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Sendible Review

Sendible is a heavy hitting social media management software which will enable you to manage your social media networks 100% hands free. So you can promote any website that you want, build a bigger audience, and find more leads without being a content slave, or even worse, wasting hours (or days) tinkering on social media.


Sendible even allows you to find new leads, prospects and potential customers based upon their social media profiles, so not only can you schedule and automate your social media content, but you can also find prospects and leads for almost any business that you want. Sendible also offers a robust API, and white labeling options, so if you want to customize Sendible to the nth degree, or otherwise offer their impressive services to your own prospects, you may do so.

  • Sendible doesn’t just grant the opportunity to automate nearly all of your social media profiles. They also allow you to build your audience by prospecting new leads, and it doesn’t matter what niche or business or niche you operate in. So if you’re currently drowning in social media, with no clear cut operating strategy, the Sendible can not only help you automate your entire social media plan, but can also put you on a path for new customer and lead acquisition.

  • Without ample data at your fingertips, it can be nearly impossible to adequately determine how your social media results are performing. With Sendible, you’ll never second guess yourself because you’ll always know exactly how you’re performing, so you can tweak, edit, and deploy social media campaigns that drive traffic, build your list, promote your offers, or otherwise build your audience one metric at a time.

  • Sendible makes it easy to not only monitor for your brand mentions, but you’ll also be able to interact directly with all of your direct messages across platforms. So if you’ve been annoyed in the past juggling between 20 different tabs while trying to brand yourself and promote your offers, then Sendible is going to save you a boatload of time, and enable you to craft relationships that actually matter, as a direct result of you being present when your customers (and leads) ask you questions across all platforms.

Sendible Review
Sendible Advantages
  • Very Professional Staff – Have you ever been frustrated because most companies these days absolutely lack discretion? With Sendible, you’ll find that their staff are trustworthy, independent thinkers, and actually want to help you. So if you ever contact them for help, they’ll actually exert the highest efforts to make sure that you’re getting the individualized support that you need, and they’ll go out of their way to help you. Evidence of this can be found the first time you contact Sendible via live chat, or if you ask them to integrate a social media platform that they’re not currently integrating with.

  • Robust Features And Awesome GUI – Have you ever been annoyed that your social media management software was a toy, and not a tool? When you login to Sendible for the first time, you’re going to find that their software is robust as ever, and you won’t feel like you’re going to “break” the software. You can tell that it’s been designed and well thought out by competent developers who love social media, one way or the other.

  • Find New Prospects – Most social media management tools focus on social media management, and it ends there. With Sendible, you’re going to have the ability to find new prospects for your business across social media channels, so you can systematically grow your business while at the same time saving yourself a ton of time and energy that’s so easy to waste stumbling aimlessly on social media channels, as you well know.

Sendible Disadvantages
  • Higher Than Average Costs – As you’re reading this, you might start to panic because you think that Sendible is absolutely out of your price range. The good news is that they have a taster plan that’s ridiculously inexpensive, however on average you might find that Sendible being a professional and premium service, costs a tad bit more than their competitors. Remember that you often get what you pay for, and the cost of excellent staff is at a premium these days. If you’d like to learn more about the precise cost that you might incur as a Sendible client, please continue reading this 100% transparent and honest summary review.

  • Credit Card Required – If you’re looking to skate on by without entering your credit card number, Sendible might not be for you. They don’t have a forever free plan; however, they do offer a 100% guaranteed 30-day trial. So if you’re not totally thrilled, for any reason or for no reason, you can simply cancel your account and you’ll never be charged a single red cent. Additionally, remember that discretion is the better part of valor; if you contact a friendly Sendible customer service representative, they might be able to “sneak” you in without using a credit card for a trial, but no promises.

  • Competition – These days it’s so easy to get lost in the endless quantity of hype, ballyhoo and fanfare in the social media management world. There are literally dozens (if not more) social media management software options, and more are added to this never ending list on a seemingly daily basis. For that reason, it’s so easy to get lost as you search for a social media management software that’s actually worth their salt. Does Sendible make the cut, and are they truly worthy of your devoted time? Please continue reading this summary review for a 100% transparent and non-hyped look.

Who Is Sendible Ideal For?

