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Pro Rank Tracker Review

Pro Rank Tracker is a cloud-based SEO rank tracking and reporting tool that allows you to analyze all of your websites from one simple application. Why consider Pro Rank Tracker? 


So you can get more traffic, understand what SEO strategies need to be implemented so you can get more traffic, all without being an SEO guru or PhD in computer science (or marketing). Pro Rank Tracker is known for their scalability and accuracy, so whether you’re a tiny one-person team or a massive SEO agency who requires heavy hitting statistics, Pro Rank Tracker has you covered and you’ll find their prices and features to be on par with their competitors if not better.


Pro Rank Tracker makes the bold claim that their tracking algorithms are head and shoulders above any other competitor on the market. So if you’re frustrated that your current keyword ranking tools never match up with Google, you might benefit tremendously by checking Pro Rank Tracker’s accuracy for yourself. (If you’re wondering, Pro Rank Tracker does boast some mighty testimonials to help back up their claim, you might consider reading them for yourself).


If you manage a ton of different clients, you’ll find solace in Pro Rank Tracker’s reporting features that can be fully automated, and even exported to Dropbox or Google Drive. 


So imagine this scenario. Imagine if your clients give you their Dropbox accounts, you could then easily export your reports right to the cloud drive on a weekly interval, thereby providing massive value and at the same time reducing stress and effort on your behalf. Suddenly, your customers are getting more data consistently and reliably, and you have more free time to help rank their sites with more efficiency.


Are you always on the go? If that’s the case you’ll love Pro Rank Tracker’s mobile app, so you can manage your account anywhere on the planet, whether you’re at the movies, dining out with a loved one, or even at the park enjoying the sun.

Pro Rank Tracker Review
Pro Rank Tracker Advantages

Highly Touted Accuracy – You probably realize by now that a ton of the ranking and keyword analysis tools out there never match up with reality. That’s why Pro Rank Tracker brags so heavily that their tracking data is best in class, and that you’ll be hard pressed to find more accurate data. Why not put their oath to the challenge? You can register for free and see for yourself if they can put their money where their mouth is.


Tons Of Features – Whether you want to monitor your client’s web properties on a local basis, or if you have several clients who are robust and worldwide, you’ll find solutions that can help accommodate your current SEO strategy and requirements. It doesn’t matter where your clients are now, or where they may take you in the future.


Flexible And Scalable – Pro Rank Tracker has a ton of plans so you never have to bite off more you can chew, and you can easily scale up or down based upon the ongoing needs of your small business or SEO agency.

ProRankTracker Disadvantages

Lack Of Free Options – It’s always rough to criticize a company for offering anything for free, however in full transparency it’s important to note that Pro Rank Tracker’s free account feature does have some limitations. The first limitation of note, is that you can’t offer white label reports using their free account. What does this mean for you? Well, imagine if you’re handing off SEO analysis reports to your client, but then they see the Pro Rank Tracker logo on the report? 


As you imagine, this might negatively impact your business. The good part, is that their next plan (which is very cheap) allows white label reports. For a more in-depth look at Pro Rank Tracker’s different plans, be sure to continue reading this summary review.


No API Access For Most Accounts – Do you rely on API to integrate data with your current systems? If that’s the case, you’ll need to start out at the enterprise level with Pro Rank Tracker. So if you have a free account, you won’t have any API access. Luckily, Pro Rank Tracker is definitely below average in the cost department, so the enterprise plans won’t cost as much as you think. (Continue reading to discover more about the different price plans, how they work, how much they cost, and what you get).


Tons Of Competition – Pro Rank Tracker is one of those SEO toolkits that offers beautiful SEO analysis solutions, at a ridiculously low cost. So, that might lead you to become concerned about their competitors. Why are Pro Rank Tracker’s competitors charging much more money for similar services? Well, there are a few variables to consider, and hopefully by reading this summary review in greater detail, you can better determine if Pro Rank Tracker is the hidden gem that you’ve been looking for.

Who Is Pro Rank Tracker Ideal For?

As previously mentioned, Pro Rank Tracker excels at scalability and flexibility. For that reason, Pro Rank Tracker can accommodate you if you have a massive list of clients, or if you’re just a tiny one-person team looking for SEO insight as to how your sites are performing now.


In other words, Pro Rank Tracker’s plans are inexpensive, so they might be perfect for you if you’re just a tiny one-person team trying to improve your SEO or to gain strategic ranking insight.


So really, Pro Rank Tracker can benefit affiliate marketers, Internet marketers, massive international companies, small local companies, e-commerce stores, bloggers, video marketers, and of course SEO contractors.


But what if you’re a massive SEO agency or organization with several whale-clients? Well, Pro Rank Tracker offers a ton of bang for the buck SEO services. So whether you need local (or global) SEO options, advanced reporting, ranking statistics, scheduled report exporting (to Dropbox and Google Drive), or keyword discovery, Pro Rank Tracking has you covered at very competitive rates.

