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SerpBook Review

SerpBook is an easy to use SEO rank tracker that lets you access several live snapshots so you can see real time how you’re faring in all of the major search engines. You’ll be able to share statistics with your team, clients, your boss, or anybody you wish with the few clicks of your mouse, and you can preview rankings across every major search engine worthy of your time.


SerpBook boasts a 100% intuitive and simple to use system, so you’re never left frustrated, lost, or wondering what to do next. That’s because their tools are easy to use, and won’t require any expertise on your behalf. So you can begin tracking the ratings of almost any website in a snap.


You’ll access detailed reports including monthly search data, competition and backlink information so you can access this invaluable data without any third party tools.


You’ll access everything from one handy dashboard, so you can better focus your SEO efforts and begin ranking for keywords that you never thought possible. You’ll be able to better position yourself in the search engines with these analytics, which will increase your traffic, leads, visitors, and sales.

SerpBook Review
SerpBook Advantages

Simplicity – SerpBook’s primary advantage has to be the simplicity. As soon as you gain access to the SerpBook toolset, you’ll be able to instantly get a snapshot of any domain that you want. Simply enter the domain, and a set of keywords to determine exactly how the websites are ranking. Even if you’ve never used an SEO tool before, SerpBook doesn’t leave you guessing and it’s all very intuitive.


Easy To Grasp – Not only is SerpBook simple to use, but you’ll absolutely love the member’s area dashboard. The moment you access the member’s area, you’ll see all of your keyword rankings in massive font, so your rankings register quickly and easily, even if your eyesight isn’t the best in the world. (Maybe you’ve been frustrated at the tiny dashboards that other SEO systems use, SerpBook might be the easiest dashboard on the eye that you’ll ever encounter).


No Software Required – Installing software these days can be a daunting nightmare, especially if you’re on an older Windows based operating system, MAC, or even a Linux machine. At the end of the day, your SEO ranking abilities shouldn’t be determined by what kind of end user you are. 


That’s why SerpBook allows you quick and easy access to all of their tools in a simple cloud based system, so you can access your SEO rankings whether you’re hiking deep in the forest, floating atop the ocean on a cruise, or even in your friend’s backyard enjoying a barbeque and a cocktail.

SerpBook Disadvantages

No Free Forever Plan – If you’re in the market for an SEO tool that offers a forever free toolset, you might be a tad disappointed to learn that SerpBook doesn’t offer a forever free plan. So, one way or the other, you’ll have to eventually pay for their services. That being said, SerpBook offers a ton of features that are indeed quite desirable, and if you long for something that’s ridiculously easy to use and grasp, then you might be their next lifelong fan.


Free Trial Only Lasts 2 Weeks – You might think this review is being overly harsh for criticizing something that’s free. It’s true that SerpBook’s free plan grants you two weeks to fully stress test their SEO tools, and it doesn’t require you to have a credit card to register, although it would have been a nice touch to elongate the free trial for several additional weeks so you could get your feet wet with their ranking tools.


Competition – Speaking of SEO rankings, you realize by now that if you do a few Google searches for SEO tools, you’ll find an infinite wealth of SEO rank checkers and analytical gadgets. So maybe you’re wondering precisely how SerpBook ranks up against their stark competitors? Continue reading this summary review to find out; you might be shocked to learn that this hidden gem is one of the best in class, even if the prices are ridiculously low.

Who Is SerpBook Ideal For?

SerpBook is ideal for SEO agencies, SEO consultants, and end users alike.
So maybe you run a small local SEO consultancy, and you have the dire urge to share beautiful (and innovatively simple) reports with your end users? 


Or maybe you’re a heavy hitting SEO agency with a boatload of whale clients, if that’s the case, you’ll definitely benefit big time from SerpBook’s beautiful reports that your end users and customers will grasp in a moment’s notice.


Finally, what if you own a blog, ecommerce store, social media presence, Internet marketing company, affiliate website, or just about any other website? If that’s the case, you’ll find a wealth of SerpBook benefits and features that can enhance your knowledge of your current SEO standing. 


So you can find out exactly how you’re ranking, and who’s competing with you, so you can easily construct an SEO strategy that can help propel your rankings well beyond where they currently stand now. 

SerpBook Signup Process
SerpBook Register

SerpBook is easily one of the fastest SEO rankers to register for. That’s because SerpBook offers 7 different plans, so the scalability is off the charts. 


Thankfully, SerpBook has basic plans that will perfectly accommodate the independent webmaster, and they also have massive enterprise plans (that are competitively priced) so even if you’re responsible for a massive list of clients, you can still find something valuable with SerpBook.


