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Post Planner Review

Post Planner is a social media management tool designed to make your social media engagement skyrocket. So not only does Post Planner allow you to automate and schedule your social media posting, but you’ll also tap into a massive inventory of “premade” social media posts, that are, according to Post Planner, scientifically designed to make your engagement go absolutely wild. So why is this important? Because if you can get your social media followers to actually interact with your posts, you’re more likely to get them to click on your links, visit your homepage, join your list, and take other actions that you want them to take down the line.

  • The dirtiest secret in the social media game, is that post count, number of followers, and even the ability to automate doesn’t mean a single thing. What’s exponentially more important? Interaction, and engagement. That’s what Post Planner exerts their greatest efforts emphasizing, so you can finally get your end users to follow up, open up, and interact with you in almost any way that you want.

  • Post Planner utilizes a really sleek “drag and drop” posting scheduler, so you’re never second guessing which content gets queued next, and you’ll be able to analyze and strategize your entire social media strategy at a glance, and change it on a whim based upon your own intuition, social signals, your own business plans, or based upon social feedback.

  • If you’ve ever been saddened by the notion that your end users simply won’t interact with you, then Post Planner is probably the easiest thing for you to implement to get better interaction across all of your social media profiles. If this sounds like a hard pill to swallow, or a little too farfetched, then continue reading this review and learn more about the premade posts that Post Planner offers. The premade posts take all of the stress out of creating innovative, fresh, and compelling content that is specifically designed to make your social media followers interact with you, without hiring a six figure copywriter, and without spending a month and a day writing social media content.

Post Planner Review
Post Planner Advantages
  • Premade Posts – Post Planner’s premade social media posts are easily one of their best features, and their top advantage. Because face it, you can have the biggest following on the planet, but what happens if you just don’t have anything awesome to share with your audience? If you have thousands of followers, but few engagements, this is actually negative social proof, upon which it looks like your audience doesn’t know, like, or trust you. That’s why sharing Post Planner’s premade social posts, which have been scientifically proven to prompt engagement can be a time saver, a massive boon to your social media platform, and it can offer social proof that quite frankly is impossible (and much harder) to get otherwise.


  • Predict Engagement – Post Planner’s premade posts are ranked with a star rating system so you can better gage how your audience is going to react to them, before you plan a single campaign. For that reason, you’ll never suffer from self-doubt, or even worse, neglect your social media followers by not posting anything. With Post Planner, you’ll proceed with utmost assuredness and confidence as you post content that your audience is statistically likely to interact with, one way or the other.

  • Beautiful Interface – After reviewing a ton of social media management tools out there, you’ll probably notice that some of them leave much to be desired from a user interface standpoint. With Post Planner, you’re going to find that everything is sleek, well oiled, and you’ll actually feel good as you use their member’s area. Also, there’s ample statistics and data and everything is easy to understand, so you’ll know exactly what you’re looking at without stressing out or straining your eyes. Why is this so important? Because if you don’t feel good when using your social media management tools, you’re not going to have as much freedom, because you’ll be second guessing yourself every step of the way.

Post Planner Disadvantages
  • Facebook Account Is Required – If you don’t have a Facebook account, or Facebook for any reason, you’ll be disgruntled to learn that Post Planner requires a Facebook account in order for you to register. There’s no way to bypass this requirement, and Facebook is the only way to register for an account. On the plus side, registering and connecting your account only takes two seconds, and if you’re frustrated from having to memorize 5,000 passwords for all of your different accounts out there, this might be a feature instead of a negative.

  • Their Free Service Is “Hidden!” – After doing some digging, it seems that Post Planner does indeed offer a free service! That being said, you need to really dig between the lines in order to find out more. Additionally, Post Planner’s free service is relatively limited, and only offers the ability to attach one profile, grants 5 posts per day, and you can only schedule 25 posts at a time. While these options are rather limited, they can still be absolutely golden in the right hands, and if you’re just getting started on social media there’s no reason not snag this deal.

  • Competition – How many social media management software tools and planners are out there? It seems like new options pop up on an hourly basis. That being said, very few of Post Planner’s competitors offer “done for you” social media content which has been split tested and verified to get maximum engagement from your followers. For that reason, and since Post Planner might not be the most popular social media management tool, competition is definitely a factor to consider. So, is Post Planner the ideal solution for your social media interaction, or are there clear superiors? Please continue reading this thoroughly transparent summary review to find out.

Who Is Post Planner Ideal For?

