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We rank marketing software according to 6 major factors; relevance to category, vendor reputation, ease of use, functionality, pricing & partner program strength. We seek to bring to our audience the most reliable and user friendly software that anybody can use.


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SE Ranking Review

SE Ranking is a cloud based SEO software that’s designed to help you improve your search engine rankings so you can get more traffic and more leads. Have you noticed that the cost of pay per click traffic keeps getting higher and higher? That’s because more businesses are constantly vying for traffic. 


That’s why it’s never been as important to strive for search engine traffic, and SE Ranking can help you every step of the way, regardless of what market or niche your business is in.


SE Ranking touts real time statistics and the highest accuracy, so you can see in real-time how your websites are ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing from any region in the world.


If you’re an SEO agency or consultant with even a few clients, you realize by now how valuable your time is. That’s why SE Ranking allows you to fully automate reports, so you can quickly and easily determine where you stand in the major search engines without manually hacking and slashing through a complicated control panel.


SE Ranking offers intuitive controls, so you always know exactly what you’re looking at. Because if you ever want to show off your awesome results to your clients, or even your boss, the last thing you want them to be is confused. Even if you’re using SE Ranking to help rank your own websites, you’ll proceed with the utmost clarity and confidence, so you can brainstorm your next SEO campaign like a dream.

SE Ranking Review
SE Ranking Advantages

Simplified Sophistication – So many of the SEO tools out there leave even the most grizzled of SEO veterans scratching their heads in utter confusion. One of the best things about SE Ranking is the ease of use. So you can simply enter a URL, then a wealth of data appears at your fingertips allowing you the ability to quickly rank and scale almost any area of your SEO strategy.


Easy Access – If you’re frequently on the go, then you’ll appreciate SE Ranking’s mobile application, so you can readily get up to date search engine results for your own website or a client’s whether you’re in your backyard grilling a salmon or across the world on vacation.


Inexpensive – It doesn’t matter if you’re a part time blogger or a heavy hitting SEO agency, SE Ranking will have a plan that perfectly accommodates your budget, and you’ll also find the scalability to be rather agreeable.

SE Ranking Disadvantages

No Forever Free Plan – In full transparency it’s important to note that SE Ranking doesn’t offer any forever free plan. Since many of their competitors do, it’s unfortunately a mark against them. You probably shouldn’t let this deter you from using SE Ranking though, because their ease of use, beautiful layout and simplistic features do make them a worthy competitor to almost any SEO rank checker or suite.


Free Trial Only Lasts 14 Days – Unfortunately a login is required to use SE Ranking features, and while they do offer a near fully featured 14-day trial period, you might find that this lack of time for experimentation to be rather disappointing. On the other hand, many other SEO tools don’t grant any free trials, so SE Ranking does at least provide a chance to test them out.


Competition – SE Ranking finds itself in the fascinating position of having dozens, if not hundreds of competing SEO tools. That being said, SE Ranking offers a beautiful layout, intuitive SEO ranking analysis, and in a world that’s liberally strewn with SEO tools, SE Ranking fends of competition quite well.

Who Is SE Ranking Ideal For?

Since SE Ranking boasts such a massive list of features (That you’ll learn more about in this summary review), and since their cost is arguably lower than the majority of their competitors, you’ll find that a fair majority of entrepreneurs and webmasters could benefit one way or the other.


For example, if you’re an independent webmaster, a blogger, an Internet marketer, an affiliate marketer, an ecommerce vendor, or even a network marketer, you’ll appreciate the breadth of SE Ranking’s domain and also their ease of use.


However, if you’re deeper in the SEO world as an SEO agency or a consultant, then SE Ranking still accommodates you with a vast selection of SEO ranking tools and analytics so you can please even the most daunting of clients, without you having to be the best SEO analyst on the planet.

SE Ranking Signup Process
SE Ranking Register

Upon registering for SE Ranking, you’ll have an immediate choice to make. Are you going to register for their free 14-day trial, or are you going to peruse their pricing plans and immediately dive in? The choice in yours, though you may as well take the 14-day free trial, so you can adequately stress test their features without going all in, so to speak.


Regardless of your decision, registering for SE Ranking only takes a few seconds, and in the event that you register for the 14-day free trial, absolutely no credit card is required to register, so you can literally hop into their member’s area and start analyzing your search engine traffic a few minutes from now.

SE Ranking Ease of Use
SEranking Dashboard

SE Ranking touts ease of use as one of their foremost attributes, and you’ll probably concur with their belief upon registering for your 14-day free trial. 


