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Postfity Review

Postfity is a social media management tool that is super easy to use, and absolutely light on the wallet. So if you’re interacting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, but at the end of the day you’re wasting too much time and not getting good enough results, then Postfity is absolutely worth checking out. So you can drive more traffic, get more leads, promote your pages, and interact with your social media followers without using any complicated tools, and without wasting hours of your day each time you sit down at your desk.


With Postfity you’ll be able to brainstorm new content, schedule your upcoming posts, and reach an entirely new audience if that’s your intention, and you can get up and running in a matter of seconds (no, this isn’t an exaggeration because the Postfity signup process is super simple, which you’ll learn more about later on in this summary review).

  • One of Postfity’s top features is that it’s super easy to use. So if you’ve ever been frustrated that your current social media management tool has way too many moving parts, then you’ll benefit from using Postfity because the learning curve is absolutely zero, so you can begin queuing, publishing, and brainstorming breakthrough social media campaigns without the work and hassle.

  • Imagine if while browsing top sites in your niche, you could instantly and automatically publish whatever content that you encounter across your social media profiles, without even leaving the tab or browser that you’re using at the moment? Postfity comes equipped with a really snazzy Google plugin so you can easily share any webpage that you’re viewing, without switching tabs, and without any scripting at all. So if you ever see a piece of content that’s cool, and if you know for a fact that your audience would benefit from that content, then you can instantly click to share it across your social media profiles in an instant.

  • Have you ever been annoyed when trying to find new social media followers, because you just can’t organize your posting schedule? Face it, if you don’t have a posting routine, then it can be next to impossible to get the attention of new followers, fans, buyers, and subscribers, and unless you have fresh content scheduled regularly your current subscribers will all but forget you. That’s why Postfity is worth reading about, so you can finally schedule your social media content using an interface that is intuitive, easy, and fun to use.

Postfity Review
Postfity Advantages
  • Very Easy To Use – Have you ever logged into a social media management tool, then were instantly disappointed because you needed to have several PhDs in order for it to work? If that’s the case then Postfity might be one of your top choices, because the layout is super easy, everything is simple to grasp, and there aren’t many moving parts. So if you want to focus on beautiful social media content, a seamless integration of scheduled posts, and if you want more bang for your buck then Postfity might be worth checking out.

  • Dirt Cheap (Or Free) – If you have a few pennies kicking around then you can easily afford Postfity, in fact, even if your marketing budget is zero then you can still use Postfity because you can start using their service for absolutely zero cost. So you can register, start publishing to your social media accounts, schedule new posts, and interact with a new world of opportunity on social media so you can generate new leads, find new customers, and entertain your current followers without even opening your wallet. In the event that you’d like additional features, then Postfity is still dirt cheap, and is easily one of the most affordable social media management tools on the market.

  • Done For You Research And Post Ideas – Have you ever crawled up into a ball and cried when it came time to provide awesome content for your subscribers? If that’s the case then Postfity can be an absolute lifesaver, because not only can you schedule your posts across your favorite social media platforms, but you’ll also tap into an infinite pool of content ideas that are updated daily. So you’ll never run out of ideas, you’ll never suffer from writer’s block, and you can tap into a near infinite supply of fresh content that your audience will love well into perpetuity, so you never leave your followers hanging (or bereft of your content updates) ever again.

Postfity Disadvantages
  • No Post Ideas On Free Account – The done for you post ideas and content brainstorming is easily one of Postfity’s coolest features. However, unfortunately, this feature isn’t allowed with their free plan. That being said, the next plan that Postfity offers is absolutely dirt cheap, and it’s literally guaranteed to be “less than you think”. So, how much do Postfity’s premium accounts cost exactly? Please continue reading this summary review to find out, for now, find solace in the idea that you can absolutely afford it even if you’re on a penny budget.

  • Other Free Account Limitations – Of course, since Postfity is essentially a premium service they have to support themselves somehow, right? Well there are a few other limitations on the Postfity’s free accounts, such as the inability to add over 5 social media accounts, and the inability to schedule more than 10 posts at a time. That being said, the featured offers are very generous, and if you’re just getting started on social media you should be jumping out of your chair to learn more. Of course, in the event that you’re more advanced, you can still upgrade for more features without breaking the bank (to say the very least).

