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PageWiz Review

Pagewiz is a versatile page building tool that will allow you to effortlessly create beautiful marketing pages of all shapes and sizes. So you can create sales pages, affiliate presell pages, lead capture pages, landing pages, and every other page that you’ll ever need as a marketer or entrepreneur.


Pagewiz is used by some of the biggest brands that you’ve ever heard of such as Philips, Avis, and Chevrolet, so if you decide to give Pagewiz a whirl, not only will you be in great company, but your landing pages shall indeed look beautiful and you’ll get up and running faster than if you built the page yourself.


If you’re panicking right now because you think that Pagewiz costs a fortune, then proceed with a massive smile because it costs much less than you think. Continue reading for more details.

  • Pagewiz’s main goal is to get you up and running fast. So it doesn’t matter if you want to presell your favorite affiliate offers, create a landing page for your new book launch, or create a beautiful video sales page, Pagewiz has you covered and you’ll look good every step of the way.

  • If you’re sick and tired of playing with the amateur landing page builders, then stop what you’re doing and seriously consider Pagewiz. It’s no accident that their list of clients is as long as it is impressive, so if you want to start using the page builder that the heavy hitting authorities use, then read the rest of this review with eager anticipation.

  • Maybe you’re frustrated because your other page builders cost you an arm and a leg? Since Pagewiz works with some of the biggest brands on the planet, so they must cost a fortune right? Wrong. With Pagewiz if you can scrounge some pocket change once per month you can easily build and maintain beautiful landing pages for you and your clients, even if you’re been frustrated or spent too much money on other page builders before.

PageWiz Review
PageWiz Advantages
  • Authority And Prestige – Doing business with Pagewiz will give you unshakable confidence in your landing pages, because you’ll be in some truly spectacular company. Face it, nothing can kill your confidence more than knowing that your landing page software is a “toy” and not a “tool”. With Pagewiz, you’ll have rock solid self-assurance so you can build your list, sell your products, and presell affiliate offers like the best marketers on the planet do.

  • 100% Hosted For You – This is arguably one of the best features that a landing page software can offer. Pagewiz offers you 100% secure hosting in the cloud, so you never ever have to pay for hosting if you don’t want to, or manage any messy and complicated plugins and tools. With Pagewiz, you’ll have your first marketing campaigns up in a few minutes from now, and you’ll never have to mess with WordPress, Drupal, cPanel, or a host that sucks your marketing budget dry.

  • Adequate Split Testing – If you’re paying for clicks and driving traffic directly to your lead capture pages and your sales pages, then you absolutely must constantly split test so you can strive for superior conversions. With Pagewiz, you’ll be able to split test all of your pages even on their smallest plan, so you’ll never have to worry and second guess which of your landing pages are going to convert the best. Instead, put two of your favorite creatives head to head and see which one wins, with 100% accuracy and efficiency.

PageWiz Disadvantages
  • Recurring Cost – First, please don’t panic! It’s true that Pagewiz does charge a recurring cost, but remember that you get free cloud hosting and a massive array of features that quite frankly are unmatched by many of Pagewiz’s competitors. In addition to this, you can also claim a 30-day free trial without ever breaking open your wallet, so you literally can’t lose.

  • Unique Visitor Caps – Are you a massive marketer who loves to drive tens of thousands of clicks to your marketing pages? If that’s the case then Pagewiz’s basic plans might not suit your needs, and you’ll require more than just the basic plan. That’s because Pagewiz’s payment plans are based largely upon how many unique clicks your pages can handle. So, exactly how many clicks can each plan handle? Please continue reading this review to find out. (Precise plan details are revealed under the “Pagewiz Pricing” section, so please continue reading).

  • Competition – Here’s the honest deal. Pagewiz is honestly one of the best (and perhaps underrated) page builders for all marketers and entrepreneurs. With Pagewiz you get cloud hosting, they take IT security (and the privacy of your leads) seriously, their landing pages are absolutely beautiful, and there’s plenty of them. That being said, the marketing landscape is liberally strewn with an overabundance of landing page software that might be inferior to Pagewiz. So, is Pagewiz a dream come true for your business, or are you better off looking elsewhere? Continue reading to figure out exactly who Pagewiz can benefit the most.

Who Is PageWiz Ideal For?

If you’re an Internet marketer, affiliate marketer, author, coach, consultant, blogger, or if you sell products of any type, then Pagewiz might be the best purchase you make all year.

That’s because, as Pagewiz so eloquently states, “beauty sells”. Pagewiz has this down to a science because the marketing and landing pages in their arsenal are indeed quite beautiful and will allow you to easily sell anything, to anyone, even if you absolutely lack any design or copywriting skills.