Post Planner is absolutely perfect for any type of blogger, business (of any size), social media enthusiast, Internet marketer, affiliate marketer, email marketer, entrepreneur, author, instructor or marketing agency who needs to skyrocket social media interaction, and fast.

That’s the main benefit of Post Planner; not only can you automate and plan your social media posting across all of the major platforms, but you’ll be plugging readymade content that’s proven to get your end users to pop off, share, like, and comment, so if you need to increase your social media interaction for yourself or a client, Post Planner is very hard to beat.

So if you’re suffering from writer’s block, aren’t the most creative person on the planet, or are managing several social media accounts and you’re on a shoestring budget, then Post Planner can pull through with flying colors and enable you to interact with your audience, in a way that connects, all the while being entertaining, and you’ll also be able to promote anything that you want.


So you can build your list, promote your books, or drive traffic to your landing pages, because you can easily edit all of the pre-made posts, or just sprinkle your own promotions in between the content that’s already there for you.

Post Planner Signup Process
PostPlanner Signup

Registering for Post Planner only takes 30 seconds, because as you’re already aware, you register through your Facebook account. Upon visiting the Post Planner website, there’s a massive call to action prompting you to register. Upon registering, you’ll be asked to connect with your Facebook account.

After you connect with your Facebook account, you’ll be able to choose a premium plan if you wish, and you’ll learn more about how all of the plans work and what the price ranges are later on in this summary review.

For now, just be happy because Post Planner is very easy to register to, the prices are “rock bottom” cheap, and there’s no technical expertise or laborious footwork required to get started. (And yes, you’ll also learn more about the free plan in the pricing section, so continue reading!).

Post Planner Ease of Use
Post Planner Dashboard

The first thing you need to know about Post Planner is that everything is easily accessible once you access the member’s area. So as soon as you access the member’s area, you’ll be asked to connect to the social media profiles that you want to use.


After which, you’ll see a massive list of premade social media posts that you can immediately broadcast to your social profiles immediately, or you can begin planning sequenced autoresponders that are to be scheduled to your social media profiles. (If you’re familiar with an email autoresponder sequence, then this is going to look very, very familiar, and even if you’re not, it won’t take more than a minute to fully grasp the concept).

Post Planner is one of those web services where you’ll know exactly how to master their system a few minutes after logging in for the first time. This is partly due to their intuitive design, and partly because you’ll have a blast playing around with all of the features that are found within the member’s area.

The done for you content is truly awesome, and you’ll find categories such as “Quotes”, “Engaging”, “Interesting”, “Funny”, “Business”, “Marketing”, “Top News”, and “Random”.

Want to get your audience frothing at the mouth with excitement? Try posting some political news and watch your engagement skyrocket to the stars and beyond. (As you know, political tempers are flaring worldwide these days, and talking about politics might not be ideal for your business, but is nearly guaranteed to be one of the surest ways to get your audience to interact!).


Or maybe you want to inspire your audience with thought provoking quotes, or lighten their day with some humor? Regardless of how you want to interact, Post Planner has plenty of premade posts that will make your social media followers respond, one way or the other.

Post Planner Features
Post Planner Features
  • Done For You Viral Photos – Post Planner’s coolest feature has to be the done for you viral photos that you can simply post, or schedule to post on your social media accounts. So ask yourself how it would feel if you could queue a massive list of awesome content, and then sit back and relax as you watch your followers reply, share, like, and as you watch new followers start to take notice of your seemingly vast efforts?

  • Search The Most Popular Articles – Post Planner loves to brag about scientifically backed data. That’s because if you can find content that’s already proven to prompt engagement, all you have to do, is share that same exact content. The problem is, finding content that’s already proven to get a reaction can be time crushing, and difficult. That’s why Post Planner makes finding popular articles super easy, so you can literally login, search, and find articles that have already been proven buzzworthy, so you can share it, and claim all of the social proof and benefits for your own.

  • Fun Facts, And Trivia! – The problem with most social media management tools, is that they don’t offer any content for you to use. As a result, if you’re planning social media content over the long haul, it’s so easy to forget that variety is key to your social media success. For that reason, Post Planner provides a ton of different features such as the ability to quiz your audience, fun factoids, even obscure trivia that your social media followers will find to be interesting at the least, and loveable at best.

  • Drag And Drop Scheduler – You’re not going to be dealing with any messy excel spreadsheets, or importing complicated forms when you use Post Planner. That’s because the entire automation process is handled via a really intuitive and beautiful drag and drop scheduler, so you can plan your entire campaign without the technical overwhelm, and without being confused as to how everything functions.

