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SEOProfiler Review

SEOprofiler is a fully fledged SEO tool that will help you better understand your current ranking, so you can work on increasing your exposure in Google and other search engines. 


All businesses, especially online businesses, need more traffic. If you have lots of traffic, you’re more likely to succeed. If you suffer from a dire lack of traffic, your failure is all but guaranteed. So if you’re frustrated that your websites aren’t ranking, or if your client’s websites aren’t ranking, then SEOprofiler will allow you to tap into a massive set of data to help your business one way or the other.


SEOprofiler can help you dramatically increase your search engine rankings, so you can get more customers, close more sales, and refer more traffic without paying hand over fist for paid traffic. Best of all, SEOprofiler is simple to use, so you don’t have to be a search engine wizard or SEO guru to find out how your website is ranking, and the steps you need to get more traffic.


Are you a massive SEO agency with a lot of team members? If that’s the case you’ll love SEOprofiler’s ability to integrate with several different accounts, so you can work with your entire team throughout the duration of each project, regardless of how big or small.


Do you have heavy hitting clients who are hard to please? Face it, proving that your SEO ranking is doing any good can be a nightmare. That’s why you might love SEOprofiler’s beautiful reporting that you can customize to meet your own brand. So if your boss or client are breathing down your neck chomping at the bit, you can finally provide something that will make them smile.

SEOProfiler Review
SEOProfiler Advantages

Aesthetically Pleasing – Have you ever been annoyed because you’ve printed out an SEO report but it looked like an ugly wall of text? Even worse, have you ever had a hard time discerning what the SEO report actually meant for your overall strategy? These fears can cripple your business as your clients aren’t sure how you’re really benefiting them. 


The good news is that SEOprofiler removes any self-doubt and will provide unshakable clarity as to how you’re benefiting your clients. It’s also helpful for you as an end user, so you can know how to best proceed with your own SEO campaigns so you can get the highest amount of traffic possible.


In Congruence With Google – Have you ever secretly wondered if your SEO software is doing more harm than good? Seriously. The last thing you want to do is get on Google’s bad side. Instead, you might consider working with SEOprofiler, who exert great effort to offer tools that will never do you damage, so your traffic and rankings are continually on the rise, and never in the “blacklist” category.


Tons Of Positive Reviews – If your confidence is shaken by a lack of social proof, then you can rest easy because SEOprofiler has a boatload of positive reviews from authorities ranging from small startups to SEO authorities with weight to their words. So you can proceed with confidence, knowing that the very reputation (and ranking) of your websites are in good hands.

SEOProfiler Disadvantages

Limited Free Plan – SEOprofiler does allow you to register for free without using a credit card, which is refreshing and a kind gesture, however many of the features will be locked out unless you commit to a premium pricing plan. Many of SEOprofiler’s competitors won’t allow you to register without a credit card, so SEOprofiler’s free account is a nice touch, and when you register for the first time you’ll likely fall in love with the beautiful and intuitive interface.


Above Average Cost – SEOprofiler’s competitors offer slightly lower priced SEO packages. It’s true that often times you get what you pay for; SEOprofiler offers a ton of features that aren’t found elsewhere so you can get better rankings and more traffic, though there aren’t any “bottom barrel” price points like many other companies offer. If you’re curious to learn what the exact pricing points are, please continue reading this summary review.


Competition – If you’ve been building websites (or ranking them) for any interval of time, you’ve realized by now that there’s no shortage of SEO tools. In fact, there are so many of them popping up left and right, and it’s so easy to get lost in the fog of war. The unfortunate reality, is that many SEO tools are superior to others, so it’s easy to fall into a trap and end up with a tool that’s not very beneficial to your company. 


SEOprofiler is one of the highly regarded services, though many prospective customers may ultimately end up going with a tool that quite frankly may be inferior.

Who Is SEOProfiler Ideal For?

If you’re a website owner who needs more traffic, such as a blogger, ecommerce vendor, Internet marketer, affiliate marketer, or anyone who manages any type website, then SEOprofiler can offer awesome SEO services so you can get better rankings and more traffic. 


Also, maybe you’ve been burned by SEO tools that left a negative taste in your mouth, or even worse, ended up doing damage to your ranking and traffic metrics? If that’s the case, SEOprofiler might benefit you big time, because they exert great effort to make their policies and procedures entirely aligned with what Google wants. 