Sendible is designed for almost any small business who uses social media, period. So if you want to automate your content distribution among social media channels, Sendible can benefit you hand over fist.


Another major benefit that Sendible offers, is that they function with the majority of social media platforms, and they even offer to add a social media channel that they don’t currently integrate with if you make a request; try getting that offer elsewhere. (This is why employee discretion was mentioned as a major benefit to Sendible, but let’s not get off on a rant).

In any event, if you’re a blogger, internet marketer, author, authority website owner, social media guru (or newbie), or if you operate any type of business, sell any type of product, or otherwise operate some type of marketing agency, then Sendible is worth looking at.

So you can automate your social media campaigns across all platforms. While at the same time monitor your brand appeal, mentions, direct messages, and general signal across the entire social media world. You’ll also be able to grow your business, regardless of what niche you’re operating in by finding new leads.

So if your business needs to grow your audience, build your email list, sell more books, sell more services, or simply expand your audience and get more website traffic, then Sendible is definitely worth considering at the very least.

Sendible Signup Process
Sendible Signup

Sendible makes the bold claim that you can begin managing your social media profiles 60 seconds from now. Is there any truth to that? Well, if you get started right now, there is.

That’s because registering to Sendible is relatively straight forward, you can simply visit their homepage and then click on a massive call to action prompting you to join their service.

There will be a credit card required to register, however, there’s a 100% no questions asked 30-day free trial, so in the event that you’re not bending over backwards with delight, then you never have to spend a single red cent for Sendible, even if you use and abuse their service for 30-days.

Sendible Ease of Use
Sendible Dashboard

The first thing you should know about Sendible, is that their service is 100% web based. So there’s never any complicated tools that you have to install, and you can manage your social media profiles from anywhere on the planet as long as you have internet access.

That being said, Sendible does offer a pretty nifty App (for Android and IOS), so if you want to manage your social media profiles while you’re at the beach, at a barbeque, or otherwise hiking on a mountain, as long as you have service you can monitor and engage with your social media followers to your heart’s content.

The moment you register to Sendible, you’ll be prompted to start plugging in your social media profiles, and you’ll also be offered to take a tour of their main features and areas of their website.

It’s worth noting again, that Sendible is very sleek, professionally designed, and it has the look and feel of a “tool” and not a “toy” that you’re going to break. That’s because it was designed and engineered by professionals who love social media marketing, and they want you to feel good when you use their service.

All in all, the learning curve is next to “zero”, and the layout is overall intuitive. So you can begin monitoring, engaging, interacting, and scheduling your content among channels, without being a PhD in marketing or computer science, and there’s also ample support (that you’ll learn more about in a future section of this review) so if you ever get lost, or need additional handholding, Sendible has your back and you’ll never be left high and dry.

Sendible Features
Sendible Features
  • Quickly Publish To All Social Media Networks – It doesn’t matter what social media networks you’re using. Sendible is one of the few social media management software options on the planet that promises to integrate with nearly all social media networks, and if they’re ever missing a social media channel, they even offer to add it, at their expense. This is, pardon the cheesy joke, an offer that you can’t refuse.

  • Find New Leads – It doesn’t matter if you’re a gourmet pastry chef, a freelance engineer, or a network marketer looking to build your consulting business. The fact is that you need to acquire new leads, because if your business isn’t growing, then it’s dying. That’s why Sendible’s ability to scout for new leads and prospects is easily one of their most exciting features. So you can finally stop wasting time on social media, and finally utilize the near infinite potential that you should rightfully have, regardless of what your goals are, and who your target audience is.

  • Easy Team Collaboration – Are you part of a marketing agency, do you have a staff, or otherwise virtual workers who you integrate with? If that’s the case, Sendible will allow you to not only see what your teammates are doing, but you can also delegate tasks, monitor what they’re saying, and share projects so you never get lost, fail to communicate your ideas, or fail due to an epic lack of cooperation.

  • Track Mentions, Signals, And Sentiment – You have two options. You can manually track your social media channels for mentions and social signals like a paranoid schizophrenic, or you can use a smart tool like Sendible to do it for you. Face it. There isn’t enough time in the day to manually scour the Earth and all of the social media content manually, there just isn’t. For that reason, you might love Sendible for the ability to automatically scan and monitor for your brand mentions, so you can finally stay abreast of your market, offer superior customer service, and squelch any problems if they ever occur.

