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SocialDraft Review

Socialdraft is a social media management dashboard software that will allow you to get better results from your social media efforts. The main idea behind Socialdraft is that it’s so easy to get lost and distracted in the world of social media these days, which is why Socialdraft set out to make it much easier to interact, get more leads, build your audience, and monitor your favorite social media channels for social signals.


One of Socialdraft’s best features is their drag and drop social media scheduler, which will allow you to fully automate your social media posting using a sleek and easy interface. So if you’re frustrated with how long it can take you to post social media content on different social media channels, and if you’re just not getting the most of your time on social media, then Socialdraft is worth learning more about, and this summary review shall reveal some of the negatives and positives in full transparency, so please continue reading!

  • Socialdraft has a really intuitive interface that’s simple to use. You’ll be able to schedule all of your social media posts, so you can interact on social media on 100% autopilot. So if you’re annoyed having to switch between half a dozen tabs when you’re interacting on social media, and if you spend hours every day planning your posts and deploying them manually, then you might benefit from Socialdraft. Furthermore, if you’ve ever used a social media management tool in the past, but you’ve found that the design was clunky, or was more trouble than it was worth, then Socialdraft is worth considering.

  • Face it. It’s so easy to spend hours upon hours, if not days upon days lost in the dizzying array of social media channels. Maybe you’re coming to the realization, that you’re spending too much time mingling on social media, but you’re just not getting any benefits? Have you ever spent way too much time on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, but then came to the conclusion that you’re not getting any valuable insights? If that’s the case, then Socialdraft can help you to get more out of your social media time. So you can drive more traffic, monitor your brand, acquire new leads, and interact with your followers from one neat and handy dashboard.

  • One of the top reasons you probably use social media for your business, is so you can see what your audience and prospects are saying about you and your niche. One problem you’ve probably encountered, however, is the inability to accomplish your goals in a timely fashion. So maybe you’re hovering over your keyboard and mobile devices like a nervous wreck trying to find new customers, or monitoring for brand mentions, and you’re looking for a feasible alternative? If that’s the case, then you’ll love the real time alerts that Socialdraft offers. So you can finally find out what your audience, customers, fans and demographic are saying without spying on them zealously like a crazy person at all hours of the night.

SocialDraft Review
SocialDraft Advantages
  • Drag And Drop Calendar – Do you waste hours manually posting on social media, or do you currently use a social media automation tool that’s a pain to use? Then you’ll love this. Socialdraft’s drag and drop calendar is definitely their bread and butter feature. The way it works is simple. You can schedule and automate social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter using a beautiful interface that’s easy to understand. So you’ll never have to operate any messy tools that don’t make sense, and instead you can use a 100% beautiful drag and drop calendar scheduling mechanism that’s simple for you to operate and understand. Why is this so important? Because if your social media scheduling is difficult to understand, it can be almost impossible to design and brainstorm breakthrough social media campaigns. Even worse, if you try to brainstorm your social media without any scheduling tool at all, it’s going to cost you untold amounts in wasted time and frustration, so your content will never be at its best.

  • TrueTime – Have you ever wondered at what time your social media posts gets the best reaction? Your days of self-doubt are now over, because Socialdraft has a handy feature called TrueTime. The way TrueTime works is simple, it constantly analyzes your social media interaction so you can best determine at what time your social media content should be posted. So if you want to get more results, in less time, and have solid confidence that your content is going to be well received, then Socialdraft’s TrueTime feature is definitely worth looking at.

  • Post Everything From One Dashboard – The days of fumbling and switching between tabs and browser windows are over. Socialdraft allows you to manage your favorite social media channels from one dashboard. So you can interact, plan, strategize and schedule your social media interactions from one window. This is crucial so that you don’t get distracted, and so you can focus on creating and scheduling beautiful social media content that will allow you to entertain and educate your followers, so that they keep following you and stay engaged for a lifetime.

SocialDraft Disadvantages
  • No Freemium Account – If you’re looking for a 100% forever free plan, then Socialdraft isn’t your top choice. Socialdraft does offer several generous payment plans which you’ll learn more about later on in this summary review, however, Socialdraft doesn’t offer a 100% free plan. That being said, they do offer a 14-day free trial so you can vigorously use and abuse their system to your heart’s content, and you’ll never have to pay a single red cent unless you’re totally thrilled with the service.

