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Provide Support Review

Provide Support is a live chat helpdesk software that you can quickly deploy on almost any website so you can easily start chatting and helping your website visitors. If you’ve ever been bogged down by relentless quantities of stacked up help tickets, or otherwise lost the confidence of your end users because you were unable to help them quickly enough, then Provide Support might be a valuable tool for your business.


Provide Support will allow you to begin chatting with your website visitors right away. No more waiting to receive email tickets, upon which many of your end users will be frustrated and abandon your business and seek an alternative. Give them a reason to stay with you by providing fast customer support!


Provide Support strives to make their solution the fastest way to get a live chat helpdesk on your website so you can interact with your website visitors in real time. Even if you’ve tried other live chat helpdesks and found them to be complicated, Provide Support might be worth checking out. 


Provide Support services an impressive list of clients, including The City Of Las Vegas, Texas Woman’s University, Reliant, Philips, Princeton University, The Carlton Hotel Group, and Florida State University. So you can be rest assured that they can maintain quality service, and if you give Provide Support a try you’ll be in good company. 

LiveChatInc Review
Provide Support Advantages

Real Time Visitor Monitoring – Whether you want to sit back and view your visitors as they interact on your website, or step out ahead of them and offer proactive live chat services, Provide Support has you covered so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your website visitors in real time.


A Ton Of Integrations – Some of Provide Support’s competitors offer a truly lackluster quantity of integrations, leaving you to mess around with messy API and complicated SDKs. However, Provide Support offers a massive list of integrations that work right out of the box, so you can integrate your live chat helpdesk across almost any platform without writing a lick of code.


Live Support 24/7 – Face it, even if you have your ducks in a row a situation might come up where you need urgent help. That’s why Provide Support offers live 24/7 support, so you can always get your problems answered even if you’re working at 3 in the morning.

Provide Support Disadvantages

No Forever Free Plan – You might be sad to discover that Provide Support doesn’t offer a forever free plan. That being said, Provide Support will allow you to try any package without paying for 10-days. (You’ll also learn more about the various payment plans later on in this summary review).


The Free Trial Is Only 10 Days – Is complaining about a free trial a little farfetched? Well, it might be annoying for you as an organization if you’d truly like to get your feet wet prior to fully investing in Provide Support’s helpdesk. That being said, 10-days should prove adequate to better determine if their live chat helpdesk is a good match for your organization.


Competition – Since Provide Support doesn’t offer a forever free plan, it might lead you to believe that they have ample competitors who do indeed offer free services. That being said, Provide Support has some hard to come by features that might absolutely tip the scales in your favor. Continue reading this summary review to better determine if Provide Support is the ideal fit for your organization.

Who Is Provide Support Ideal For?

Provide Support is ideal for all bloggers, authority website owners, information marketers, ecommerce vendors, authors, publishers, affiliate marketers, coaches, or consultants who need better interaction, and faster customer service, all the while being fully confident that they’re operating with a reliable company.


Do you own a website that lacks in the customer support arena? Have you ever been frustrated because you’re losing customers? Have you ever been too late to reply to a help support ticket? Or, are you suffering from a lack of accountability from your own staff? If any of these are the case, Provide Support could probably benefit your business big time. 


So you can finally start engaging with your website visitors in real time, without frustrating them to the point of abandonment, all the while helping them decide which of your products and services are right for them.

Provide Support Signup Process
Provide Support Signup

You might be disappointed that Provide Support doesn’t have a forever free plan, however you can still try any of their plans for absolutely zero cost over a 10-day period. So, you can ultimately register and use their live chat helpdesk without using a credit card, and the signup process won’t take you more than a minute.


In the event that you would like to try their temporarily free plan, you can always change plans later on or upgrade your plan if you decide that you’d like to use more agents, so the plans are quite scalable, and registering won’t take long at all.

Provide Support Ease of Use
Provide Support Dashboard

Provide Support boasts the fact that signing up for their service, and configuring it on your website won’t take very long at all. In fact, you’ll find the learning curve to be low, even if you’re not very technically savvy. The reason for the ease of use is that Provide Support offers a ton of out of the box integrations.


So immediately after logging into the Provide Support member’s area, you’ll find a massive list of content management system downloads. Joomla, WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Drupal and a massive list of others all include detailed instructions, if not plugins so you can get up and running quickly and effortlessly.
You’ll also find clearly defined areas so you can change the appearance of your live chat, manage your operators, mod


ify your custom responses, and customize the look and feel of your account.
Once you get your live chat helpdesk installed on your web platforms, you can begin interacting with your website subscribers by installing the Provide Support Operator Console. The console operates on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. You can also access the Provide Support Operator Console via your web browser.