But what if you have SEO clients and you work as a professional SEO agent? Well, if you own, or work for an SEO agency or otherwise help to manage the SEO work for any client, then you’ll find a massive wealth of tools that could be a lifesaver within the SEOprofiler toolbox. 


So ask yourself if you have clients who are hard to please, or who need more website traffic? If that’s the case, you can use SEOprofiler to strategize breakthrough SEO campaigns all the while providing beautifully branded reports that will make your clients nod their heads in approval.

SEOProfiler Signup Process
SEO Profiler Register

Signing up for SEOprofiler won’t take you more than a minute or two. As previously mentioned, you can register to SEOprofiler without paying a single red cent and without using a credit card. Upon visiting the SEOprofiler page, you’ll see a massive call to action that invites you to register for free.


Upon registering and logging in, you’ll have the chance to upgrade your plan if you decide that you’ve fallen in love with the easy-on-the-eye interface. If you decide immediately that you’d rather skip the free account, you can also try SEOprofiler’s most popular plan for only $1 for a full 30 days. 


So you can test out and stress test their full suite of tools for only a buck, and you can downgrade, cancel, or upgrade your account at any time without any haggling, quibbling, squabbling, or drama.

SEOProfiler Ease of Use
SEOProfiler Dashboard

If ease of use is important to you, then SEOprofiler has you covered and then some. First off, there’s no software to install and SEOprofiler is entirely web based, so you never have to worry about any annoying software complications that can mess up your operating system.


In fact, upon logging into the SEOprofiler member’s area, you might let out a massive sigh of relief to see how modern and beautiful everything is. The learning curve should be relatively low, even if you’re never tried to rank a website before. That’s because the layout of the site is very intuitive, and everything is located where it should be.


So if you want to audit your website, check the rank and social statistics, or analyze backlinks, everything will be easily located in very simple and easy to find categories.

Once you access the member’s area, you’ll see an area for your ranking profiler, your website auditor, website analytics, link profiling, link building, an AdWords profiler, social media ranking, page optimization, and an area for client reports.
All in all, you’ll be up and running, monitoring your website’s rankings and health without any stress, and you’ll be handing off vibrant reports that make sense to your boss (or clients) in just a few minutes.

SEOProfiler Features
SEO Profiler Features

Website Rank Monitoring – So you can instantly and automatically detect how your websites are ranking across the biggest search engines on the planet. Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo analysis will be available at your fingertips, so you can quickly determine which keywords you’re ranking for, the quantity of searches each keyword has, and for which countries and regions you’re being ranked for.


For You And Your Entire Team – Have you ever been annoyed at the lack of cross-team or cross-agent functionality that your current SEO toolset provides? Maybe you’d love nothing more than to let your agents team up on certain websites or projects. Or maybe you could outsource certain tasks to your virtual workers or virtual agents. In any event, if your team has multiple members and could benefit from multi-user features, then you’ll -love SEOprofiler’s ability to turn your team into a harmonious SEO function, instead of a head-butting nightmare.


Spy On Your Pesky Competitors – How would it feel to be able to spy on the Google rankings of your top competitors? How are they ranking in Google, and what keywords are they capitalizing on to get the most traffic? This will allow you to easily target your SEO campaigns so you’re in a better position to compete, so you can begin siphoning off their traffic before they get a chance to acquire the lead. 


You can even hone in on a “per page” basis, so you can easily find out precisely which pages on your competitor’s domains are getting the most action, as well as other valuable metrics that will allow you to finally compete.


Spy On Their PPC Campaigns Too – Face it. Investing in paid traffic can be a frightening notion, wouldn’t you do everything you can to put the favor in your corner? One way to do that, is by using SEOprofiler’s Google AdWords analysis tool; so you can literally spy on what keywords your competitors are bidding on, and spy on the exact ads to see which ones are getting the most clicks. 


You can also take a significant “peek” into the actual copywriting your competitors are using, and you’ll be able to see with your own eyes which of their landing pages are driving the most traffic via PPC.


Comprehensive Website Audit – Does your website have any broken links, server errors, timeout errors, empty titles, or duplicate titles? Are you 100% sure of your answer? Because if you’re not, this can literally slaughter your website’s ranking, and thereby significantly decrease the quantity of traffic that your website is getting.