Pro Rank Tracker Signup Process
Pro Rank Tracker Register

Upon registering for Pro Rank Tracker, you’ll be asked what type of account you’d like, and it’s free to start. So if you’d like to register using a free account, you won’t require any credit card information, and this will allow you to give Pro Rank Tracker a full test drive before investing.


The registration process itself only takes a minute or two, after which you’ll receive a confirmation email so you can login to their system. You also have the chance to upgrade your account in the event that you’d like to upgrade at a later point, and you can of course go all in with one of Pro Rank Tracker’s premium accounts right out of the gate. Either way registering is easy, and won’t take more than 2 minutes.

Pro Rank Tracker Ease of Use
Pro Rank Tracker Dashboard

Pro Rank Tracker doesn’t require any annoying software to install, because it’s 100% cloud based so you don’t have to worry about any compatibility problems. Once you’re logged into the member’s area, you’ll be greeted with a few video tutorials to help you get started on the right track.


The learning curve shouldn’t be high at all, especially if you’re familiar with SEO ranking tools, and know your way around the world of SEO. You’ll find an area for your rankings, your reporting, URLs & terms, and settings (including cloud storage accounts). You’ll also see an area for rankings discovery, keyword suggestions, and apps & plugins.


If you’re wondering what apps and plugins are provided, there’s the mobile application, a cPanel plugin, and also a WordPress plugin.


Overall, the layout is very intuitive even if you’re an SEO novice, and the video tutorials will get you up and running without any confusion.

Pro Rank Tracker Features
Pro Rank Tracker Features

Recognized World Wide – Pro Rank Tracker is trusted worldwide for their SEO ranking tools, and it truly doesn’t matter where you (or your clients) are from, you can integrate Pro Rank Tracker’s library of tools without paying hand over fist.


Genius Algorithm – Pro Rank Tracker loves to brag that their SEO algorithms are the best on the planet. Are they truly the hidden gem that you’ve been looking for, or are their claims the product of lunacy? The best advice you can get, is to check their testimonials for yourself, and also register for a free account to see how accurate they really are.


Daily And On Demand Updates – Have you ever been haunted by 20 different clients? Have you ever been frustrated because it just takes too much time to hand off reports to your agents, clients, or even generate reports for yourself? If that’s the case, imagine how it would feel if you could automate updates, so you could liberate yourself and finally give yourself some time to brainstorm your next strategic move.


Web Based And Mobile Tracking – No more clunky software that glitches and messes up your operating system! Pro Rank Tracker is 100% cloud based, and there’s also an easy to operate mobile app, so you can view rankings on the go, even if you’re on the lake fishing with friends.


Not Just English – Do you have clients who are fluent in French, Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, or Turkish? If that’s the case, now’s your chance to really showoff by providing reports that are in their own native tongue. Additionally, if you have agents working for your team who prefer any of the aforementioned languages, then you can easily “Switch” the Pro Rank Tracker interface with the click of a mouse.


YouTube Video Tracking – Do you or your clients have YouTube videos that need to be adequately ranked? Would it feel awesome to have comprehensive data on your YouTube tracking data so you could better optimize your content and begin climbing up the rankings strategically? If that sounds good, then crack a huge smile because Pro Rank Tracker makes YouTube analysis as easy as “123”.


Local Rank Tracking – Maybe you have local clients who need to compete locally? Restaurants, lawyers, plumbers, contractors and doctors can all benefit tremendously by Pro Rank Trackers local SEO. So you can finally showcase to your local clients what terms they’re ranking for from any city on the planet. (Do you want to get new clients, or keep your existing clients? Show them this data).


Boatloads Of SE Coverage – Pro Rank Tracker ingrates with segments of Google, Bing, and Yahoo that you’ve probably never even heard of. The truth is that all of the impactful search engines are covered by Pro Rank Tracker beyond adequacy, and even a few search engines that you haven’t heard of will be tracked and analyzed thoroughly.


White Label Reporting – Never hand off ugly looking charts and graphical data to your clients again. With Pro Rank Tracker, everything is already done for you including beautiful reports that you can print, ship, upload, or email directly to your clients without breaking your back or even doing any extra work.


Scalable – One of Pro Rank Tracker’s best features is their scalability. It doesn’t matter if you’re just looking to better understand the ranking data of your own website, or if you’re the biggest SEO agency in your region, Pro Rank Tracker has scalable options that will meet (and exceed) your expectations for a fraction of what you might expect to pay.

ProRankTracker Integration's

Pro Rank Tracker API – If you use the enterprise plan or above, you’ll be able to tap into the Pro Rank Tracker API so you can easily integrate data with almost any reporting tool that you develop or currently use. So if you’re already crunching numbers in a reporting tool of your preference, Pro Rank Tracker’s API is definitely a feasible option to look at.


WordPress Plugin – Pro Rank Tracker provides a WordPress plugin, so you can actually access your WordPress dashboard, install the plugin, and then check back later to view traffic statistics right within your WordPress admin area without ever using Pro Rank Tracker directly, if you want to.


cPanel Plugin – Pro Rank Tracker actually offers an SEO cPanel plugin (probably one of the few you’ve ever seen) that will enable you to track the statistics and rankings of your website directly from within cPanel, without ever accessing Pro Rank Tracker.