In the event that you hit a snag, remember that Provide Support offers 24/7 support via their own live chat system, so you’re never going to be lost or frustrated. That being said, the welcome area is quite intuitive and getting up and running certainly won’t require a PhD in computer science. (Or any degree for that matter).

Provide Support Features
Provide Support Features

Easy Live Chat Integration – Have you ever been frustrated trying to install a live chat system on your various platforms? One of the best features of Provide Support is that they offer a ton of out of the box integrations, so you’re never struggling trying to get their live chat installed on your services.


Simultaneous Multi Chat – Are you a support superstar? If that’s the case you’ll be able to juggle multiple live chat sequences simultaneously, so you can interact with your end users without leaving them hanging.


Proactive Chats – Imagine this scenario. You see one of your website visitors lingering on your product page for 10 minutes, but they’re not taking action. At this time, it might be a wise decision to proactively engage and ask them if they need help. Maybe your website visitor has a question about one of your products and services, maybe by answering their questions they’ll be in a much better position to buy? You won’t know until you ask, and Provide Support makes engaging your visitors in proactive chats as simple as a click.


Real Time Statistics – Knowing who your end users are, and what they’re doing in real time can make your life as a business owner, live support agent, or marketer 10x more powerful. So you can watch real time what your website visitors are doing, which can help your strategy significantly as you develop future marketing and business plans.


Windows, Mac, Linux – Once your live chat is up and running across different platforms, you’ll be able to interact with your website visitors using the Provide Support Operator Console in a flash. The Provide Support Operator Console works across almost all devices, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, so no matter what type of system you and your agents use you can interact without any technical difficulties. You can also access the Provide Support Operator Console via your web browser, in the event that you don’t want to install the software.


Any Language Translation – Do you have any international clients or website visitors? If that’s the case Provide Support will never limit you to just English. The Provide Support Operator Console can easily switch to Arabic, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, and almost any other language that you might need. (Even if your language isn’t listed, you can easily fill out a translation table so as to integrate the most common terms you’re likely to encounter).


Spell Checker – One of the worst things you can do is make egregious spelling errors when offering live support for your website visitors. For that reason, the Provide Support Operator Console offers automatic spell check, so you never make a fool out of yourself while interacting with your beloved website visitors.


Geographic Maps – From where around the world are your website visitors originating? Provide Support gives you real time and archived data so you can determine precisely that. This vital information can help you better plan future marketing campaigns, while at the same time enabling you to better hone in on your end user demographic.


Navigational History Of End Users – What are your website visitors doing on your website? Are they checking out all of your product pages? Are they lingering on your service pages every single day, and lurking? This type of information can help you provide superior support, and it’s easily accessible in the Provide Support member’s area.


Operators Can Chat Privately – Granting your live chat operators the ability to chat privately can not only create a harmonious atmosphere, but can also offer tactical advantages, support strategy, and also the ability for leaders in support roles to issue help if elevation or guidance is ever required.

Provide Support Integration's

Joomla – Integrating a Provide Support live chat with Joomla is as easy as clicking a few buttons. What’s the end result? Well, your Joomla site will suddenly be transformed into an interaction powerhouse, providing to you and your live agents the ability to interactively engage with your website visitors turning them into diehard fans, and long-term buyers.


WordPress – Does your organization use WordPress right now? Thankfully, Provide Support enables you to quickly and easily install their WordPress plugin so you can begin taking support questions on your WordPress blog within the next few minutes.


Magento – If your business conducts business and sells products on Magento, one of the best things you can do to increase customer satisfaction and sales is integrating a live chat feature. Provide Support promises to make integration seamless, so you can begin helping your website visitors who need their questions answered.


OpenCart – If your ecommerce store operates with OpenCart, there are several easily executed integration options that Provide Support offers. So you can easily begin proactively engaging with your website visitors, and helping them make the right buying decisions.


Shopify – Provide Support’s Shopify motto is that you can turn your Shopify store into an interactive platform with 6 easy steps. Why is this such a good idea? Because if your customers have questions about your products, they are significantly less likely to buy. Put their curiosity to rest all the while helping them make the right buying decision in full confidence.


Drupal – Drupal allows you to create beautiful websites for your company, but are you relying on an old fashioned contact form? One of the fastest ways you can improve the performance of your site is allowing your website visitors to get fast real time support. Provide Support makes live chat integration a breeze for all of your Drupal platforms.


Volusion – If your Volusion store is suffering from a dire lack of interactivity, then how do you expect your website visitors to get their questions answered? By integrating a live chat support option, your store visitors will be much more likely to interact, and become fans of not only your products, but of your customer service skills.


MailChimp – This is where things get interesting. Provide Support allows you to integrate a live chat button directly into your MailChimp email newsletters, so your end users can engage and ask questions directly from your email marketing newsletter.