SEOprofiler can provide to you a simple “at a glance” snapshot of pesky website errors that can take a hammer to your ranking, and bottom line. (And if you have clients, this can be one of the fastest ways to prove your worth, or even find new clients so you can prove your worth and scale your agency as quickly as possible).

Backlink Optimization – SEOprofiler’s backlinking analysis tool will grant you several key insights. The first advantage you get is the ability to spy on your competitor’s backlinks. From where are they getting their backlinks, and how significant are they? This will allow you to potentially mimic their backlinking routine, so you can steal the traffic and rankings right from under their nose. 


You can also optimize the backlinks of your own websites, so you can see which backlinks are valuable, and scale up the ones that are bringing the best results.

Quality Link Building – Did you know that in the world of backlinking, quality is more important than quality? Sound farfetched? Well maybe you’ve noticed that some backlinks actually bring you negative results, negative reputation, and actually penalize your rankings. 


That’s why SEOprofiler will allow you to measure each specific backlink’s quality, so you can see if each backlink source is worth perusing, or if it’s time to remove said backlink. Here’s the best part. SEOprofiler actually has a “backlink disinfectant tool” that will actually help you to remove troublemaking links, so as to remove any potential harm they might bring to your website’s authority.


Keyword Insight – What would SEOprofiler be without comprehensive keyword analytics? The truth is that keywords are one of the most important variables for any SEO campaign, and they’re therefore critical to increase rankings for your own websites, and of course your client websites. 


With SEOprofiler, you’ll have a powerful suite of tools to help you find keywords that can bring you the biggest impact with the least effort. You’ll also determine which keywords have the lowest price per click on Google AdWords, so you can manage your paid traffic costs. You’ll also be able to find the exact keywords that your competition is targeting, so you can engage in breakthrough campaigns to help siphon away their efforts.


Reputation Management – What are people saying about you, right now, when you’re not paying attention? Are your competitors or your customers saying bad things about your company or service? Or maybe there’s an overwhelming quantity of positive reviews? Or, maybe people are asking questions about your service (or your client’s service) that you’re never around to address? If any of these are the case, you can benefit tremendously by monitoring several different networks where your customers (the good bad and ugly) are trying to reach you.


Reporting Eye Candy – If you don’t have beautiful reports to hand off to your team, clients, and boss, are you ever going to feel proud of your work? The answer is no, but you won’t have to be ashamed of your SEO reporting if that was ever an issue, because SEOprofiler allows you to print off and distribute beautifully designed graphs and charts that will make sense quickly and effortlessly. 


So you can impress whoever it is you’re working with, all the while using your own logo, scheduling daily weekly or monthly reports, and never leaving a single trace as to the source of your reporting, so you look like the hero and claim the prestigious benefits, not SEOprofiler.

SEOProfiler Integration's

Google Analytics – SEOprofiler makes Google Analytics integration a simple streamlined processed. So you can easily benefit from Google’s highly valuable tool, export all of the important statistics and data from Google Analytics directly into your SEOprofiler account, and create beautiful Google Analytics reports for your clients. So you can tap into Google’s wealth of data, spruce it up so it looks nice and is easy to understand, then take all the credit for Google’s hard work.

SEOProfiler Pricing
SEOProfiler Pricing

If you’re curious to learn more about SEOprofiler and you want to get your feet wet without committing to a priced plan, you can easily register to their website for free without paying a single red cent, and you don’t even need a credit card to start out. 


This should provide ample opportunity for you to better determine if their service is right for you, and you can upgrade your account at any time.
Their premium pricing plans are largely based upon the number of keywords you want to track, and the total number of pages that you want to monitor. 


The number or projects, and the number of users is also a variable of consideration. SEOprofiler’s first payment plan is the standard plan. The standard plan allows you to track 500 keywords, grants the power to audit up to 20,000 pages, allows 10 projects, and 1 user, however doesn’t offer any white label reporting. The standard plan costs $49.95 per month. You can cancel or upgrade for any reason, at any time.


If you’re looking for something more significant, you can look at the smart plan. The smart plan allows you to track 1,000 keywords, grants the power to audit up to 50,000 pages, allows 50 projects, 10 users, and does allow white label reporting. The standard plan costs $99.95 per month, but you can test it for $1 for your first 30 days with the ability to cancel or upgrade at any time.


