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How to optimize your website for the search engines

Learn all the tips and tricks for perfecting your site to perform the best in search results.



How to find the best keywords for SEO
Every profitable SEO campaign starts with keyword research, learn how to pick the best target phrases.



How to perform SEO for a website

Learn how to apply search engine optimization techniquest to get more traffic to your site.


How to rank in local search

If your a small business then you need to learn how to do local SEO to reach nearby customers.



How to get good quality backlinks
Getting quality backlinks for your website has always been the #1 factor in high search engine rankings.


How To Perform Seo For A Website

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Search engine optimization or SEO is a term that refers to the strategies and techniques used in order to improve the search ranking of a website or blog. Search engines like Google or Bing display search results which they consider to be authoritative. This means that the website or blog has a high number of visitors and hosts engaging, indexable and informative content.


It can also be defined as a name that is given to all activities and practices which help to increase quality and quantity of traffic achieved through organic results. The end game or goal of SEO is not only to improve ranking and visibility but to achieve high conversion rates.


To improve ranking, you need to come up with a campaign that will be successful. A successful campaign needs to have carefully selected and relevant keywords. This will be designed to improve ranking, to make the website prominent on search engines and attract online visitors.

Want to know which tools will improve your website ranking on search engines and improve organic traffic? Try the following:

1) NinjaOutreach

2) SemRush

3) SpyFu

4) SE Ranking


There are two areas of SEO:

a. On-page optimization

This is where website elements that make up a webpage for example HTML code, textual content and photos are used to improve visibility and ranking.


b.Off-page optimization

This includes backlinks which are links that point to a website that is optimized and helps your page(s) to rank highly on search engines.


What is organic search engine optimization?

Organic Search Engine Optimization

This refers to techniques used by online marketers and website owners in order to gain a natural placement on natural search engine results pages. There are several ways one can be able to achieve this. Some of them include backlinking, careful link building and use of keywords.


What is White hat search engine optimization?

What Is White Hat SEO

This is the use of a variety of strategies, tactics and techniques which are developed to focus on online users’ mainly human audience as opposed to search engines. These tactics and techniques are designed to follow the rules and policies of seo.


A good example of white hat search engine optimization is a website that has been optimized for search engines and yet it focuses on organic ranking and being relevant. Techniques used to achieve this include use of a variety of keywords, back linking and link building.


What is black hat search engine optimization?

What Is Black Hat SEO

This is the use of aggressive strategies, tactics and techniques which are developed to focus on search engines and not the readers. In Black hat, the guidelines set for Search engine optimization are usually not adhered to. There are several techniques used by different people in order to practice this. They include keyword stuffing, use of invisible text, use of doorway pages and adding unrelated keywords to a page.


Importance of SEO to website owners

Importance of SEO

Today, SEO is referred to as the bread and butter for business website owners. This is why search engine optimization is important.


Increase organic traffic

It is a common misconception among online users that the first page of a search result contains trustworthy and relevant informative. This is why many users never bother to go past the first page. When your website is ranked highly thanks to SEO best practices, you gain many visitors. If you run an ecommerce store or a business website, you can convert online visitors into paying customers. This will allow you to earn revenue and continue funding your website.


Increased promotion in social media

Social media today has become more than a platform where users get to connect with old and new friends. If online visitors look for specific information and your website is ranked higher on the search engine results, it will lead to increased social media presence. People will definitely start talking about your website which will make it popular allowing you to have more visitors.

Stay ahead of your competitors

This is what every business person wants – to stay ahead of their competitors. No one wants to be second. When two or more websites are selling similar products and services, the one with better SEO practices will make more sales. This will increase the revenue of the business greatly.


How to perform seo for a website

By now, you know what SEO is but have you understood what it is. To help you better understand, here is what goes into search engine optimization.


Quantity of traffic

When you come up with a website, there are several reasons why do so. You may have started a news publishing website, an ecommerce website or a corporate. To ensure your website remains relevant and achieves its objectives, you need traffic. Not just any traffic but organic traffic. As the owner of a website, what you need to know is that the more visitors you have, the more revenue you will earn. Search engine optimization best practices help the right people to click from SERPs and arrive at your webpage.


Quality of traffic

The right traffic that consists of the right users is best for your website. When your website is on the internet, you can attract all soughts of traffic. While this will spike your Google Analytics dashboard, the traffic received is not of high quality. Why? Because you are not attracting the right users. You need to attract the right users who are genuinely interested in your products and services.

Organic results

This is highly important as it is used by search engines to rank your website. There are website owners who pay for ads to be displayed in search results. This is referred to as paid traffic. Attracting organic traffic makes your website look genuine and will help you stay ahead of your competitors.


5 Actionable Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Essential SEO Strategies

Here are 5 SEO strategies you need to know about. 