  • Competition – In a world stuffed to the brim with hundreds of millions of social media users, you can bet your boots that companies and services are going to be popping up out of the woodwork to help manage those potential followers. As a result, the battlefield has been laden with competitors, and new social media management tools are surfacing on a near daily basis it would seem. So, is Postfity mere noise to distract you from your ultimate goals, or are they truly a worthy service that you’d be crazy to ignore? Please continue reading this summary review to get a 100% transparent and honest outlook.

Who Is Postfity Ideal For?

If you’re a social media marketer, a blogger, an independent website owner, an authority site owner, if you sell physical products, digital products, if you’re an email marketer, affiliate marketer, or any type of marketer, or if you run, operate or are part of a social media agency, then Postfity is worth checking out.

First of all, Postfity is absolutely free to use, and you won’t have to jump through any hoops to get started. The premium plans are an absolute pittance compared to what you get, and if you decide to take action on a free account you’ll be rewarded with the lion’s share of features without breaking the bank.

So you can interact with new subscribers, drive more traffic to your website, entertain your current following, all the while developing breakthrough campaigns on near autopilot, so you can finally build your social media following without investing tens (or thousands) of hours on social media.


At the end of the day, Postfity gives you the confidence and leverage that’s only possible when you can turn your social media on full autopilot, while at the same time attracting new leads, and keeping your current leads content enough to like, share, and comment on your content.

Postfity Signup Process
Postfity Signup

Registering to Postfity is as simple as logging into your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or LinkedIn account. As soon as you visit the Postfity homepage, you’ll see several massive calls to action to try a free account.

The moment you click that call to action, you’ll be prompted to connect any of your social media accounts (LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, or XING) and you’ll be granted an immediate account without any additional steps.

So you don’t need a credit card to register, the free account is truly free for life, and you don’t even have to remember a username or password to get started.

In the event that you want to activate premium features (such as the ability to generate awesome content ideas every 24 hours), then you can upgrade your account at any time, and you’ll probably agree that the prices are dirt cheap and worthy of consideration.

Postfity Ease of Use
Postfity Dashboard

The first thing to know about Postfity, is that it’s entirely web based and you won’t need to install any software or complicated tools.

So the first time you login to Postfity, depending upon which social media account you connected with, you’ll have the ability to add more social media accounts should you wish.

After which, you’ll notice how clean and intuitive the design of the site is. The Postfity dashboard admittedly has few moving parts, and everything has its own place so you can begin scheduling and brainstorming content and posting it to your social media accounts instantly and easily.

The learning curve is near zero, and because the layout is intuitive and simple you probably won’t require any support, and you’re unlikely to hit any snags.

So if you want to simply login, start scheduling content to your social media profiles, then Postfity makes it simple, and you can then take your social media campaigns to the next level with the brainstorming feature, which will enable you to put your social media campaigns as close to “100% autopilot” as possible, without spending thousands (or more) on a social media copywriter or fulltime staff.

Postfity Features
Postfity Features
  • Super Easy To Use – If you’re tired of all the fluff that comes with other social media management tools, and you’d rather focus on awesome content that your audience will love, then Postfity is definitely worth checking out. The intuitive graphic user interface leaves nothing to be desired, and you won’t have to be a social media (or computer science) guru to begin automating and scheduling your social media posts.

  • Google Chrome Plugin – Imagine if you could instantly share any website that you ever encounter across all of your social media accounts with the click of a button? This is a super simple method to keep your audience in the loop without losing your focus, or losing track of what you were doing.

  • Instant Publishing Across All Of Your Accounts – The moment you access the Postfity’s member’s area you’ll begin publishing across all of your social media platforms without switching tabs, getting annoyed with different layouts, or having to deal with any messy or confusing software. Simply login to the Postfity’s member’s area, and you’ll be instantly prompted with a handy dandy form so you can syndicate across all of your social media platforms without any hassle.

  • Schedule Your Posts On Your Own Schedule – Maybe you want to queue up social media content for the next month so you can finally take time off, brainstorm new content, or start working on your business instead of slaving in it? If that’s the case then you’ll love Postfity’s simple to use scheduling feature, which will enable you to post content on a schedule that you choose. So you can interact, attract more followers, drive more traffic, and entertain your audience 100% hands free, and on full autopilot.