Pagewiz can also work for you if you’re a graphic design, copywriting, or web development consultant because many of their features come with a white labeling option. So you can help your clients to generate leads, you can design their webpages, and your clients are almost guaranteed to be thrilled with the work that you produce.

At the end of the day, Pagewiz is perfect if you’re frustrated that your marketing pages look dismal, so you’ll be building your list, preselling offers, and crafting sleek looking pages that sell anything you want even if you don’t have a website of your own installed.

PageWiz Signup Process
Page Wiz Register

If you’re annoyed that most free 30-day trials require hours of your work, then you needn’t worry because honestly signing up for Pagewiz is simple. First of all, Pagewiz doesn’t require your credit card, so registering for them is truly 100% risk free, and if you don’t like it, simply never pay them, it’s that easy.

Upon visiting the Pagewiz homepage, you’ll see a massive call to action prompting you to “Sign Up For Free”, and when you click that call to action you’ll see a tiny form requesting your email address and name. After you fill out that form (which literally only takes 2 seconds), you’ll be able to login.

PageWiz Ease of Use
PageWiz Dashboard

The first thing you should know about Pagewiz ease of use is that it’s 100% cloud based. You’ll never have to install anything. You can literally log right into the Pagewiz member’s area and begin designing beautiful landing pages for all of your promotions and products without installing anything, or touching a single line of code. Pagewiz even generously hosts your marketing pages, so there’s nothing you’ll ever have to install, ever, period.

As soon as you’re logged in to the Pagewiz member’s area you’ll be asked if you want to design a landing page for mobile, or for desktop. After selecting which you prefer, you’ll see the dashboard which is very intuitive and easy to grasp.

There are only a few moving parts that you have to deal with. There’s the pages section, the leads section, the domains section, the white-labeling section, and the support section.

The learning curve is going to be near zero. The “pages” section is where you can easily begin designing a page, upon clicking the new page button you’ll be presented with a massive list of beautiful templates that have you covered regardless of what you want to promote or work around. You can even select the “blank page” template if you want to work from scratch.

The Pagewiz editor itself is really easy to use, and it’s based upon a drag and drop, what you see is what you get editor, so there’s absolutely no coding required to get everything just how you want it.

There’s also the “leads” section, which houses all of the leads that you generate from your Pagewiz landing pages. From this section, you can easily export your leads so you can build your list at your own pace, and you can of course integrate with a massive list of email autoresponders also. (More information can be found later regarding which email autoresponders can integrate with Pagewiz, though you shouldn’t have any trouble regardless of which you use).

There’s also the “domains” section, which allows you to attach domains, so you can have a unique domain for any of the landing pages that you choose.

Next there’s the “white-labelling” section, so you can actually offer many of the Pagewiz services to your clients, so you can skyrocket your authority and prestige to the stars and beyond.

Finally, there’s the support section which comes stuffed to the top with how to information, integration tips, landing page design ideas, optimization tactics, and overall advice on your account.

PageWiz Features
PageWiz Features
  • Lots Of Templates – The moment you log into the Pagewiz member’s area you’ll realize that they have a massive boatload of templates. It doesn’t matter if you want to presell your favorite affiliate offer, presell the hottest product launch, create buzz about your own book launch, or just create a lead capture page, you’ll find ample quantities of awesome landing pages that will work for all situations.

  • Beautiful Templates – What good is a massive collection of landing pages if the quality is absolutely dismal? Face it, you’ve seen plenty of lead capture pages and landing pages that make the words “ugly duckling” seem like you were letting them off easy. With Pagewiz, you’ll never have that problem, as their landing pages are quite honestly beautiful and worthy of almost any marketing project, regardless of the complication, scope, or size.

  • Hosted For You – Have you ever fell out of your chair when you looked at your hosting bill? If that’s the case, send them an email and tell them that they’re fired! Because with Pagewiz, you can host all of your marketing pages in the cloud for absolutely zero additional cost. So you can be assured that your landing pages will be hosted, indefinitely, and you’ll never be hit by a surprise bill when you expect it the least.

  • Ample Split Testing – What’s the single best way to make more sales, get more leads, and find out exactly what your prospects and leads want more of? It’s to split test your current marketing creatives. With Pagewiz, you’ll be able to split test your pages, so you never have to second guess yourself or even worse make an assumption that’s dead wrong, an assumption that could essentially cost you and your company a small fortune.

  • Tons Of Integrations – It doesn’t matter if you want to integrate your email autoresponder service or Google Maps, or even Pagewiz’s own custom API, regardless of how simple (or complex) you want your relationship with Pagewiz to be they’ve got you covered.

