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16 Popular Websites That Use

Live Chat Software

Live chat software is hosted on servers and provided by third party companies to businesses around the world with the purpose of allowing the said business to provide excellent customer support. 


It can also be defined as a web application that provides a customer with a chat console allowing them to seek help regarding products and services being sold by a business.

Website chat applications have become very popular today especially for businesses with eCommerce websites where they sell products and services to customers worldwide. Majority of customers usually make their first attempt at shopping online after being referred by a friend or family member.

Even though they have been taken through the steps of shopping on the website, every website may offer a different interface which may be confusing to the new user. This means that during their shopping experience, they will have several questions not only how to complete a certain step but whether a certain product is able to do this or that.

As a business, you need to offer your customers excellent customer support services not only because they are your bread and butter but because it is a professional thing to do. Live chat services have consoles for the customer and the operator. On the operator’s side, one is able to initiate chats, make chat invites, chat with the customer, redirect calls if any and even chat between operators.

On the customer’s side, one will have a small console with a form where one is required to fill in their name and email address if it’s their first time to chat or if they don’t have an account with the eCommerce website. This allows the operator to be able to provide the customer with a personalized greeting that includes their name.

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Who uses live chat?

In the business world today, it’s all about making profits, staying ahead of your competitors and expanding to other regions. In order to achieve these goals, you need customers. Customers are the bread and butter for a business and without them; a business will not be able to exist.

As a business with a website, you will encounter different customers from around the world especially if you deliver worldwide. Everyone will be shopping for clothes, smart devices, TVs, home theater systems, tools, furniture and even gifts for that special occasion.

As earlier said, each customer has a different experience when it comes to shopping. There are those who will find it easy and their shopping exercise will be a breeze. There are those who will find it difficult and will have to consult with your support staff.

Unlike traditional support services like email and toll free numbers which resulted in delayed responses, being placed on hold for several minutes to hours and even at times, no response at all, with live chat software, the response is quick and answers are provided within no time.

Apart from eCommerce websites, the following are the users of live chat softwares:


a.) Web hosting companies
b.) Airlines
c.) Customers
d.) Live chat providers themselves
e.) Government websites
f.) Medical professionals
g.) Software and web development companies.

Why Live Chat Softwares are beneficial to a business

Quick service
Traditional customer services like toll free calls and emails have long been used by different businesses. They have many drawbacks than benefits. First of all, when you send an email or make a call, you need it to be picked fast and you are provided with the answers you need after asking the questions. This does not happen as you will be placed on hold and your email will be replied 24 hours later or more.


With live chat software, the customer support agents will provide you with answers once you initiate the chat. You can ask as many questions as you want and once done, you will complete your shopping and await delivery. This does not disrupt what you are doing.

Competent service
When you employ customer support agents, you will train them regarding the products and services sold on your website. Some of the things you will ensure they have knowledge on is the products themselves, the prices, what they do, the product codes and any discounts on offer. With this knowledge they will be able to answer customers’ questions satisfactorily.

Instant feed back
As discussed earlier, email and toll free numbers are poor at offering quick customer support service. For the calls, you will be placed on hold and for the emails; your reply will be made after 24 hours or more. By this time, you will have finished what you were doing but since you don’t have the answers, as the customer, you will abandon shopping on the site.


With web chat applications, the feedback is immediate as you are connected to the operator in minutes.

25 popular websites that use live chat software

1.) Nordstrom

Nordstrom LiveChat
Nordstrom Web Support

The shopping website uses Live Chat for their customer support service. To access it, you have to click on “Chat with us” link located at the foot of the page. You can chat with beauty stylists, customer service, wedding stylists and designer specialists.


The chat window allows one to ask questions regarding your order status, exchanging or returning an item, cancelling an order, about international orders or others.

2.) Toys'R'Us

Toys R Us Livechat

The chat service at Toys R Us is much simpler and you can activate it by clicking on a button located on the top right corner of the web page. All you have to do to initiate a chat is add your email address and select from the category list what you would like to chat about. The service is powered by Live Chat Inc.


3.) Nikon Europe

Nikon Europe

To start the chat, you need to click on the chat icon located on the Contact Us panel. Once you have done so, you will be directed to a different page. You need to provide your first name, your last name and your email address plus the subject of your queries. 


This provides the operator with information about you and your questions. You will get to chat with experienced advisors as well as receive real time help. Chat services are provided from Monday to Friday 0900 – 1700 BST and they are closed on weekends.

Check out our Top 10 Live Chat Software Comparison Table to see the best tools from a bird's eye view...