The first thing that’s important for you to know, is that there’s absolutely no software to download if you don’t want to, as everything is available via SE Ranking’s simple-to-navigate website that has all of the SEO ranking tools that you’ll need.


In the event that you would like to access SE Ranking on the go, however, you can download their mobile app via the App Store or Google play.


Specifically regarding the ease of SE Ranking’s tools themselves, you’ll find that they’re particularly easy to use, the only thing required on your behalf is to type in the URL of your website, or one of your competitor’s websites, and then check off a few easy to understand variables that will make your search engine analysis rather simple.

SE Ranking Features
SE Ranking Features

Globally Track Google, Bing, Yahoo – Maybe you’d like to see how your websites are ranking in the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, or Canada across the big three search engines? Regardless of where your business is located, and regardless of where you’d like to track, SE Ranking makes this almost too easy with a few clicks of your mouse.


Full SEO Audits – Maybe you’re not sure if your website is in full compliance with the major search engines? If that’s the case, you don’t have to bang your head on your desk or become frustrated, because SE Ranking stays true to their oath of offering truly simplistic SEO tracking. 


The way this works, is SE Ranking thoroughly examines your websites so you can tell how they fare with regards to search engine and SEO compliance, so you can best determine what’s working, and what needs to be improved, and SE Ranking will tell you precisely how to improve your standing.


White Label Reporting – One of the fastest ways to impress your SEO clients is by handing them a fully white labelled report that looks beautiful and is easy to understand. Imagine the rapport, prestige and authority you could generate instantly by handing off statistics and professional reporting branded as if you were the designer and creator? Would this make it easier to retain high profile clients, or harder?


Head To Head Comparisons – Whether you want to compare your website rankings by regions around the world, or if you’d merely like to compare your website against your top 10 fiercest competitors, SE Ranking will provide thorough search engine ranking data that’s easy to understand, accurate, and will provide valuable insight so you can improve your rankings and know precisely where to focus your energy.


Backlink Monitoring – Imagine if there was an easy central hub of your backlinking profiles, so you could analyze your overall backlinking strategy for efficiency. This would allow you to better spend your time and strategize future link building campaigns, so you can best determine how your time is spent, and what backlinking endeavors are quite frankly not worthy of your devoted time.


Eloquent Reporting – The worst thing you can ever do to a client is confuse them, or even worse, hand them a reporting sheet that is unsightly. That’s why SE Ranking boasts beautiful reports that your clients will fall in love with, and quite easily understand. In fact, even if you’re using SE Ranking for your own purposes, you’ll still appreciate the ease of understanding that they provide throughout their array of reporting functions.


Spy On Your Competitors – Face it, one of the most annoying things in the world is when your competitors are outranking you for your chosen keywords. SE Ranking makes it easy to monitor your top 10 competitors, so you can see how they’re ranking, why they’re ranking, and what keywords you should focus on so as to unseat their current ranking advantage.


SEO Checklist – SE Ranking provides a full spectrum SEO checklist, so you can quickly determine how your websites are performing based upon current best practices, so you never fall out of date, or even worse jeopardize your ranking by making a dire SEO error that might cost you your next whale of a client.


Simplicity – You probably realize by now that if you’re ever frustrated, locked up, confused, or just annoyed that your SEO strategy is too complex, you’ll almost never get anything done. Your creativity will be siphoned off into trying to understand what you’re doing. That’s why SE Ranking’s simplicity has to be considered among one of their primary features, and chief advantages.


Google Analytics Integration – Another thing you’ll notice in the SEO toolset world, is a dire lack of integrations! The majority of SEO toolsets don’t offer many integrations, and many helpdesks simply reply saying they offer “No” integrations. That’s why SE Ranking’s ability to integrate with Google Analytics was a fascinating observation, and a refreshing change. 


So you can easily take advantage of Google’s powerful search data without being a PhD in the analytical sciences.

SE Ranking Integration's

Google Analytics – One of the biggest problem with Google Analytics, is that it’s so complicated. SE Ranking connects with Google Analytics so you can better understand the data you’re looking at, without losing hair and banging your head against the wall. So you can finally take advantage of Google’s powerful search data without having a “rocket science IQ”.


Google Search Console – Have you ever been frustrated with how complicated Google Search Console is? If you use Google Search Console to monitor keyword and backlink data, you can easily integrate with SE Ranking, so you can analyze this invaluable data without struggling to understand Google’s complicated reporting.


SE Ranking API – SE Ranking offers their own API and custom scripts so you can extract the data, integrate it into your own systems, or any other widgets, dashboards of applications that you intend on developing now or in the future.