  • Brainstorm New Content Ideas – When it comes time to posting new fresh content on social media, you have a few different choices. First, you can be lucky enough to have the creativity required for daily content. Or, you can pay thousands (or hundreds of thousands) to pay a fulltime copywriter or content creator. But what happens if you don’t have the biggest budget on the planet, and you’re not the most creative person? If either of these cases are true, then you’ll love the ability to instantly brainstorm new content ideas on a daily basis. So you can simply insert a keyword, and then Postfity produces fresh content ideas, every 24 hours, so you’re never out of ideas, even if you’re currently trapped in the icy clutches of writer’s block.

  • Collaborate With Your Team – If you have a team of collaborators that you’d like to keep in touch with and integrate your social media campaigns with, then Postfity’s team collaboration features are going to put you at ease. So you can schedule, brainstorm, plan and work alongside your entire team, while at the same time eliminating any risk of miscommunication and not being on the same page.

  • Analyze What You’re Doing – Without adequate insight, nothing you do on social media is ever going to matter. That’s why Postfity provides beautiful analytics as to what you’re doing, so you never second guess yourself, and so you’re never lost when it comes time to brainstorm your future campaigns.

  • Brand All Images Instantly – If you’ve spent time or money creating beautiful artwork that you want to share on social media, the very last thing you want to do is post it out to the world “naked” without any branding. Because make no mistake, there are hackers, pirates and black hats just chomping at the bit to pirate your content, even if you’re the nicest and coolest person on the planet. For that reason, Postfity makes it simple for you to watermark your content instantly and automatically, so you can not only brand your images automatically, but you’ll also be protecting your hard earned intellectual property with the defense that it deserves.

  • Simple “One Click” Integration – If you’ve ever been frustrated because connecting your social media channels with other social media management tool is a pain in the neck, then you’ll love how easy it is to connect with Postfity. If you can click a button, and if you have a second of time to spare, then you can easily register and connect your first social media channel, so you can begin planning social media content, interacting with your fans, and driving traffic to any site you want without the wait.

Postfity Integration's
  • Facebook – If you operate any type of business, there’s a good chance that you’re using Facebook right now in your social media game plan. Even if you’re not currently using Facebook one way or the other, you might consider integrating with Postfity, because you can bet your boots that your audience is using Facebook, regardless of where your business is located on the planet, and regardless of who your end user demographic is. With Postfity, Facebook integration is simple, and you can automate your posts with the click of a button.

  • Twitter – You’ve probably noticed how easy it is to get distracted, and seemingly waste hour after hour on Twitter following your favorite profiles. That’s why integrating with Postfity might be the single best investment you ever make. So you can be the one people are following, instead of you wasting your day following everyone else.

  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is stuffed to the brim with high profile clients, so if you’re offering any type of business to business service, then it’s the acme of madness to not be prominently engaging on LinkedIn one way or the other. With Postfity, you’ll never have to manually engage ever again, because integrating takes only a second.

  • Google Plus – Google Plus is one of those social media channels that is still growing, and since it has Google in their corner, the potential for Google Plus is potentially greater than everything else combined. You’ve probably had a secret suspicion that Google loves Google Plus content, so sharing and interacting with your audience on Google Plus, quite honestly, probably has benefits that are little-known, but highly-effective. That’s why you might love to integrate your Google Plus content with Postfity. So you can automate your content, while at the same time taking advantage of one of the most underrated social platforms, which has arguably the highest potential.

  • Xing – Xing is one of the most popular social media networks in Germany, and it already has over 10,000,000 members. The fascinating thing about Xing, is that it’s positioned to continually gain momentum as time goes on, so if you can establish a social media base on their platform now, the benefits might payoff exponentially in the future. The best part, is that you can easily integrate Xing with Postfity, so you can automatically interact and build your audience, with little to no risk, and nearly zero effort required on your behalf.

Postfity Pricing
Postfity Pricing

Postfity pricing is mostly based upon the number of social media accounts that you want to connect, and the number of posts that you want to schedule. The post ideas content module is also a variable of consideration, and only premium Postfity accounts are permitted to access that module.

So all Postfity accounts get access to the ability to instantly post content across all social media profiles, the post scheduling feature, and the ability to connect to at least 5 social media accounts.

All in all, there are four different Postfity plans, and they’re really easy to grasp and understand.

There’s the free plan, which enables you to post to social media, integrate with up to 5 different accounts, and you can also schedule up to 10 different posts at a time.

