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SEO Rank Monitor Review

SEO Rank Monitor is a comprehensive SEO rank monitoring tool that will help you better understand your current SEO standing. SEO Rank Monitor has been in business for over 5 years, and they’re capable of analyzing your SEO data so you can better optimize your current campaigns for yourself, and your clients. 


In a nutshell, SEO Rank Monitor allows you to enhance your current SEO ratings, spy on your competitors, and monitor all aspects of your SEO campaigns without being a PhD in Internet marketing, or computer science.


SEO Rank Monitors boasts massive credibility afforded to them by testimonials from heavy hitting marketers and SEO authorities. SEO Rank Monitor’s smart programming, fast turnaround, and innovative features are among some of their most highly touted features.


SEO Rank Monitor places heavy emphasis on ease of use. What good is an SEO monitor if you have to spend half (or more than half) of your time trying to understand what you’re looking at? Ease of use allows you to not only get more work done in less time, but also provides the freedom to share your data with your clients in less time, so you and your clients walk away feeling fulfilled.


SEO Rank Monitor places a heavy emphasis on mobile data. Why is this important? Because search engines (especially Google) weigh and display their data differently for mobile devices. By having this data at your fingertips, you can easily exploit trends, and better determine what your SEO campaigns need to look like to take the fullest advantage of mobile traffic.

SEO Rank Monitor Review
SEO Rank Monitor Advantages

Time Saving – SEO Rank Monitor’s motto is that most SEO tracking utilities force you to exert far too much effort figuring out what their statistics actually mean. For that reason, SEO Rank Monitor’s reporting features are easily organized so you can specifically look at different search engines, dates, keyword groups, individual keywords, or websites. 


This way, you always know exactly what you’re looking at. Remember this; confusion is never a good state for your clients to be in, so being able to offer beautiful graphs that make sense can be a major benefit.


Spying On Competitors – Have you ever read The Art Of War? Sun Tzu talks about the importance of spying on your competitors (enemies), for good reason. It allows you the benefit of knowing what they’re planning, so you can counteract their every move. The same philosophy is true in terms of search engine optimization; if you know what your competition is ranking for, you can outmaneuver them and potentially steal their hot lunch. 


This is especially true if you notice a weakness in their overall SEO strategy, and this is something that SEO Rank Monitor can help you with.


Good Mix Of Tools – You might find that some SEO ranking utilities weigh heavily only in one area, maybe they have an excess of keyword analytics, mobile data, or the ability to spy on your competitors. SEO Rank Monitor is balanced and provides the full spectrum of SEO tools that any smart business or SEO agency needs, so you can get clearer reporting, advanced filtering, comprehensive tracking, the benefit of spying on your competitors, all the while sharing your data in an easy to understand format.

SEO Rank Monitor Disadvantages

Free Trial Only Lasts 2 Weeks – It’s true that SEO Rank Monitor has very moderately priced plans that will fit the budget of almost any business owner, and certainly any SEO agency. That being said in full transparency it’s important to mention how their free plan only lasts 2 weeks! 


Other competitors have lengthier free plans, but do they offer the same quality and prestige that SEO Rank Monitor has been able to garner? That’s for you to decide, and this summary review shall answer all of your questions, so please continue reading.


First Tier Payment Plan Limitations – The payment tiers of SEO Rank Monitor are generous on average (they’re much cheaper than many competitors), however one glaring limitation is the quantity of campaigns you can have at the first tier, which is limited to 1. 


This might be okay if you run a single website that you need to monitor, or if you’re a startup consultancy with a single client, however if you’re any larger than that you’ll need to dive into the next tier payment plan (which allows 10 campaigns). If this worries you, don’t sweat because the pricing is truly bottom barrel especially considering the vastness of features. Continue reading so you can learn more about the pricing structures in greater detail.


Competition – Since the majority of other SEO ranking utilities seem to cater specifically to a particular feature or another, you might ask yourself, what makes SEO Rank Monitor so special? At first glance they would appear to be a generalist tool with no bread and butter utilities. 


That’s precisely why you might benefit big time by reading this summary review, so you can learn the truth about SEO Rank Monitor and why it might be the perfect SEO utility for your blog, website, SEO agency, or consultancy business.

Who Is SEO Rank Monitor Ideal For?