  • Yearly Accounts Are Incentivized – One thing you’ll notice about Socialdraft, is that they significantly discount the yearly plans. This isn’t a negative really, however it’s worth mentioning in full transparency and honesty that there seems to be an incentive if you’re willing to try one of their yearly plans. If you’re curious to learn more about the cost of Socialdraft and how much you can save by getting a yearly plan, then keep your eyes open for the pricing section of this review as you continue reading.

  • Competition – All you have to do is conduct a few online searches and you’ll find dozens of social media management utilities of all shapes and sizes. Who is Socialdraft designed for, and can it benefit your business tremendously, or are there other social media management tools that are more worthy of your time? You’re about to find out in full transparency, so buckle your seatbelt and continue reading.

Who Is SocialDraft Ideal For?

If you’re a blogger, social media enthusiast, ecommerce vendor, author, publisher, online instructor, coach, consultant, internet marketer, affiliate marketer, email list builder, or anyone who uses social media to drive leads, sales, or to grow your email list, then Socialdraft can benefit your business.

Also, if you have any social media clients, or manage social media profiles as part of a marketing agency, then you can benefit big time from Socialdraft as you can also use white labelled reporting for your clients, which you’ll definitely appreciate if you do indeed have clients.

Additionally, if you currently use social media to interact with your audience, but you’re currently spending way too much time managing and monitoring your profiles, then Socialdraft is worthy of your consideration.

Finally, if you already have a social media management software and you use it to schedule and automate your social media posting, but you find that the automation process itself is too clunky, confusing, and cumbersome, then Socialdraft is a worthy competitor.


This is particularly because Socialdraft’s drag and drop scheduling calendar is a dream to use and will simplify your social media interaction because it’s intuitive, well designed, and it’s super easy to understand what you’re doing quickly so you can brainstorm and deploy breakthrough social media campaigns.

SocialDraft Signup Process
Social Draft Signup

Registering for Socialdraft is simple and it won’t take more than a few minutes to get your social media profiles plugged in, automated, and ready to go.

The first thing you’ll want to do is visit the Socialdraft homepage, upon which you’ll encounter several massive calls to action prompting you to try a free 14-day trial.

There are a few Socialdraft plans that you can choose from, and if you’re curious to learn more about what plan might be your best bet, then you should probably read the Socialdraft pricing portion of this summary review.

That being said, registering with Socialdraft is 100% free for 14-days, it won’t take long to register, and if you want you can easily change, upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account without any fuss during your 14-day trial so there’s no risk to you, and all the pressure is on Socialdraft to deliver massive value and to prove their value.

SocialDraft Ease of Use
SocialDraft Dashboard

The first thing you should know about Socialdraft is that you can use everything via their online member’s area, so there’s never any software to install or messy plugins that you have to deal with.

The Socialdraft website also functions seamlessly across all devices, including mobile devices, so you can literally manage your social media campaigns from anywhere on the planet.

Once you’re logged into your Socialdraft account, you’ll be prompted to start connecting your social media profiles. So you can connect your Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram accounts with the click of a button, and then you’re off to the races.

Once your accounts are connected, you’ll then see a simple dashboard that allows you to monitor, engage, schedule posts, and use the simple drag and drop calendar scheduler so you can interact on social media without stressing yourself out or getting lost in a maze of tabs and browser windows.

All in all, the Socialdraft dashboard is very easy to use, it’s intuitive, and the learning curve is near zero, especially if you’re already familiar with social media. On top of all this, there’s ample support (which you’ll learn more about in a few moments) so if you ever hit a snag, you can always reach out and get support without begging or bending over backwards.

SocialDraft Features
SocialDraft Features
  • Facebook Group Automation – Facebook groups are probably one of the most underrated social media tools that you can use for your business. The biggest problem, of course, is that it’s so easy to get distracted and to lose focus while on Facebook. The good news is that Socialdraft will allow you to automate your Facebook group interaction, so you can schedule posts and essentially dip in whenever you want to add a personal touch, without getting distracted and losing focus in the labyrinth that is Facebook.

  • Pinterest Automation – Pinterest is one of the best places to show off your awesome artwork and images, the biggest problem is that it’s so easy to get distracted by all of the bright shiny objects. That’s why Socialdraft makes it easy to automatically pin content to your Pinterest boards, so you can get more done without falling into the Pinterest abyss.

  • Instagram Automation – The biggest problem with Instagram is that you could easily spend a day and a half posting content and following all of your idols, friends and fans. That’s why Socialdraft is positioned to make your life easier and to save you a boatload of time by integrating with Instagram with the click of a button.