  • Track Reviews – Speaking of squelching problems, have you ever had a downright nasty review posted about you on CitySearch or Yelp? Face it, if you don’t respond to any negative reviews in a timely fashion, you lose all ability to control the reputation of your business, period. So if you have angry customers out there ranting and raving about your business negatively, then Sendible is going to be your golden secret, so you can politely respond and defend the honor of your company, and truly squelch any customer (or shady competitor) reviews before they conduct damage that can truly disparage your company permanently. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to thank and positively reinforce good reviews, so this one feature lets you win regardless of how the public is reviewing your service and products.

  • Analyze Data Like A Pro Statistician – All of these features don’t mean squat if you don’t understand what the results that you’re getting. That’s why Sendible offers beautiful charts and graphs, so you can understand and measure your social media campaigns, even if you have no idea how to effectively measure success, ROI, or any other variable that can determine and measure success.

  • Beautiful Reports With Exporting – If you ever want to show off for clients, to your boss, or for your own guilty pleasure, then being able to export reports with Sendible will make you crack a massive smile, because you can easily export reports so you can integrate them with your own tracking system, or you can simply export via a CSV file.

  • Simple Content Scheduling – Content scheduling is the bread and butter of any social media management software. Sendible doesn’t leave you hanging, and offers ample opportunity for you to schedule all of your social media posting and interaction across all networks, and will even advise as to the best time for you to post that content, so it gives you the best return on investment, and helps to ensure that your posts get seen by the highest quantity of followers and prospects.

  • RSS Publishing Features – If you have a blog that you publish content to immediately, then you’ll love the ability to instantly publish your content across social media channels via your RSS feed. Why is this a genius idea? So you can get as many eyeballs on your webpage and content as possible, and so you can start driving traffic back to your own website by using the near infinite wealth of social media followers who are hungry for new content. It’s true that your followers are starving for education and entertainment, with this feature, you can finally feed them what they want. (No pun intended).

  • Use The Mobile App – Maybe you’re constantly on the go, and never have 5 minutes to spare when you’re on your PC or Mac at the office? If that’s the case, you can easily manage your social media on the go using Sendible’s mobile app. If you have an Android or IOS device, you can literally get up and running 5 minutes from now.

Sendible Integration's
  • Facebook – If you use Facebook, you realize by now how impactful it can be for your overall social media success. It doesn’t matter what your demographic is, you can be rest assured that your audience uses Facebook with flying colors. You’ll be able to integrate your Facebook with Sendible with the click of a button, so ultimately you save boatloads of time and frustration.

  • Twitter – The biggest problem with Twitter, is that it’s so easy to waste countless hours (or days) of time trying to track and organize everything. Even worse is if you go off tracking all of your competitors, and even brands that you like and appreciate. That’s why integrating with Sendible can be advantageous, so you can interact without wasting time, getting lost, or zoning off into space while you’re supposed to be getting work done.

  • LinkedIn – If you offer any business to business service, then you’d be crazy not to be using LinkedIn to generate new prospects, share your content, and interact with your audience. Sendible makes LinkedIn integration a snap, so you can easily interact with new followers, fans, find new customers, and share your content.

  • Google Plus – Google loves Google Plus, and your followers probably do too. The problem with Google Plus, is that often times it can be a tad tricky navigating if you’re not accustomed to their layout, which admittedly changes now and then. That’s why integrating with Sendible might be a great idea, so you can take advantage of the tremendous SEO benefits that Google Plus brings to the table, without banging your head against the wall in frustration.

  • Pinterest – If your company creates any graphics at all, you can absolutely squeeze the most out of Pinterest by integrating with Sendible. So you can not only share your beautiful artwork, photos and infographics with the world, but so you can do it 100% hands free.

  • Instagram – Instagram is one of those social media platforms that seemed to spring up out of nowhere and dominate the social media world overnight. So if you’re still not using Instagram, then Sendible offers the perfect opportunity for you to start on the right foot, and if you are using Instagram, then Sendible still makes integration easy and simple, so you can get the best benefits with the least amount of work.