SE Ranking Pricing
SE Ranking Pricing

SE Ranking pricing is largely based upon the frequency of tracking. How does this effect you as a business precisely?


Well, if you want to rank daily, you’re going to pay full price. If you’re going to rank every 3 days, you can save 20%. Fascinatingly, you can save 40% if you only rank once per week.


So, if you have a massive list of clients, and they only require weekly (or monthly) reporting, you can actually save up to 40% off your bill, which makes SE Ranking one of the most cost effective and scalable SEO toolsets on the market.
Regarding SE Ranking’s specific plans, there are four that you should consider.


The first is the personal plan, which is massively affordable at a very low $84 per year if you want daily rank statistics, $67.2 if you require tracking every 3 days, and only $50.4 if you want weekly tracking statistics. The personal plan is perfect if you just want to rank your own personal websites and don’t need to maintain a massive list of clients.


The next step up, is the optimum plan, which is SE Ranking’s most popular plan. The optimum plan is ideal if you have one or two clients, and would also like to provide other clients or agents with their own unique accounts. The optimum plan also allows you to use SE Ranking’s social media management tool. 


The optimum plan costs $39 per month if you require daily tracking, $31.2 per month if you require tracking every 3 days, and $23.4 per month if you only need weekly tracking.


In the event that you have more than a few clients under your belt, you’ll want to consider SE Ranking’s plus plan. The plus plan offers white label reporting, and enough data so you can impress your clients with beautiful SEO ranking reports that will keep them coming back month after month. 


The plus plan costs $89 per month if you need daily reports, $71.2 per month if you only require reports every 3 days, and $53.4 if you only need reports once per week.


Finally, there’s the enterprise plan. The enterprise plan is perfect for you if you have several clients and want white label and API access, so you can integrate your reporting with almost any tool that your business integrates now or in the future. The enterprise plan offers the most data at your disposal, and is embarrassingly cheap compared to many of SE Ranking’s competitors. 


The enterprise plan costs $189 per month with daily reports, $151 per month with reports every 3 days, and $113 if you only require reports on a weekly basis.

SE Ranking Support

SE Ranking’s main objective is to ensure that their tools are so simple, that you never need to contact them for support. That being said, you still need the confidence to know that they’ll have your back in the event that you have a question.


So, for starters, SE Ranking offers a FAQ section that covers their most frequently asked questions, and upon viewing their FAQ you’ll agree that many of the questions provide answers that can adequately address the majority of questions that you might have.


In the event however, that you’d like to speak to a real human, SE Ranking provides multiple forms of communication open to both customers and prospects.


So you can reach out via support form, traditional helpdesk, phone, or email, so regardless of how you prefer to ask for help, you’ll be able to retrieve it in fast order. SE Ranking has offices in the USA and UK, and promise to get back to your questions in a timely fashion, regardless of how simple or complex the nature of your inquiry may be.

SE Ranking Reputation

At the end of the day, SE Ranking is known for offering beautiful SEO reports, SEO analysis that’s easy to understand, and for their very affordable pricing and scalability.


SE Ranking proudly showcases many glowing testimonials on their homepage, many of whom you’ll definitely recognize if you’re been in the blogging or SEO world for any quantity of time.


Many of their customers comment as to how easy SE Ranking makes their overall blogging and SEO strategy, and how SE Ranking has now become a vital component to their overall marketing, and search engine ranking success.


In addition to their testimonials, you’ll also find that SE Ranking has been featured on, Mashable, TechCrunch, and VentureBeat, making them one of the most widely publicized and popular SEO toolsets anywhere.

SE Ranking Conclusion

Have you ever lost sleep because your current SEO analysis tools are overly complex? Or maybe you’ve been embarrassed after you hand off an SEO report to a client or your boss, and they give you a blank stare indicating that they’re totally lost.


If either of these cases are true, then you’ve seen firsthand how simplicity is a crucial variable that can make or break your success as an SEO analyst or consultant.


For that reason alone, you might want to give SE Ranking a serious look. So you can be the “go to guy” (or gal) for SEO work, because now, suddenly, your end users, clients, coworkers, and boss can have breakthrough clarity regarding their SEO standings, that quite frankly, may have eluded them up until this point.


Registering for SE Ranking is free for 14-days, so the only thing that’s left for you to do, is to login, try their ranking statistics, and see if they hold true to their word that they’re one of, if not the easiest SEO rank trackers on the planet. 


A bold claim? Perhaps, but remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the only thing left remaining is to give SE Ranking a chance; they await with open arms, and they might make your website, your life, and your career, all the better one way or the other.


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Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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