There’s also the professional plan. The professional plan allows you to track 2,500 keywords, grants the power to audit up to 150,000 pages, allows 150 projects, 15 users, and also allows white label reporting. The standard plan costs $249.95 per month, with the ability to cancel or upgrade for any reason, at any time.


Finally, there’s the enterprise plan. The enterprise plan allows you to track 10,000 keywords, grants the power to audit up to 750,000 pages, allows unlimited projects, unlimited users, and of course allows white label reporting. The standard plan costs $999.95 per month, with the ability to cancel for any reason, at any time.

SEOProfiler Support

Even if you’re currently a high level SEO expert, there will probably come a time where you hit a snag and need help with something or the other. When that time comes, you can be confident that SEOprofiler will be there to help you every step of the way with a comprehensive list of support options.


Their first line of support comes in the form of adequate documentation; there are two comprehensive collections that you should be aware of. 


The first is their help & instructions section. This section includes a ton of information on all areas of SEO optimization, including the basics, website auditing, keyword researching, web page optimization, link building, social media analysis and more.


There’s also a very thorough step by step manual detailing the intricacies and nuances of the already easy-to-understand SEOprofiler toolbox. So if you ever encounter any trouble, you can simply refer to this document and get straightened away in short order. The step by step manual has detailed instructions for every single tool in the SEOprofiler suite, so you’ll know exactly how to proceed with the utmost clarity.


In the event that you need to interact with a real human, you can be confident that SEOprofiler has your back in short order, and they promise to get back to you within 24 hours, regardless of how complex your question is. Their helpdesk is even fluent in German (as well as English of course), so if German is your native tongue you’ll be happy to learn that you’re in good company.


Finally, you’ll also want to check out the SEOprofiler blog that has frequent updates, SEO news, and additional features that are always being added to the SEOprofiler collection.

SEOProfiler Reputation

There are a few things you need to know about SEOprofiler’s reputation. The first thing you should know, is that they’ve thus far accumulated a massive wealth of positivity and testimonials from authorities in the SEO niche. Their customers love the idea that they can easily spy on their competitors. 


Their customers also love the beautiful branded reports; the ability to hand these off to your clients without your clients knowing the source of the data is invaluable, and can help turn your short-term clients into lifelong clients.


The other thing you should know about SEOprofiler’s reputation, is that they work hard to stay on Google’s good side. This is so vitally important; you can have the best content on the planet, and the best intentions in the world, but if you slip up and irk Google’s chain, every ounce of goodwill and your very best efforts won’t save you from an SEO apocalypse. 


For that reason, you can rest and be fully confident that SEOprofiler will provide insight that will leave you in Google’s high graces, and even if you have negative backlinks that are damaging your reputation, SEOprofiler can help you eliminate those.

SEOProfiler Conclusion

Face it. Paid traffic keeps getting more and more expensive. The massive organizations can afford to pay $1, $2, and even $7 per click in some situations, leaving the smaller startups to run around with little hope for getting website traffic. For that reason, organic inbound traffic, content marketing, and ultimately search engine traffic is arguably more important than ever.


But, you realize by now how mystifying SEO can be. You, your clients, your colleagues, your boss, they’re all frustrated trying to improve their search engine rankings.


So, what’s the solution?


Well, you have two choices really. You can keep doing what you’re doing now. Keep fidgeting around with unreliable SEO tools that are hit or miss, and often times are even inflicting damage upon your search reputation.


Then, there’s the alternative. You can conduct business with a trusted SEO tool that is devoted to staying on Google’s good side. So you can tap open the hood of your website and tweak it so Google loves you, your content, your keyword selection, and shall reward you with targeted traffic.


Is it worth the effort? Well that depends. If you’re in a business that relies on a consistent flow of traffic, leads, visitors, and buyers, then SEOprofiler might be one of the best investments that you make. Moreover, what about your clients? How would it feel if you could finally be the great hope that they hired you to be? Would it feel good to know for a fact that you’re worth the rates you’re charging, without a second guess? 


How much is that type of confidence and freedom worth to you?
What’s the alternative? Well, you could keep doing what you’re doing now. Just ask yourself, is it working out in your favor so far? You can start with SEOprofiler for free. So you can login right now. 


Check to see if you fall in love with their design and intuitive processes. If you love it, then you can upgrade your account. You have nothing to lose, and all the pressure is on SEOprofiler to make you a lifelong fan.


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