  • Tumblr – If you have a blog, one good idea might be to start posting your content on Tumblr in addition to your blog. Why is this a good idea? Because you’ll double, triple, or quadruple the reach of every single blog post if you also post on other platforms. That’s why you might love to integrate Tumblr with Sendible. Because it’s a free service that can bring you boatloads of new eyeballs who you might never get a hold of otherwise.

  • WordPress – If you’re blogging on WordPress, then the RSS feed feature that Sendible offers is going to exponentially empower each and every piece of content that you ever create. So you can automatically begin syndicating that content across all of your social media channels. This will enable you to promote your content like gangbusters, while at the same time driving traffic back to your site, so your search engine rankings skyrocket, and your audience will also love you for the fresh content syndication.

  • Medium – If you’re not familiar with Medium, it’s now one of the premier blogging platforms on the planet, and it’s 100% free to use. Tons of heavy hitting bloggers have made a name for themselves using Medium alone, so if you’re not blogging on Medium, the time has never been better. Even better news, is that Sendible integrates seamlessly with Medium, so you can finally get the most out of your content, 100% automatically.

  • Yelp – Are you monitoring daily for reviews? If you’re not, then your business is literally at risk, and losing out on massive potential. Because if a customer leaves a negative review about your company, you need to try your best to right any wrongs, and most importantly, to defend your honor. Contrarily, if someone praises your company, you should try your best to thank and reward your best customers. So whether you want to defend your company, or reward those who love your company, Sendible makes monitoring for reviews on Yelp (and CitySearch) an easy and automated process, so you’re never running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Sendible Pricing
Sendible Pricing

Sendible pricing is largely based upon the number of social media accounts that you want to connect, the number of branded reports, the number of additional users you would like to add, and also the number of lists. You might be wondering, “what’s a list?”. For Sendible, a list is a collection of contacts or services, enabling you to post in bulk all in one fell swoop. (So maybe you have one particular list for one topic, and another list for a separate topic, and so on).

All in all, there are 8 different Sendible plans, so there’s actually a massive scope of scalability here.

The first plan is the taster plan. The taster plan enables you to connect up to 5 social media accounts, grants 2 lists, 0 additional users, and also provides 1 branded report. The taster plan is a paltry $9 per month.

The second plan is the marketer plan. The marketer plan allows you to connect with 15 social media accounts, grants 20 lists, and 2 branded reports. The marketer plan costs $39 per month.

The third plan is the startup plan. The startup plan grants 30 social media accounts, 4 branded reports, 30 lists, and 2 users. The startup plan is $59 per month.

The fourth plan is the business plan. The business plan allows 60 social media accounts, 8 branded reports, 60 lists, and 4 users. The business plan costs $99 per month.

The fifth plan is the corporate plan. The corporate plan allows 90 social media accounts, 18 branded reports, 120 lists, and 6 users. The corporate plan is $139 per month.

The sixth plan is the premium plan. The premium plan allows 360 social media accounts, 400 branded reports, unlimited lists, and 20 users. The premium plan costs $499 per month.

The seventh plan is the enterprise plan. The enterprise plan allows a “custom” amount of services, lists, and users, so if you’re operating a massive agency or medium to large sized business, you can contact Sendible in order for a custom quote.

The eighth plan is the white label plan. The white label plan allows you to white label all of the social media tools with your own brand, so you can skyrocket your prestige, authority, respect, and rapport through the roof by offering beautiful tools with your name and brand slapped on them. If you’re curious to learn more about the white label limitations and pricing, contact Sendible today.

So maybe you’re curious regarding which plan is right to you? The appropriate starting point, is to determine how many social media accounts, and how many users you need, and then go from there. In the event that you ever want to scale up, you may do so without a headache, and remember that you get a full 30-days to test drive Sendible for absolutely zero cost, so test their services and their support to see if they’re worth their salt, you might be impressed.

It’s also important to note that Sendible offers additional services that you might love. Sendible can create 100% unique content for your blog, send emails to your leads, and also send SMS messaging to your fans, customers, and buyers. So, not only does Sendible help you with your social media management hand over fist, they also exert the highest effort to offer cool services that you might love. For more information, check out the Sendible pricing section on their website.