  • Sharebar – The Post Planner Sharebar is easily one of the best features, which allows you to brand yourself or your company, and promote any website that you want on any third party article that you share on social media. So imagine if you find a viral piece of content, and want to share that on your social media accounts. Usually, when your visitors click that link, your benefit stops there, because you’re sending your audience away to a third party. With Sharebar, you can actually brand any third party site, and promote your own website, your other social media profiles, your landing pages, or even your lead capture page.

  • Build Your List – Imagine if you could build your list each and every time you share a piece of content on social media? So you could find massively popular articles, share those articles, and then promote your lead capture page on that same article? Post Planner allows you to accomplish this easily. So you can literally “ethically exploit” any piece of third party content, while at the same time prompting your social media followers to join your email list when they click on any third party site. Without Post Planner and the Sharebar, you’d have to be a master of computer science to accomplish this feature, which is very, very cool.

  • Bulk Uploading – Are you the type of entrepreneur who likes to get everything done simultaneously? Maybe you like to sit down for a few hours, and plan your entire social media sequence for the next month? If that’s the case, you’ll be able to upload your entire social media plan in one sitting, even if you have an unfathomable boatload of content that you want to upload and queue.

  • Easy Analytics – If you can’t measure your statistics, how are you ever going to improve them? That’s why Post Planner provides awesome statistics and data that are super easy to understand. So you can literally view your social media posts, and immediately tell which style posts (or which specific posts) are getting the most viral action. So you can not only potentially reuse that content at a future date, but plan your future social media campaigns in accordance with what’s already proven to convert.

  • Find, And Share, The Best Content – Post Planner makes the bold claim that their users obtained 650% (That’s six hundred and fifty percent! Not a typo) more engagement using Post Planner than any other social media tool. The reason behind this, is because Post Planner exerts the greatest effort to find content that’s already proven to convert. So the name of the game, is to use their premade content, that’s already proven to convert, so you’re never second guessing yourself.

  • Multi User (Great For Teams) – If you’re a social media agency, and want to keep everything organized and synchronized across your team, then Post Planner has you covered. You can easily add team members, and share your data, so ultimately you’re saving more time, and getting more done, with less technical trouble and with less headaches.

Post Planner Integration's
  • Facebook – Have you ever wondered where the heavy hitting social media gurus get their awesome images with quotes that seem to attract endless amounts of replies and likes? If that’s the case, you’ll love integrating your Facebook account with Post Planner. So you can not only begin scheduling content, but you’ll also have a ton of “done for you” viral content that you can share and schedule with the click of a button.

  • Twitter – The same is true with Twitter. Imagine being able to login to Post Planner, and choose from a massive list of done for you posts? Would it feel good to entertain and educate your audience, even when you’re suffering from writer’s block? If that’s the case, you’re going to love how easy integrating with Post Planner is.

  • Instagram – Face it, it can be the worst feeling in the world when you want to post something awesome on Instagram, but for whatever reason your creative willpower is totally drained. Suddenly, you feel like you’re letting your subscribers down in the worst way. If you’ve ever felt like that, then integrating with Post Planner will bring a massive smile to your face, the second you start using it.

  • Pinterest – Did you know that publishing tons of low quality content, can actually do you more harm than good? That’s why Post Planner integrates with Pinterest while at the same time, helps you find the right content to share. So you can finally get better results, without just spamming on Pinterest like a pest.

Post Planner Pricing
Post Planner Pricing

Post Planner pricing is based largely upon how many social media profiles you have, how many posts you want to make per day, and also the amount of posts that you want to schedule.

Additional features are also added to some of the advanced plans, such as the ability to collect emails on third party sites, the ability to upload in bulk, use custom domains, and access to the Sharebar.

All in all, the different Post Planner payment plans are very scalable. There’s the pro plan, the love plan, the guru plan, the master plan, the agency plan, the venture plan, and also custom plans.

Additionally, all of the plans can be paid annually, in which case you save 22% overall.

The first plan is the pro plan, which is 100% free, though only enables you to use one social media profile, 5 posts per day, and 25 schedule posts at a time.

Then there’s the love plan. T


he love plan allows you to connect 10 social media profiles, grants 100 posts per day, and allows you to schedule a very generous 1,000 posts. The love plan (and all plans above it) also allows you to use the Sharebar. The love plan costs $9 per month, or $7 per month if you pay annually.