  • White Labeled Lead Notifications – This is where things get a little crazy. Imagine if you could send your client a notification whenever they got a new lead through one of the landing pages that you built them? This would make you look like a lead generation powerhouse, and it would definitely provide strong incentive for your clients to stay attached to you like glue – month after month, forever, and indefinitely. With Pagewiz, this is rather simple to setup. (Imagine the fear of loss that this would evoke? Your clients would never want to miss out on those leads, they would depend and rely on this service that you could offer indefinitely and at a premium, rightfully so).

  • Full White Label Integration – You can take things a step further by offering the entire Pagewiz service as your own custom solution. Imagine how dramatic this could be, if you could slap your logo and branding on the Pagewiz system? It’s as easy as tapping into the Pagewiz API, and configuring everything with your branding identity.

  • Mobile Responsive – It goes without saying that your end users are using mobile devices more and more. If you neglect this segment of your audience, you’re all but giving up. With Pagewiz, you’ll never have to worry about how your pages look across all devices, because they have a massive supply of mobile ready templates that will look beautiful across all mobile devices, and will be served automatically whenever a mobile device is detected.

  • Statistics Are Always Live – What good would all of these beautiful features and templates be if there weren’t active and real time statistics to accommodate them? With Pagewiz, you’ll never be curious about how your pages are performing because everything is simple to grasp, and you’ll never be lost or befuddled with regards to how your pages are performing.

  • Security – IT security. It’s the one feature that 99.99% of marketers and entrepreneurs forget, due to a dismal lack of oversight. Hackers are out there right now, and they love to steal your customer’s email data. That’s why Pagewiz makes special emphasis to announce that any leads they store on their servers are going to be protected like their life was on the line. Because make no mistake, one data breach can be the end of your business, even if you have the best intentions, and even if you have the best looking website on the planet. If your customers catch wind of a data breach effecting their information, it could be one move that cripples your business, even if it wasn’t necessarily your fault.

PageWiz Integration's
  • Google Analytics – Who can track data better than Google? Arguably, nobody on the entire planet. That’s why Pagewiz makes Google analytics integration a snap, so you can be massively confident with your statistics, and use that information to improve your marketing campaigns.

  • Facebook Sharing – Why not turn your marketing pages into a viral marketing machine? With Pagewiz you can easily integrate Facebook sharing, so you can prompt your best customers (and leads) to share your content, making your list get bigger, and churning out potentially free traffic.

  • YouTube – Do you have beautiful videos on YouTube that you’d love to use for a video sales page? Or maybe you just want to integrate a video in one of your landing pages to help explain your cause, or to engage a call to action? Either way, with Pagewiz you’ll effortlessly integrate YouTube videos so you can liven up your landing pages one way or the other.

  • Google Maps – Are you operating a physical brick and mortar business? What better way to drive some foot traffic than by offering your physical location right on your marketing pages? Leave out the guess work and prominently state to the world where you are, so you can get more exposure, more traffic, more recognition, more authority, and more prestige.

  • Pagewiz API – In the event that you want to take things to the next level, Pagewiz allows you to integrate their comprehensive API. So you can integrate Pagewiz with your own system, or even offer a white label service and offer it to your clients. If you’re interested in getting started with Pagewiz API, all you have to do is contact their friendly support and ask.

  • AWeber – Pagewiz creates some truly remarkable lead capture pages. What better way to fill your AWeber list with a horde of frenzied fans? So you can build your list with raving fans who know you, like you, and trust you, using one of the world’s most popular email autoresponder services.

  • MailChimp – Maybe you use MailChimp and love their free email marketing solutions? You’ll never have to switch or move your subscribers if you check out Pagewiz. Pagewiz makes MailChimp integration so simple that you’ll be split testing lead capture pages, and it will only take you a few minutes to set everything up.

  • GetResponse – GetResponse is one of the most popular email marketing autoresponder services on the planet, and for good reason. One thing that you’ve probably noticed, however, is that their stock lead capture pages leave much to be desired. For that reason, you might love to integrate GetResponse with Pagewiz, so you can get more leads, feel better about promoting your lead capture page hard, and ultimately build a better list who knows you more, likes you more, and trusts you more.

  • Constant Contact – Maybe you’re a Constant Contact user, and wouldn’t abandon their service for all the money in the world? If that’s true, then you can easily integrate with Pagewiz and turn Constant Contact into a raging river of email subscribers.

  • Zapier – If you’re panicking because you don’t see your service here, don’t worry. Pagewiz also integrates with Zapier, so you can easily integrate with a massive list of third party services that aren’t necessarily listed here, but can be easily integrated by way of Zapier.

PageWiz Pricing
PageWiz Pricing

The Pagewiz pricing structure is largely based upon how many unique clicks your account can handle, the amount of custom domains that you want, and also whether or not you want white-labelled email lead notification. Those are literally the only three variables of consideration, which makes selecting the perfect Pagewiz plan easy.