If there’s one thing that can be said about SEO Rank Monitor, it’s that they’re massively flexible.


For that reason, many Internet marketers and business owners might love to use SEO Rank Monitor for personal use. So if you’re an Internet marketer, network marketer, affiliate marketer, blogger, author, instructor, or if you have an ecommerce store, then you might love SEO Rank Monitor as a single end user so you can better rank and monitor your websites.


Additionally, if you happen to be an SEO agency, or an SEO consultant, then you’ll appreciate the breadth of SEO Rank Monitor’s higher tier plans which come with a massive list of powerful features that your clients will fall out of their chairs thanking you for. (Like beautiful and easy to understand reporting, exporting, and competition spying).


One more thing that’s important to emphasize is the generally low prices of all of SEO Rank Monitor’s plans, at the very least you owe it to yourself to check out the prices, which are indeed quite agreeable regardless of your budget.

SEO Rank Monitor Signup Process
SEO Rank Monitor Register

Signing up for SEO Rank Monitor is simple and will only take you 30 seconds. Upon registering, you can activate a free 14-day trial for any of their plans. When you visit the SEO Rank Monitor website, you’ll find a massive call to action asking you if you’d like to start your free 14-day trial.


You don’t need a credit card to register for your SEO Rank Monitor account, however if you want to dive into their advanced features you’ll need to enter a credit card or a PayPal account. 


This is to ensure that you don’t lose your data in the event that you decide to keep your account. If you’re worried about entering your PayPal or credit card data, be rest assured that there’s no contact, and you can cancel at any time with absolutely no questions asked.

SEO Rank Monitor Ease of Use
SEO Rank Monitor Dashboard

All of the SEO Rank Monitor features are readily available to use right inside of their website, and there’s no software that you have to install. The moment you register and activate your account, you’ll notice how intuitive and clean their interface is. When SEO Rank Monitor promises you that their services are easy to use, you can see that they’re not just blowing smoke.


There are clearly defined areas, including your welcome dashboard, your campaign overview, campaign settings, SERP monitoring section, in addition to settings for all of your campaigns, keywords, tags, scheduled reports, events, and there’s also a clearly defined location to get in touch with SEO Rank Monitor in the event that you need help with anything.


All in all, the learning curve is absolutely zero; everything should be a very stress-free experience, so you can begin tracking your websites, your competitor’s websites, and printing off reports to take action on immediately. If you have clients, you’ll be able to get branded reports in their hands in a few minutes, without you stressing out or worrying about what you’re looking at.

SEO Rank Monitor Features
SEO Rank Monitor Features

Mobile Rankings – According to SEO Rank Monitor, over 46% of website visitors are using their mobile devices to conduct searches. So, if you neglect this massive chunk of your demographic, you’re slaughtering your success in the most tragic sense of the word. Let SEO Rank Monitor handle all of the monitoring of mobile data, so you can statistically skyrocket your future campaigns and know how you stand this second.


Simplicity – You can have the most comprehensive SEO data on the planet, but what happens if you (and your beloved clients) can’t make heads or tails out of it? For that reason, SEO Rank Monitor bends over backwards to ensure that their data is simple to understand. So you can understand your analysis at a glance, without wasting hours (or days) trying to comprehend the data that you now possess.


Website Health Reports – What’s a healthy website in accordance with SEO Rank Monitor protocol? Well, you can look at Alexa Ranking, the quantity of indexed pages, page speed, PageRank, and other variables that determine your SEO ranking that you might overlook. If you checked all of these variables manually, it would take you a week until next Tuesday. Or, you can simply get this data at a glance by using SEO Rank Monitor’s website health reports. (If you have clients, offering monthly Website Health Reports can be an awesome status report that will keep them coming back for more).


Local Rankings – Do you have clients who are restaurant owners, plumbers, lawyers, electricians, roofers, or any other service industry that rely on solid local rankings? If that’s the case, you can proceed with the highest confidence because SEO Rank Monitor guarantees that you can accurately track various SEO signals down to the very city. So it doesn’t matter how big (or small) your clients are, you can provide data that will allow you to rank their pages to the stars, and back again.