Weebly – Creating beautiful websites with Weebly is one of the best things you can do for increased exposure. The biggest problem with Weebly, is finding a tiny contact link that your website visitors will probably never even see. With Provide Support, you can solve that problem with a few clicks of your mouse, helping your website visitors get their questions answered so they grow to love your products and services.

Provide Support Pricing
Provide Support Pricing

Provide Support offers a free 10-day trial; upon which you may sample all of their features. There are no restrictions on the 10-day trial, so you can thoroughly test the live chat helpdesk and decide if it’s prudent to engage long-term.


If you decide to prolong your commitment to Provide Support, you’re going to have several options. The options are quite simply defined; the plans are simply based upon how many live operators can use the live chat system simultaneously. 


There’s another variable, which is the frequency of payment. So you can decide to pay in 1 month intervals, 3 month intervals (upon which you’ll save 22%), 6 month intervals (upon which you’ll save 33%), and 1 year intervals (upon which you’ll save 45%).


So let’s pretend you decide to choose the Small Business plan, which allows 1 operator. If you decided to pay month by month, it would cost $15. If you decide to pay in 3 month intervals, it would cost $35. If you decide to pay in 6 month intervals, it would cost $60. If you decide to pay in 1 year intervals it would cost $99.


Then there’s the Corporate plan, which allows 3 operators. If you decided to pay month by month, it would cost $30. If you decide to pay in 3 month intervals, it would cost $70. If you decide to pay in 6 month intervals, it would cost $120. If you decide to pay in 1 year intervals it would cost $198.


Finally, there’s the Enterprise plan, which allows 10 operators. If you decided to pay month by month, it would cost $60. If you decide to pay in 3 month intervals, it would cost $140. If you decide to pay in 6 month intervals, it would cost $240. If you decide to pay in 1 year intervals it would cost $396.


All of the plans include the same exact features. The only difference, is the number of live agents who can use the live chat platform simultaneously.

Provide Support Support

Provide Support offers 24/7 customer service using their own proprietary live chat helpdesk. So if you’re ever curious to learn more about their services, or would like them to give you a hand getting started, all you have to do is give them a buzz and they’ll be happy to help. 


Provide Support also offers various tutorials so you can better optimize their live chat helpdesk for your business, and also so you can become a better customer service representative in general. 


There’s also a “best practice” section which includes resources on proactively engaging with your website visitors, engaging in live chat with perfect etiquette, how to have the greatest impact surveying your end users, how to integrate your live chat for your ecommerce business, among several other tutorials that you’ll find helpful when it comes time to integrate your live chat helpdesk.


In addition to Provide Supports generous 24/7 support, their tutorials, and the best practice section, they also offer a comprehensive support manual which covers all the bases, so you’re never lost, stuck, or confused, and can find your way around their system if you choose not to engage in their live support features.


To top it all off, Provide Support also actively promotes case studies, articles, press releases and other useful info that you might love to dive into. At the end of the day, Provide Support never leaves you in the dark, and regardless of how you choose to learn their already easy-to-use system, you’ll be accommodated according to your preference.

Provide Support Reputation

You’ve already learned that Provide Support has several heavy hitting clients such as Philips, Princeton University, the Carlton Hotel, and Florida State University. You probably realize that it’s not easy to attract such an impressive assemblage of clients. 


For that reason, you can be confident that Provide Support is not only capable of offering excellent services, but that they’re capable of maintaining your satisfaction as an end user.


Provide Support is in the customer service game, as evidenced by their unrelenting efforts to provide excellent support that’s always available to you whenever you need it, in multiple formats.


For that reason, Provide Support’s reputation is one of high regard, and it doesn’t matter how you intend on integrating Provide Support, because their out of the box integrations are as vast in number as their quantity of impressive clients.

Provide Support Conclusion

Maybe you’re wondering how Provide Support has landed so many impressive clients? The truth of the matter is that they don’t even offer a forever free plan, and at the beginning of this review that was a negative mark against their company.


The truth of the matter is that Provide Support offers a stable, safe, secure and fast live chat helpdesk, so you can begin helping your end users, building massive rapport with them on an individual level, and reducing the cost of an angry customer base.


Have you ever had an angry customer? Do you think a delayed response is going to make them angrier, or less angry? What about all of the sales that you’re losing by not integrating a reliable live chat system? Have you ever had an end user email you about a product, and then by the time you replied to them, they’ve moved on forever?


If that’s the case, you might call upon Provide Support to provide services that some of the top universities and institutions on the planet rely on consistently and reliably. So you can finally close that support gap that might cost you more than you can ever calculate. 


Because at the end of the day, having better satisfied customers, and the ability to make more sales more frequently, just might give your company the jolt that it’s always needed so your business can reach the next level.


About Mike DeVincent

Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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