Then there’s the guru plan. The guru plan allows you to connect 25 social media profiles, to make 250 posts per day, and to schedule unlimited posts. The guru plan also enables you up to 4 team members, and also the email opt-in. The guru plan costs $19 per month, or $15 per month if you pay annually.

There’s also the master plan, which enables you to connect up to 50 social profiles, make 500 posts per day, and you also get unlimited post scheduling. The master plan also enables 7 team members, and obviously you get access to the Sharebar, and also email list building. The master plan costs $49 per month, or $39 per month if you pay annually.

The agency plan allows you to connect 100 social media profiles, grants 1,000 posts per day, and allows unlimited scheduled posts. You also can use up to 11 team members, email list building, and the Sharebar. The agency plan costs $99 per month, or $79 per month if paid annually.

The final plan is the venture plan. The venture plan allows you to connect 200 social media profiles, and grants unlimited posts and post scheduling. All other features are unlocked, and you can get up to 25 team members. The venture plan costs $299 per month, or $199 per month if paid annually.

There’s also the custom plan. The custom plan is for you if you operate in an enterprise wide operation and require a robust plan to meet your needs. Otherwise, it’s best to choose a plan in accordance with the amount of social media accounts you’ll need to run your social media operation as smoothly as possible.

Post Planner Support

The first thing you’ll want to check out regarding Post Planner, is their ridiculously frequently updated blog stuffed to the brim with awesome social media content. It seems every few minutes they have new blog posts syndicated from a wide array of heavy hitting social media bloggers on the topics of all things internet marketing, with an emphasis on social media.


So if you want to touch up on social media best practice, or just want a cool blog to follow, definitely check out Post Planner’s blog.

Post Planner also has a thorough user guide, with videos that walk you through nearly every process that you could ever need from a Post Planner user’s perspective. So if you’re curious how to search for awesome content to share, how to bulk upload, or how to use the Sharebar to maximum effect, definitely give the user guide a gander, because there are video tutorials on a massive array of subjects.

Another neat support function that Post Planner provides is their status page. So you can tell the response time, the error rate, and the status of their post planner, their search system, their website, and their posting system. So you’ll never be left out in the dark, and you can always determine how everything is functioning, in real time, with very real data and statistics.

Finally, in the event that you want to touch base with the Post Planner support team, you can easily contact them via their contact form, in which case they promise to reply to you in short order. If you do indeed contact Post Planner, you’ll probably find that they reply to you in prompt fashion with courteous regard, and your questions will be handled professionally and without much delay.

Post Planner Reputation

If you want to see an unfathomably impressive list of testimonials for Post Planner, you won’t have to look very far. In fact, after investigating for a few minutes, you’ll find that authorities such as Guy Kawasaki, Kim Garst, and Rebekah Radice all have great things to say about Post Planner, among a massive assemblage of their customers.

That’s just tipping the iceberg really, because Post Planner has also had rave reviews from Entrepreneur, Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Reuters. Post Planner has also counted companies such as Hertz, Nike, and Microsoft to be among their ever-expanding list of clients.

You probably realize by now, that Post Planner is the real deal. They not only have tens of thousands of members (roughly 47,000), but they also have tens of thousands of followers on Pinterest, hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook, and tens of thousands of followers on Twitter, making them a company who practice what they preach.

Post Planner Conclusion

At the end of the day, there’s ample opportunity for you to automate your social media posts. There are dozens (if not more) of reliable social media planners, so you can automate prestige, build rapport, and promote any website that you want across all of your social media channels.

But, there’s something missing from that equation. The most crucial element that most social media planning tools miss out on. That missing, and vitally crucial element, is end user engagement.

You can have the best business on the planet, with the best intentions, and you can be the most prolific social media guru in the world with the most followers.

But what if your followers never engage? What if they never reply, share, or like your content? In that case, you’re going to suffer from a dismal case of negative social proof. Upon which, your brand will suffer. Nobody likes to be the “first” to comment or share something. Humans are tribal in nature; they go where there’s already social proof.

That’s exactly what makes Post Planner so impressive. So you can finally share content, and done for you posts that are already proven to be popular. So you’re never second guessing yourself when it comes time to post content to your social media followers.

So you can build your list, promote any website that you want, drive more traffic, and plug your products and services, while at the same time, sprinkling content that’s scientifically proven to prompt response and engagement.

That’s the best of both worlds. So you can share anything you want, while branding yourself on any third party website that you share from now on. So you never miss out on an opportunity to build your list, promote your products, or plug your website. At the same time, you’ll prompt others of like-mindedness to follow you, to share your content, and to hopefully, become lifelong fans.


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