Automated Reports, Fully Branded – Have you ever had to fidget with your SEO reports because they didn’t make sense? Think about it. If your clients aren’t happy with what you’re providing to them, and if they’re confused even by a little, they’re unlikely to continue working with you. That’s why SEO Rank Monitor provides to you “dead simple” reporting utilities that are easy to read, make sense of, and they’re fully branded with your own style and best of all they’re fully automated so you can hand them off to your staff or clients without monkeying around for days on end.


Innovative Filtering – Maybe you want graphs with specific datasets isolated. Or maybe you want to isolate specific subsets such as keyword, keyword group, Adwords data, search volume, cost per click, or specific competitors? This will allow you to “hone in” on the needs of your website, and the desires of your clients, so they keep coming back month after month.


Date Comparison – Your clients want results! For that reason, SEO Rank Monitor allows you to compare any two dates, so you can easily track and measure the success of almost any action that you perform. Why is this so vital? Well, imagine if you could show “proof” to your clients that your SEO actions are performing. Would they be more likely, or less likely to fall in love with your services? If you can show proof that your SEO work is performing optimally, you can then spend less time on finding new clients, and instead wow them with your beautiful SEO work time and time again.


Action Tracking – Here’s where things get interesting. Let’s pretend that on a specific date you engage in a particular “SEO event”. Well, you can easily track that event as an action, and then SEO Rank Monitor will keep track of that action, and that date. How does that benefit you? Well imagine this. You can then refer to that date at a later point in time, to consistently and reliably measure your results. This way, you can isolate all of your SEO actions to better determine what’s yielding the best results, so you never waste your time on efforts that are indeed fruitless.


Competition Spying – You probably realize by now that your website has competitors, and your clients probably loathe their own competitors! Being able to spy on your competition through a wide array of SEO features, including how and why they’re ranking, can provide you really interesting opportunities to find their vulnerabilities, allowing you to strike when the iron is red hot.


Report Sharing – Face it, the last thing you want to do is spend hours on end trying to get your reports in the right hands. Whether you want to share them with your team, or a client, you need your reports and data in their hands fast. With SEO Rank Monitor, you can easily export all of your reports in PDF or Excel, and you can also share a unique URL or even automate the emailing of reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. So theoretically, you could automate the entire process of distributing your branded reports, without you having to touch anything, other than the initial setup which won’t take long at all.

SEO Rank Monitor Integration's

SEO Rank Monitor API – SEO Rank Monitor offers access to their native API on their pro + plans (more information on the plans will be clearly defined later in this review, so continue reading). So you can easily integrate with any platform that you like, and there’s ample documentation so you can take a go at integration on your own, or have someone do it for you. So if your business ever wants to develop your own widgets, tools, plugins or dashboards to manage the data, you can easily accomplish that using SEO Rank Monitor’s API, that is well documented indeed.

SEO Rank Monitor Pricing
SEO Rank Monitor Pricing

SEO Rank Monitor has a very simple pricing plan that you can grasp without getting a calculator or graphing chart.


There are four plans, and the plans are based primarily upon how many campaigns you want to use, how many keywords you want to track, and how many competitors you want to spy on.


For example, the first SEO Rank Monitor plan is called the personal plan. The personal plan allows you to track 100 keywords, allows 1 campaign, and allows you to track 3 competitors. The personal plan costs $19 per month, or $15 per month if you buy a year in advance (so you can save 20% if you pay annually).


Then the second SEO Rank Monitor plan is called the pro plan. The pro plan allows you to track 1,000 keywords, grants you 10 campaigns, and allows you to track 30 competitors. The pro plan costs $49 per month, or $39 per month if you buy a year in advance (so you can save 20% if you pay annually).


The third SEO Rank Monitor plan is called the pro plus plan. The pro plus plan allows you to track 2,500 keywords, grants you 25 campaigns, and allows you to track 75 competitors. The pro plus plan costs $99 per month, or $79 per month if you buy a year in advance (so you can save 20% if you pay annually).


Finally, the fourth SEO Rank Monitor plan is called the enterprise plan. The enterprise plan allows you to track 5,000 keywords, grants you 75 campaigns, and allows you to track 375 competitors. The enterprise plan costs $199 per month, or $159 per month if you buy a year in advance (so you can save 20% if you pay annually).