Sendible Support

Sendible is one of those companies who offer superior customer service. So whether you want to talk live with a representative, book a webinar, or register for a demo, you’ll be shocked to see the accommodations that Sendible is prepared to offer.

So maybe you’d like to learn more about Sendible, but aren’t sure what the best route to take is. The first thing you might do, is consider attending one of their weekly webinars. So you can see firsthand how Sendible might be able to help your organization. Every Thursday at 12 PM Eastern, Sendible staffs a live webinar, which is probably worth checking out if you have any questions or just want to learn more about Sendible.

If you want more personalization, you can also schedule a demo right on the Sendible homepage, so if you have questions, require additional customization, or just want to introduce yourself to the Sendible team, it might be a stroke of genius to schedule a live demo to see how Sendible can help you.

Sendible also has a really attractive blog stuffed to the brim with vibrant graphics, posts, and insights for all things social media. The blog content is frequently updated, and you might want to check it out if you’re a social media nerd or otherwise want to get a better feel for how Sendible functions on a day to day basis.

Finally, if you want to get live help, you can simply visit the Sendible homepage and a live chat box will appear, so you can interact and get help live for any questions that you have. You’ll probably find that their staff is very receptive, and will try their best to help you, and yes, they’re capable of discretion.

One more note, is their standard support desk. So you can contact Sendible, access their FAQ, or even pop into their user forum if you have any questions. Either way, if you’re prospectively looking at Sendible, or agree that they have a cool service and want to learn more, then there’s ample opportunity for you to receive support.

Sendible Reputation

Sendible is known for being a professional social media platform who cares about your results. Located in London England, they’re slated to be the top competitor to Hootsuite, and some have said that they’re positioned for social media domination. (No seriously, you’ll actually read a reputable source in a moment citing exactly that).

So if you’ve ever been less than impressed with your social media platform before, and want to join the heavy hitting social media gurus, then Sendible is worth checking out.

You can simply visit their homepage and view their testimonials, or conduct a few Google searches to find that Sendible has an excellent reputation, and that they’re known for being true professionals in their field.

Sendible has even been featured all over the internet by companies such as The Telegraph, Forbes, BBC, Mashable, and Tech Crunch.

Here’s a quick quip from The Telegraph saying how Sendible is UK’s rival to Hootsuite, and how they’re positioned for global domination. (Their words!).

Forbes even speaks positively about Sendible, and you’ll agree that their social proof isn’t lacking, and it only gets bigger and better from here.

Mashable goes on to say how Sendible offers easy social media management with the ease and simplicity of an email, which says a lot about their simplicity and ease of use.

Here’s a note from TechCrunch about how Sendible actually uncovered a massive Facebook flaw. Interesting.

Even the BBC weighed in on Sendible, which is fascinating and coverage that’s not easy to obtain, as you can imagine.

As you probably realize by now, Sendible is a massively heavy hitting social media management software with adulation from some of the world’s largest plans, on record, period.

So if you’re tired of playing in the minor leagues when it comes to social media, you might benefit tremendously by checking out Sendible, and joining the big dogs.

Sendible Conclusion

Have you ever logged into your social media management tool, and felt like you might break the service?

That’s because there’s a massive quantity of social management software utilities out there, that are toys, and not tools.

With Sendible, you’re never going to have that problem. It’s designed by professionals who love social media, and programmed by developers who know what they’re doing.

Quite frankly, Sendible has some of the best testimonials and have been featured by heavy hitters from all over the social media landscape.

So if you want to use a company you can rely on, and build your brand, promote your websites, automate your social media following, and track your results every step of the way, you really can’t go wrong with Sendible.

Sure, there’s no free plan. But for a pittance of the value that you’re getting, you can grow traffic, build your brand, promote any website that you want, all the while automating your social media interaction 100% hands free.

It doesn’t cost a single red cent to get started for your free 30-day trial, and once you contact Sendible for the first time, you might let out a sigh of relief if you’ve ever been the unwilling witness to a staff that’s less than professional.

You don’t have anything to lose, and 60 seconds from now, you can begin interacting with your social media followers, driving fresh traffic, automating your social content, and monitoring for your brand mentions without wasting time, or spending a dizzying array of time flip flopping through a dozen different browser tabs.


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