content and do everything else right, but if your technical performance is shameful, so shall be your SEO results.

OnPage Ryte Integration's

Yoast SEO Plugin – If you currently use WordPress, then you’ve probably heard of the Yoast SEO plugin. OnPage integrates and enhances the Yoast SEO plugin by providing the indexability status of your homepage, so you can empower an already valuable plugin, enabling you to better optimize your website at a glance.


Google Search Console – Google Search Console is easily one of the best methods to keep tabs on your inbound traffic. The problem? Well, it’s honestly not one of the most intuitive tools on the planet, and you might have a hard time understanding and benefit from the data presented. 


Thankfully, if you use OnPage you should definitely consider attaching Google Search Console, so you can easily pull all of your search data into a more intuitive presentation, giving you peace of mind and the confidence to improve your SEO campaigns without any confusion.

OnPage Ryte Pricing
OnPage Pricing

OnPage pricing is based primarily upon the number of websites that you manage, the number of URLs in each of your websites, the amount of keywords you monitor, and the number of users (logins) that you need.


First and foremost, it’s important to look at OnPage’s free for life account. The free account limits you to one website, 100 URLs, 1 crawl per month, and only 5 keywords. That being said, it offers a beautiful opportunity to test out OnPage to better determine if they can be a good match for your SEO agency, or to otherwise help accommodate one of your websites, or even a client’s website.


If you graduate from the free plan, you’ll see that there’s a pro plan that still limits you to one website, though allows you to monitor 50,000 URLs. This is ideal if you have a huge website, or a whale of a client. You can also obtain unlimited crawls, 100 keywords, and you can export your data via CSV so you can create awesome looking graphics should you choose. The pro account costs $119.90 per month, or you can save 10% if you buy a year in advance.


If you’re looking for more, you might consider the business plan. The business plan offers 10 different websites, 1,000,000 URLs, 10 users, unlimited crawls, and 1,000 keywords. In addition, you also get CSV, PDF, and API exporting, so you can integrate with almost any program that you want in order to create graphics, charts, and other exports that you might have in mind. 


The business plan is perfect if you have several SEO clients and need robust solutions to manage all of your SEO work. The business plan is $499.90 per month, and you can also save 10% if you buy a year in advance.


There’s also the agency plan. The agency plan allows you to manage 20 different websites, 4,000,000 URLs, grants you 20 users, unlimited crawls, and 2,500 keywords. The agency plan also allows you to export via CSV, PDF, API, and also allows you to brand reports, so you can provide white labelled reports to your clients. 


The agency plan is perfect if you’re an SEO agency with more than 10 clients, and if you want to provide beautiful looking SEO data that will help deliver unshakable prestige, rapport, and confidence to your clients. The agency plan is $1,299.90 per month, and you can also save 10% if you order a year in advance.


Finally, there’s the enterprise plan. The enterprise plan offers access to 20 websites, grants 7,000,000 URLs, 50 users, unlimited crawls, and 2,500 keywords. You can also export via CSV, PDF, API, and your exported content can be branded as you wish. 


The enterprise plan is perfect if you have over 10 clients and want to put your best foot forward, while at the same time dig deep into the quantity of URLs that you can manage. (So if your clients happen to be whale clients with massive webpages, the enterprise plan is your best bet). The agency plan costs $1,799.90 per month, and you can save 10% if you buy a year in advance.

OnPage Support

If you’re frustrated because your current SEO monitoring solution left you high and dry, then OnPage is going to be a massive breath of fresh air.


That’s because not only can you contact OnPage for free support via phone, chat or email, but they offer a massive collection of webinars, blogs (their blog is also known as their OnPageMagazine and contains a ton of helpful SEO content), tutorials, and PDFs so you’re up to date, well informed, and never left wondering what comes next.


In fact, OnPage goes a step further and even offers live in person events, so if you want to dive in head first and receive official OnPage certification, then you can register to attend one of their live events. So what can you expect at the OnPage event? To put it in their own words, you can expect yummy food, a friendly ambiance, and certification so you can attract more prolific clients, and proceed with unshakable confidence.

OnPage Reputation

OnPage has a serious reputation for being massively successful SEO professionals. But don’t take their word for it. You can browse their site and check out glowing reviews from customers ranging from SEO managers, product managers and startups from all over the world.


OnPage has analyzed hundreds of thousands of domains, and billions (that’s billion, with a b) of site crawls from websites ranging from tiny blogs to massive organizations including Disney. So, not only has OnPage worked with some of the largest organizations on the planet, but they still treat each and every new client with the respect that you deserve, regardless of how new (or advanced) you are in the SEO world.

OnPage Ryte Conclusion

Whether you’re a tiny one-man (or one-woman) organization, or if you’re a massive SEO agency who has 12 whale clients, you need a smart, innovative method to systemize your SEO strategy. 


That’s precisely what OnPage delivers. So you can optimize your content. Monitor your keywords. Optimize the technical side of every single page. All the while analyzing things down to the JavaScript and CSS level, while even monitoring and spying on your competition.


So if you’re frustrated that your current SEO toolkit contains software that is drastically out of date, or even worse, if your current support leaves you high and dry, and if you want to become part of a powerful SEO team, then OnPage invites you with a friendly countenance, and open arms. 


You can try their tools for free without a credit card, so there’s absolutely no risk, and you’ll never be left in the dark or have your SEO questions go unanswered.


About Mike DeVincent

Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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