You can also register and try SerpBook for absolutely zero cost for a span of 14-days, so this should provide adequate time to get your feet wet.


The registration process itself is rather simple. In the event that you want to try SerpBook for their 14-day free trial, you only have to enter your email address, after which a password will be emailed to you so you can begin testing them out immediately. If, however, you’d like to register for a premium plan, the process is equally simplistic and you’ll only have to enter a username and password to start out.


Either way, the signup process for SerpBook is fast, and won’t take more than a minute or two.

SerpBook Ease of Use
SerpBook Dashboard

Have you ever been annoyed at how complicated some SEO tools are? Maybe you’ve been frustrated at how difficult to understand Google Analytics can be as an example? If that’s the case, you’re going to notice a night and day difference when you first access the SerpBook’s member’s area.


The first thing you’ll notice, is that you’ll be asked which domain and keywords you’d like to be plugged into. After which, a massive wealth of statistics will appear before your eyes, in a very easy to consume dashboard that will provide absolute clarity and peace of mind.


So you can focus on getting your websites ranked, on pleasing your end users, and most of all, proceeding with the utmost confidence and freedom to develop breakthrough SEO campaigns that will leave you with a stellar reputation.

SerpBook Features
SerpBook Features

Simplicity – If you’re frustrated at all of the difficult to grasp SEO tools in the market, or even worse, if your end users and clients have ever stared back at your reporting with a confused look on their faces, you might just stop what you’re doing right now and register for a free 14-day trial to SerpBook, so you never have to feel like you’re not doing your job ever again.


At A Glance Listings – Have you ever had the feeling of dread as you struggle to quickly and easily locate your current listings from your SEO toolset? SerpBook makes getting decluttered as easy as logging into your dashboard, so you can see your status immediately, without second guessing or being lost in a labyrinth.


Work From The Cloud – Who says you can’t be working abroad, across the street, at a dinner party or at the movies? With SerpBook you’ll be able to access all of your reporting regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, so you can stay connected and be working on your next breakthrough SEO campaign whenever creativity hits, wherever you happen to be in the world.


Easy To Organize – Maybe you’re working on a particular niche market, or maybe you’d like to organize all of your client’s properties in one fell swoop? Either way, SerpBook makes the organization of your content as easy as “123” and you’ll never suffer from a lack of preparation ever again.


Works For All Major Search Engines – Face it, Google is arguably the single best source for website traffic. That being said, neglecting other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, and Google Maps can be absolute slaughter to your overall SEO campaign. With SerpBook, you’ll have quick and easy access to all of the major search engines, so you can compete and track your ratings on any search engine, at any time.


Easy To Share – Do you have several agents working on the same team? If that’s the case, you’ll love SerpBook’s ability to share your entire dashboard of statistics with a single click. You’ll never again have to stutter over your words trying to explain yourself, instead you can share the exact data that you’re looking at without any fuss or fatigue.


Double Check – SerpBook’s spyglass tool makes it so easy to double check your rankings. So if you ever think that something doesn’t look quite right, or even if it’s too good to be true, you can quickly and easily double check that data without referring to any third parties and losing concentration.


Google Analytics Integration – One of the most frustrating downfalls that most SEO ranking analyzers suffer from is a dire lack of integrations! You’ll be pleased to discover however that SerpBook ranks easily with Google Analytics, so you can tap into Google’s infinite wealth of invaluable data without suffering from Google’s at times incalculable and insufferable interface.


Two Second Overviews - No more digging and banging your head against the wall trying to get a fast snapshot. With SerpBook, you’ll be able to dive into your entire summary in less than 30 seconds, so you can quickly and easily give status reports, or brainstorm your overall SEO strategy in less time so you can better focus on what you need to do to improve rankings today.


Detailed Analysis – All of the reporting features you need are here within SerpBook’s control panel. So you can track and count backlinks, determine who your most aggressive competitors are and collect monthly search engine search data all in a single glance.

SerpBook Integration's

Google Analytics – This one integration is worth the price of admission alone, to be brutally honest. That’s because while Google Analytics offers some of the best data on the planet, it has one major problem. That problem, is that it’s so hard to understand! If you’ve ever bawled your eyes out because Google Analytics was just too difficult to comprehend, then SerpBook’s Google Analytics integration will be a dream come true.


SerpBook API – The SerpBook API is simplistic and grants access to just about all of the ranking data you’ll need for your custom app, reporting tool, widget, plugin or interface that you have now or want to develop specifically for SerpBook. So you can integrate, fetch, and customize your reporting mechanism any way you like, and access SerpBook’s massive wealth of data and information. The SerpBook API is well documented and supported, so you (or your developers) can integrate to your heart’s content without any trouble.