You might be wondering which plan is your best bet? Here’s some advice. If you’re a small business, a blogger, an Internet marketer, an affiliate marketer, or someone who runs a small startup website, you’re best off using the personal plan. At only $19 per month, you can easily benefit by being able to track 3 competitors, get daily rank checks, track your YouTube videos and even export unlimited data. 


The personal plan could even be ideal if you’re an SEO consultant with a single client. However, if you’re an SEO client with more than one client, you absolutely must consider SEO Rank Monitor’s higher plans, perhaps the pro plan or the pro plus plan. To be honest, both plans are under-priced and SEO Rank Monitor’s competitors charge much higher for similar services, so they’re worth checking out.


Finally, if you’re a heavy hitting SEO agency, or if you have more than 10 clients, you’ll definitely want to check out SEO Rank Monitor’s enterprise plan, which is quite frankly a bargain, especially if you have a boatload of clients.

SEO Rank Monitor Support

In the event that you should ever need help using SEO Rank Monitor, you’re not going to be in need for very long. That’s because support is often handled by one of the founders of SEO Rank Monitor, who is a self-professed SEO marketing nerd. That’s an important reason why you might love SEO Rank Monitor, because when you get support, it won’t be from outsourced worker, but from someone who knows SEO like the back of their hand.


So if you ever need support, you can easily get assistance via the SEO Rank Monitor helpdesk, or via their phone. SEO Rank Monitor operates out of the Netherlands, and they operate roughly around 8:00 am to 10:00 pm Netherlands time (CET).
In addition to SEO Rank Monitor’s awesome support, you’ll also find a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions available inside of their member’s area, and also a blog that’s stuffed to the brim with interesting SEO tutorials.


It’s also important to add, that SEO Rank Monitor is designed for simplicity, and they hold true to their word. So, in all probability, you will not require support, however you can find solace in the idea that support is there in the event that it’s required.

SEO Rank Monitor Reputation

When you check out SEO Rank Monitor’s “About Us” page, you’ll quickly determine that they’re a tiny, tightly knit team. The cool part, is that SEO Rank Monitor was never designed or developed for profit. In fact, it was designed because the two developers (Dawid Sakowski and Wilco de Kreij) were SEO nerds themselves and actually used the product for their own clients and businesses.


Another thing you’ll find, is that these two are passionate about what they do. They’re on top of the SEO game and they get their hands dirty using their own software each and every day.


That’s why SEO Rank Monitor can afford to pay such low prices, because they’ve been integrating their own SEO ranking solutions since 2009, and they’ve been improving SEO Rank Tracker ever since. If you don’t believe their sincerity, try contacting them sometime. You’ll be shocked to see how passionate they are when they respond, and yes, you’ll probably get a personal response from one of the owners!


In addition to the proven passion that the two owners of SEO Rank Monitor showcase, you’ll also find that their reputation is solid. Upon visiting their homepage, you’ll find stellar reviews from several SEO authorities who are absolutely worth listening to. (Including the founder of Yoast, who adamantly claims that SEO Rank Monitor is one of the fastest SEO tools on the market).

SEO Rank Monitor Conclusion

What is it that makes you happy?


Does providing valuable services to your clients make you happy? Or maybe, spying on your competitors, so you can grasp the upper hand is what pleases you.


Happiness is relative, and there are so many SEO ranking tools out there, but do they really have a soul? Are they designed by the same people that use them? Are they designed and made by SEO enthusiasts who get their hands dirty using the same exact tools that they offer to the public?


SEO Rank Monitor isn’t like other SEO ranking utilities. They aren’t as big. They aren’t as prolific. That being said, they have the passion, the tools, and the staff to make checking out their services worthwhile.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a tiny one-person blogger, who just wants to find out how to rank for better SEO coverage, or if you’re a massive SEO agency with 20 massive clients who are paying you a fortune.


With SEO Rank Monitor, you’re going to get a suite of tools that work, and are designed by people who know SEO in and out, and they’ve been keeping it updated since 2009.


You probably won’t find a better price, and you can proceed with confidence knowing that each and every time you contact SEO Rank Monitor for support, that you’ll get a fast and courteous response from someone who knows what they’re talking about.


What’s the cost of that? How much is that worth to you? If it sounds at all enticing, you might want to give SEO Rank Monitor a try. It’s absolutely free for two weeks, and they might just win you over so you never look back at their competitors.


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Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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