Then, there’s the basic plan. The basic plan allows you to post to social media, connect up to 15 different social media accounts, and limits you to 100 scheduled posts at a time. The basic plan also allows you to use the content recommendation module, so you can plan your content. The basic plan only costs $5 per month, which you’ll probably agree is an absolute steal.

There’s also the professional account. The professional account allows you to connect up to 30 different social media accounts, grants the ability to schedule 1,000 posts, and also allows you the content recommendation module. You can also organize 1 team and add up to 10 different members, so if you have employees or virtual helpers, you can grant them access as well. The professional plan costs you $10 per month, which is still a bargain.

Finally, there’s the agency plan. The agency plan is for you if you have lots of clients and team members. The agency plan allows you to collaborate with up to 20 teams and 200 different members, so if you have a sizeable staff or lots of team members then this is ideal. You can also connect with 200 different social media accounts, and schedule up to 10,000 posts. Of course, the agency plan also grants access to the content recommendation module. The agency plan only costs $49 per month.

Postfity Support

Postfity is a service that’s so easy to use, and there are so many moving parts, that you’ll probably never require any additional support. Mentioning few moving parts isn’t a bad thing by the way, it’s a good thing, so you can interact with your followers, build massive rapport, drive traffic, and automate (and even brainstorm) your social media campaigns without much of a learning curve, if any.

The first time you access Postfity, you’ll probably agree that you can get the hang of their service within a few minutes, so all in all the demand for support is quite low.

That being said, in the event that you require assistance, you can always check out Postfity’s FAQ which is stuffed to the brim with all of the questions and answers that you might have, so if you’re ever stuck that’s probably the first area to check out.

Postfity also boasts a blog that mostly caters to different Postfity features, so if you’re still curious to learn more about Postfity or just want to stay abreast of what’s new, then definitely check out the blog.

Finally, in the event that you want real one on one support, you can always contact their support desk from within the member’s area, and they promise to get back to you in a timely fashion, with awesome support.

Postfity Reputation

The first thing you’ll learn about Postfity after doing some digging, is that they’re a company that exerts the highest efforts to make their social media management tool easy to use. They are, admittedly not the most advanced social media management option, however they are by far one of the easiest to use and definitely one of the least expensive.

When you browse the Postfity homepage, you’ll see a handful of testimonials from heavy hitting social media authorities. The general conclusion is that Postfity is light, easy to use, and can enable you to tap into more potential on social media without any added hype, fanfare, hyperbole, or fluff.

Postfity has also been mentioned on CNET by Matt Elliot, and is slated to be a slick option that’s super simple to use, so you can stay on top of your social media game.

Postfity, at the end of the day, is a super clean social media management tool that is used by thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, and they enjoy the reputation of being one of the easiest and cleanest options for social media marketers, regardless of what their main goals are.

Postfity Conclusion

Time. It’s the one thing that you need more of if you want to take your business to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Internet marketer, an offline marketer, an author, publisher, or marketing agency.

The reality is that you need to make the most out of your time, or you’re never going to reach your highest potential.

That’s why Postfity shines, and why it might be the best solution for your business, if you haven’t quite mastered your social media marketing game.

So you can promote any website you want, interact with any audience that you want, and gain more subscribers, all without any massively complicated tools.

Postfity even provides fresh content ideas on a daily basis, and it doesn’t matter what niche you operate in.

So ask yourself if you’ve ever been frustrated, that you’re not getting the results your business needs on social media. Ask yourself, if you’re wasting time. Have you ever been annoyed that you simply don’t have enough time to interact, engage, promote your products and services, and build a bigger and better audience?

Is your inability to create fresh innovative content, quite frankly, killing, or damaging your business? Are you wasting time on social media?

If that’s the case, you might want to give Postfity a chance. It’s designed, above everything else, to save you time. So you can automate your social media interactions, brainstorm fresh social media content daily, and then automate everything.

You can get started for absolutely zero cost. Postfity is forever free as long as you don’t need more than 5 social media accounts, or 10 scheduled posts. In the event that you need more than that, then you probably agree that the pricing options Postfity offers, are bottom barrel, especially since the features they offer are definitely worthwhile.

So you can save time. Allowing you, more creative freedom, and confidence, so you can finally build massive rapport, authority, and prestige in your niche, without wasting away your days manually click clacking on your various social media profiles.


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Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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