ProRankTracker Pricing
ProRankTracker Pricing

Pro Rank Tracker has you covered regardless of your current requirements. You can be the smallest company on the planet, or one of the largest SEO agencies in the world, and you’ll still find a plan that suits your needs.


For starters there’s the free plan. The free plan grants you the opportunity to manage two URLs, and 20 different terms. Unfortunately, there are staunch limitations beyond these two features. Features such as white label reporting, cloud storage, shared reporting, and API access are disabled on the free plan.
If you decide to upgrade beyond the free plan, there’s the bronze plan. 


The bronze plan offers unlimited URLs, 250 terms, white label reporting, cloud storage, and shared reports. The bronze plan costs $15 per month if you pay monthly, $14 per month if you pay semiannually, and $13 per month if you pay annually.


Above the bronze plan is the silver plan. The silver plan offers unlimited URLs, 1,500 terms, 2 sub-accounts, white label reporting, cloud storage and shared reports. The silver plan costs $49 if you pay monthly, $47 per month if you pay semi-annually, and $44 if you pay annually.


Then, there’s the gold plan. The gold plan offers unlimited URLs, 3,500 terms, white label reporting, cloud storage, and shared reports. The bronze plan costs $99 per month if you pay monthly, $95 per month if you pay semiannually, and $89 per month if you pay annually.


In addition to the free plan, bronze plan, silver plan, and gold plan, Pro Rank Tracker also offers four different enterprise plans.


The enterprise plans are for you if you run an SEO agency, or otherwise have several different SEO clients.


The enterprise plans allow unlimited URLs, up to 100,000 terms, and up to 100 sub accounts for your clients and/or agents. All of the features are allowed for each of the enterprise plans, including cloud storage, white label reporting, shared reports, API access, and a dedicated account manager.


The enterprise plans start out at $159 per month if you pay monthly, $152 if you pay semi-annually, and $143 if you pay annually.


You might look at Pro Rank Tracker’s pricing plans and have a stroke, because there are so many pricing plans. But take this advice. Start out with a free plan, and then scale up from there. If you’re just using the SEO tracking for yourself or your own company, then you’ll want to use either the free plan, bronze plan, silver plan, or gold plan. If, however you have clients, then you’ll probably want to at least consider the enterprise level plans. 


The enterprise level plans are cheap, and offer a ton of powerful features, in addition to a dedicated account manager which can absolutely work in your favor. So, simply put, start small, and scale up.

Pro Rank Tracker Support

One of the best things about Pro Rank Tracker’s support is that if you subscribe to any of their enterprise level plans (which are very agreeably priced), you get a dedicated account manager. So, if you ever have any questions or concerns, you can contact them whenever you want for fast help.


Additionally, you can always contact Pro Rank Tracker via live chat from 8:00 to 21:00 GMT, and they promise to get back to you in very short notice regardless of when you contact them.


In addition to Pro Rank Tracker’s support features, you should be reminded that Pro Rank Tracker also offers video overviews of their features within the member’s area (there are about 16 video tutorials total), in addition to a massive knowledgebase, so you’re never left in the dark. 


In fact, if you have any questions at all or want to learn more about Pro Rank Tracker, you can easily schedule a free live demo where you’ll be able to interact in real time and ask any questions that you have about their service. (It’s not hard to find, check out the Pro Rank Tracker website and look for the “Schedule A Free Demo” button to interact with one of their friendly representatives).

Pro Rank Tracker Reputation

Pro Rank Tracker is known for their intelligence. Sure, they love to brag at how their algorithms are the best SEO trackers and real indicators on the planet, so maybe you think they’re blowing a lot of smoke. Fascinatingly, Pro Rank Tracker has many testimonials from third party clients who claim that indeed the intelligence of their algorithms are on point, if not unmatched.


Face it. You’ve noticed by now that many of the third party SEO algorithms are never in true alignment with Google, that’s where Pro Rank Tracker differentiates themselves from the pack; they claim that they have the best and most accurate reporting of any competitors, and they guarantee it.

Pro Rank Tracker Conclusion

Are you an affiliate marketer, blogger, e-commerce vendor, YouTuber, or SEO agency who’s frustrated because none of the SEO rankers accurately depict true-to-life ranking data?


If that’s the case, Pro Rank Tracker knows what you’re going through. They’ve made accurate reporting their calling card, and they want you to put their analysis to the test.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a tiny one-person team, or a nationally recognized SEO brand, they want to hear from you and would love to schedule a live demonstration so they can show off their features and answer any questions that you have.


So here’s the bottom line. You probably realize by now that accurate data can make or break your operation. If you show keyword analysis and ranking data to a client, and then they find out that your data is wrong, how is that going to make you look? Will your clients have more confidence, or less confidence going forward?


If looking good is important to you, then you might consider Pro Rank Tracker at the top of a shortlist of SEO tools that can save you time, make you look better, and most importantly, deliver results to your clients that’s going to justify your recurring fees, whatever those may be.


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Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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