1. Mobile search optimization

Today, many people have access to the internet thanks to smartphones and tablets. People are no longer relying on laptops, notebooks and desktops in order to browse the internet. You will find online users at the park, in a café or at work browsing the internet from their mobile phones.

Search engines have realized the potential of mobile search and this has made mobile search optimization to be of the highest priority. Many surveys have been carried out over the years and they have shown how important a mobile optimized website is to online users. This is why your website need to be mobile ready and optimized.


2. Incorporate a variety of keywords

Over the years, SEO has evolved and today, search engines require more than just a single keyword. You don’t have to focus on a single keyword anymore. This can limit your chances of being ranked higher and gaining more traffic to your website. The reason for this is that users have become technology savvy. They use different combinations of words looking for a wide variety of information. Use a quality keyword research software to find the best target phrases.


For example they would use keywords like plumber New York or 24/7 plumbing company New York. Both keywords will elicit different search results. This is why you need to use a wide variety of keywords. Utilize free platforms like Google Keyword planner.


3. User experience is still important

Users are looking for the best experience. They don’t want to arrive on a website only to find that the content is full of mistakes or does not reflect the title. Your content needs to be original as this allows search engine bots to crawl and index the pages. What experts have been able to find out is that using a listicle with the heading ‘Top 5 …” is much more attractive. It is important for the website owner to make sure that words coming after the number are meaningful and relevant.


4. Incorporate unique images

As a website owner, having unique images does matter. When you incorporate a unique image with unique and original content, your page will definitely stand out. This is what every reader and search engine wants. Do not just copy images from the internet belonging to other websites. You need to incorporate custom made or original photos you have captured. They will pay off in the long run.


5. Generate powerful backlinks

Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are very important and they will help to improve your site ranking on search engines. You need to look for ways people will link to you. One way you can achieve this is to write for a large publication. You can also conduct interviews or recommend powerful content to online users who matter. Alternatively, you can hire an SEO company that has a strong digital presence to help you build better links.


Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Tips You Need To Know

Here are 5 tips that will help improve your website ranking.


1. Use videos

Benefits of Video to SEO

Videos are great as they help to keep the audience engaged and entertained. As a website owner, you need to start using videos on your website. They will improve your ranking on SERPs. This is the reason why search engines are giving videos prominence. What experts have discovered is that videos do get 50 times better organic page rank.


2. Make your content voice search compatible

Voice Search Changing SEO

Today, many people are using voice search in order to make queries. This has become the preferred method as people are usually multitasking. Voice search has become part of mobile search and features prominently in apps and smartphones. In order to make use of this feature, your content needs to be easily searchable through voice searches. One trick that can help you to achieve this is to use long tail keywords. This is because they are more likely to be spoken than conventional keywords.


3. Local SEO is still important

Majority of website owners who run ecommerce stores and businesses usually target international customers and forget about local customers. It is important to improve local seo capability as this will assure you of customers within your area. One way of doing so is provide your business physical location or address to a search engines local business listing using a good local seo software application. Furthermore, you need to go ahead and personalize content for your local users.


4. Never assume social media

Social media has a huge presence especially when it comes to your SERPs. For example, Google has made a deal with Twitter to index and display tweets from page with many followers. It is important to utilize social media as it assures you of more online users. What this means is that your social media pages from Facebook to Twitter will appear on search engine results every time a user searches for your brand name.


5. Don’t forget mobile apps

Mobile apps have become so popular that they turned many start ups into Fortune 500 companies. As a business person, it is important to take advantage of mobile apps. They help to drive traffic to your business and improve revenue. If you have an ecommerce store, you can have a mobile app developed that will allow mobile phone users to shop for products. This will allow you to “kill two birds with one stone.” You will earn revenue, improve your website ranking and gain more online visitors.


Final Thoughts

SEO always sounds like rocket science but it’s not. As a website owner running a business, your intentions are clear. To have many customers who will buy and keep buying your products and services. To achieve this, you need to engage in search engine optimization. There are tricks, tips and strategies that will help you rank higher and improve your organic traffic.


You can use a variety of keywords and the best news is that there are free tools online that will help you with this for example Google Keyword planner. Ensure that your website is mobile ready. What this means is your website should be optimized and offer the best experience when viewed via a mobile phone. Don't forget to track rankings of your website either.


Always incorporate social media in your website. If you were to search for your brand name, you will view links to your social media pages. This shows you how important social media is to your website. A key element to remember is voice search. Many people are searching online via mobile phones using voice search. You need to make sure your content is easily searchable via voice search.


Finally, practice white hat strategies like link building, use of long tail keywords and backlinking. This will help to rank your website placing you ahead of your competitors always.


Remember, don’t engage in black hat practices as they will hurt your online reputation.

Check out our Top 10 Search Engine Software

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