SerpBook Pricing
SerpBook Pricing

Whether you’re a massive SEO agency, or a tiny one-person webmaster, you’re going to find a SerpBook plan that works in your favor.


The first thing you need to know, is that all of the SerpBook plans contain the same exact features. So all of the plans include Google updates, Bing updates, Yahoo updates, Backlink updates, Google Analytics integration, monthly search data, link sharing, white label PDF & excel reporting, and email notifications.


So, the only two moving parts are the total number of keywords and domains that you can track, and also the number of keyword updates per month.


All in all, there are seven different plans that SerpBook offers.


There’s the basic plan, which enables you to track 50 keywords / domains, and 150 keyword updates per day. The basic plan is a paltry $9.95 per month.


There’s also the essential plan, which provides 100 trackable keywords / domains, and 300 keyword updates per day. The essential plan is $19.97 per month.


Then there’s the professional plan. The professional plan lets you track 200 keywords / domains, and gives you 600 on demand keyword updates per day. The professional plan costs $29.97 per month.


There’s also the extreme plan. The extreme plan gives you 500 keywords / domains, allows 1,500 keyword updates per day, and costs $44.97 per month.
If you still require more, then you can look at the ultimate plan. The ultimate plan provides 1,000 keywords / domains, 3,000 daily updates, and costs $79.97 per month.


Then there’s the enterprise plan. The enterprise plan gives you 2,000 keywords / domains, 6,000 updates per day, and costs $159.95 per month.


Finally, there’s the largest SerpBook plan, the enterprise+ plan. The enterprise+ plan offers 5,000 keywords / domains, and 15,000 updates per day. The enterprise+ plan costs $329.95 per month.


So, at the end of the day, remember that the SerpBook plans all contain the exact same features, which is a really beautiful thing. This makes it simple for you to choose based upon your requirements, and basically how many keywords / domains you want to track, and how many updates you need per day.

SerpBook Support

It states clearly and openly on SerpBook’s homepage that they strive to offer some of the best support that they possible can, and they promise to leave you happy as a customer.


In truth, many other companies offer the same thing, but often times they fail to deliver. With SerpBook, in the event that you have any questions, you’ll be greeted by a happy customer service representative who knows what they’re talking about, and they’ll actually want to help you with a friendly demeanor.


So, in the event that you ever have any questions, SerpBook offers a friendly support staff that are around day and night to quickly respond via their ticket support system. It’s also important to note, that SerpBook tries their best to make their services so easy and intuitive, that you’ll never have any questions to begin with, but obviously that’s not always the case.


In the event that you instead wish to peruse documentation, SerpBook offers a comprehensive guide stuffed to the brim with tutorials and instructional content. The guide section is actually very meaty, and contains dozens of tutorials that will showcase exactly how to proceed, even if you’re currently overwhelmed, overburdened, or totally lost.

SerpBook Reputation

If there’s one thing that SerpBook has going for itself with regards to their reputation, it’s that they’re a small tightly knit team who care deeply about your satisfaction.


As you’ve probably noticed, often times larger organizations ultimately lose track of customer support as they grow and expand, SerpBook is still a relatively small startup and for that reason they make each customer interaction a special opportunity to help build rapport, prestige, and their brand.


SerpBook’s reputation is also one of simplicity and cleanliness. The moment you access your dashboard, you’ll probably have a massive smile on your face as you easily understand your search engine rankings much clearer than you did just 2 minutes prior. With the super low prices that SerpBook offers, registering might be one of the best decisions you make all year.

SerpBook Conclusion

Do you love to help startups who actually want to help you succeed in return? If that’s the case, and you’re currently juggling between 10 or 15 different SEO tools, then SerpBook might be your best bet.


If you appreciate friendly customer support who actually reply with zest, then put another positive check in SerpBook’s corner.


Finally, if you’ve ever been frustrated that your current SEO trackers are just too complicated, and if the reporting features leave much to be desired, or even worse, leave your customers, clients, and boss confused, then you owe it to yourself to see just how simple SerpBook’s reporting features are to grasp.


So you can help your end users understand your SEO strategies. While at the same time helping them expand their growth, increase their traffic, and ultimately build their reputation in our world that’s stuffed with tons of competition. 


With SerpBook, you’ll have an easier time justifying your own actions as an SEO consultant, and your end users will have immediate justification for keeping you as their SEO agent, even if they’ve been confused as to precisely what you do in the past.


Signing up for a 14-day trial only takes 10 seconds, and you might fall in love the moment you set eyes upon the SerpBook dashboard.


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