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Wine livechat

LiveChat powers the web chat app on It has been customized to look like the color of red wine with the company’s logo and operator’s photo plus their position displayed on the chat window. 


It pops up when you are browsing through the website and allows you to ask questions about the selection of wines available. It has a personalized welcome message “Welcome to” which is appealing to the users.


5.) Shopify


This is a Canadian ecommerce platform that allows users from around the world to open their own stores and be able to sell their products with ease. The platform has integrated Olark chat service providing users with the best support. To access it, you can click on the contact us link at the foot of the page which will direct you to the chat window.


6.) ModCloth


The platform offers users a chance of shopping for clothes from casual wear to wedding dresses. Shoppers have questions regarding this or that product, order status and others. With the web chat application, operators are able to offer superb customer service.


To access the app, you need to click on Customer Care at the foot of the page and you will be directed to another page where you can select chat services. 


You need to answer two questions before beginning:


a.) Are you chatting from a mobile device?
b.) Have you shopped with us before? Both questions require a yes or no answer.

7.) Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman Live Chat Service

To activate the chat service on the website, click on contact us. You will be directed to a different page and click on a button to initiate chat with one of the representative. 


The page also displays a photo of the support team plus the operating hours. The time is in Australian Eastern Standard Time. The company advertises its support team as having a real passion for providing excellent service.

8.) Warby Parker

The platform sells optical glasses and sun wear which helps to protect the eyes from intense light both natural and artificial. The platform has a chat application powered by LiveChat and allows the customers to seek help about the products being sold.

To access the chat, click on help and you will be directed to another page. In this page, you have three options: email, call and live chat. Click on the chat button and a window will pop up at the bottom corner.

9.) HP

HP Website Chat

If you are looking for a laptop, computer (PC) or printer, then HP is your shopping website. To ensure that customer queries are addressed, the company has invested in a self hosted live chat service. 

You can select between the different departments namely Sales, Returns and Exchanges plus Product support. The live chat service is open for US residents and they operate from Monday to Sunday between 8AM and 2AM ET.

10.) Overstock Art

Overstock Art Chat

Great pieces of art can be found on the platform but if you are unsure which will fit with your current decor at home or at the office, you have the chat app that allows you to chat with an operator. To access it, navigate to the upper right corner of the webpage and click on the link “Live Chat On”. 

A pop up window for the chat service will be separate from your browser allowing you to continue browsing while chatting with customer support service. The service is provided by ProvideSupport.

11.) Template Monster

Template Monster Chat

This is an ecommerce platform that sells templates for different CMS platforms. They have a chat service that enables customers to make queries when they have an issue with selecting the right template for their platform. 

To begin the chat, submit your name and email address. This enables the operator to know the person they are chatting with as well as addressing them during the chat.

12.) Rare Pink

Rare Pink LiveChat

Rare Pink Customer chat service is powered by Live Chat. You can find the chat link by clicking on Contact Us located at the top right corner. You will be redirected to another page where you will find the chat now button. 

When clicked, a console will pop up and you will have to provide your name, email and what you need help with. You can also like them on facebook, follow them on Twitter and Google Plus from the chat console.

13.) NewEgg

NewEgg Webchat

To find the customer chat support service, click on the customer service link located on the top right corner. You will be directed to another page to begin the chat. Before starting, provide your first name, last name, email, language, issue and the reason for contacting support service. 

Once you have done so, you can click on the button “Start Live Chat” to correspond with operators.

14.) QuikSilver

When you shop at Quiksilver and you have queries that need answers, the chat app is available to address any issues. To access it, click on the top right corner “LiveChat” and a window will popup. 

Provide your name, email address, order number subject and question. This will allow the operators to review your problem and provide you with the answers needed. The chat service is powered by LiveChat.

15.) WayFair

Wayfair Chat Support

The platform offers its customers with three options when it comes to support service. They include email, call and live chat. Live chat is powered by Moxie and allows the customer to receive answers for queries they have. To access the chat window, click on help and you will be directed to the FAQs page. 

Here you will find a form requesting you to select the method you want to contact support with. Once you select live chat, the chat button will be active and you will be provided with a customer reference number. The chat console will pop up on a separate window once the button is clicked.


BodyBuilding Web Chat

The platform is known to sell products that help individuals to increase their muscles as well as lose weight leading a healthy lifestyle. The platform has set up a live chat support service which can be activated by navigating to the bottom left corner of the home page and clicking “live chat”. 

A new tab will open on the browser with the chat window on. You need to provide your name, order number (optional) and email address (optional) and finally, click on start chat.

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