Overall, there are four plans. All of the plans offer the majority of features, such as unlimited a/b split testing, email autoresponder integration, CRM integration, mobile-optimization, the ability to manage multiple clients, secure cloud hosting, and email & chat support. Again, the main variables are whether you want white-labelled email lead notifications, the number of unique visitors, and the number of domains that you’d like to use.

There’s the basic plan, which costs $29 per month if you want to pay monthly, $27 per month if you pay for 6 months in advance, and $25 per month if you pay for an entire year in advance. The basic plan allows 5,000 unique visitors, 2 custom domains, and does not allow white-labeled lead notifications.

There’s the standard plan, which costs $49 per month if you want to pay monthly, $45 per month if you pay for 6 months in advance, and $42 per month if you pay for the entire year. The standard plan allows 10,000 unique visitors, 5 custom domains, and does not allow white-labelled lead notifications.

There’s the plus plan, which costs $99 per month if you want to pay monthly, $92 per month if you pay for 6 months in advance, and $84 per month if you pay for the entire year. The plus plan allows 30,000 unique visitors, 10 custom domains, and does allow white-labelled lead notifications.

There’s the pro plan, which costs $499 per month if you want to pay monthly, $184 per month if you pay for 6 months in advance, and $169 per month if you pay for the entire year. The pro plan allows 100,000 visitors, 25 custom domains, and of course allows white labelled lead notifications.

PageWiz Support

Pagewiz’s main goal is to make their page builder so easy and intuitive that you never need to contact their support. To be honest, they were successful in their goal, however maybe you’re worried because your current landing page software leaves you high and dry when you need support?

If that’s how you feel, then you should be pleased to know that Pagewiz has a healthy resource of support avenues, including a public discussion area, a knowledge base, in addition to a traditional helpdesk.

The Pagewiz discussion area is a public forum of sorts where you can post your own question, respond to another end user’s question, and also read other existing questions from the customers. This might be helpful to give a glance in the event that you’re ever stuck or just want to learn more about the Pagewiz customer support and how they interact with their end users.

The knowledgebase itself has a wealth of how to tutorials, integration tips and scripts, information on your account management, landing page design tips, and optimization strategies.

In the event that after browsing the knowledgebase you’re still unsatisfied, you can contact Pagewiz directly via their helpdesk (or via email) and they promise to get back to you in short order.

PageWiz Reputation

Imagine this scenario. The same exact landing page software that you’re using is trusted by some of the largest brands on the planet such as 3M, ZARA, Philips, Avis, and Chevrolet. Do you think that this could increase your confidence and creativity just a tad bit? So you can finally let your imagination breakthrough and take your business to new heights, even if your current landing pages leave much to be desired.

Pagewiz’s reputation is one that of an enabler. Pagewiz has been referenced in Forbes and cited as one of the landing page builders that you can use with absolutely zero design experience.

Pagewiz customers use their landing page software for different reasons. Some Pagewiz customers are affiliate marketers, and they use their landing pages to presell affiliate marketing campaigns, because you realize by now that often times direct linking to an affiliate offer doesn’t work as well as preselling.

Other Pagewiz customers are marketing agencies, and they use Pagewiz to deliver beautiful content to their clients that keeps them coming back, month after month.

Other Pagewiz customers use their landing pages to promote themselves, and their own products or services. Either way, Pagewiz has a reputation for creating really beautiful landing pages, because their motto is, above everything else, that beauty sells.

PageWiz Conclusion

It doesn’t matter what type of marketer or entrepreneur you are. Maybe you’re an email marketer, a list builder, network marketer, affiliate marketer, consultant, or maybe you run an ecommerce store. Either way, you realize by now that you need to look good in your promotions these days.

If your pages don’t look good, you probably won’t even have the confidence to publish anything. The harsh reality is that if you want to add subscribers, or increase your conversions, having a beautiful landing page is no longer just a perk, it’s an absolute requirement.

With Pagewiz, they take the guesswork out. So you’ll never have to hire a six figure designer or copywriter. All of the heavy lifting is already done for you.

So you can have a beautiful landing page up and running, that’s hosted for you, that promotes absolutely anything in the next 10 minutes. There’s absolutely no coding required, and you can get started without opening your wallet.

Simply visit the Pagewiz homepage, and click the massive call to action prompting you to try their service free for 30 days.

You have absolutely nothing to lose. All the risk is on them. But, what do you have to gain?

Well, you have the world to gain. So you can finally build a bigger (and better) email list, add more subscribers who love your stuff, please your clients so you can retain them into perpetuity, and sell your own products without being a design guru, and without paying a web host a single red cent, ever.


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