  • Beautiful Reporting – All the social data in the world won’t make a lick of difference if you can’t make heads or tails of what you’re looking at. Socialdraft makes this process simple by providing data that couldn’t be easier to understand, so you can better strategize and brainstorm social media campaigns so you can get to the next level.

  • Reports At A Glance – The reports that Socialdraft offer are super easy to grasp, and you’ll be able to export them so you can distribute them to your team, and you’ll even have the opportunity to produce white label reports if you’re part of the business plan. So if you have clients or a boss that you need to impress, you’ll benefit tremendously from Socialdraft’s many reporting features.

  • Top Influencer Recognition – Have you ever been annoyed when trying to find top brand ambassadors or brand innovators, and you’re never sure how to best spend your time and who to interact with? Socialdraft makes it easy to spot authorities in your niche, so you can follow the top dogs and try your best to hone in your social media efforts so you always get the highest payoff.

  • Drag And Drop Calendar – Socialdraft’s drag and drop calendar is easily their top feature, and for good reason. Because if you’re not automating and scheduling your social media posting, you’re tying an arm behind your back. Moreover, if you’re using a post scheduling tool that’s not easy to understand at a glance, then you’ll never be able to brainstorm content at your best. With Socialdraft’s drag and drop editor, you’ll create beautiful content that you can be proud of, and you’ll never second guess yourself or even worse get distracted by a tool that takes away more than it provides.

  • Works With Your Entire Team – If you’re an agency and you have a boatload of team members or virtual members, then you’ll love Socialdraft’s ability to interact and collaborate with your team. So you can work together and stay on the same page, while at the same time knowing exactly what your priorities are so you can stay on top of things and get the most out of your time.

  • Real Time Alert Notifications – If your brand is ever mentioned on social media, a few things can happen. First, it might be the best opportunity for you to build massive rapport and prestige with your customers. Second, it could be an essential opportunity for you to defend your business in the event that someone is grandstanding or otherwise disparaging your company. With Socialdraft you’ll take all of the worry and guesswork out of the equation, because you’ll know the moment someone mentions you, whether they’re praising or preying upon your organization, so you can respond appropriately regardless of what the situation requires.

  • Works On All Devices – It doesn’t matter if you’re on your laptop, tablet or smartphone, you’ll be able to use Socialdraft’s sleek member’s area. So you can manage your campaigns, collaborate, and interact with your followers regardless of where you are on the planet, as long as you have internet connectivity of course.

SocialDraft Integration's
  • Facebook – Facebook is arguably the single most important social media platform that you need to be on to get the best return on your social media investment. With Socialdraft, integrating with Facebook is as easy as clicking a button, and from that point forward you can schedule and post your content without even logging into Facebook if you don’t want.

  • Twitter – The problem with Twitter is that it’s so easy to get distracted! It’s all too easy to start following thousands of fans, competitors, authorities, and gurus, after which every time you visit Twitter you stare off into space for hours on end reading updates. That’s why Socialdraft can not only help you find new leads, but it’ll also save you untold quantities of time. Simply connect your Twitter profile with Socialdraft, and you can schedule content to pop off whenever you want, without the risk of getting distracted or losing focus.

  • Pinterest – Pinterest is by far the coolest way to show off all of your artwork. Book covers, infographics, images, artwork, absolutely everything is adored by your Pinterest followers. But how much time do you waste wading through different browser tabs? That’s why integrating Pinterest with Socialdraft is such a smart move. So you can get the myriad benefits that the social media platform offers, without struggling and juggling with different browser tabs and windows.

  • LinkedIn – If you offer any type of business to business solutions, then your business could probably benefit the most from LinkedIn. With Socialdraft, you’ll be able to integrate with a click, so you can schedule fresh new content to spout off at your leisure, without manually logging into your LinkedIn account ever again should you wish.

  • Instagram – Not only can you schedule your Instagram content when you integrate with Socialdraft, but you’ll also be able to use the Socialdraft Instagram engine to search through a near infinite quantity of images, so you can engage with prospective prospects, follow them, and even share their artwork with your audience, giving you a ton of freedom and empowering you to interact without spending forever and a day on the platform itself.

  • – One of the most annoying things is when a long URL takes up vital real estate in your social media character count. That’s why Socialdraft creates branded URLs using So not only can you get more social media real estate, but you’ll also be able to brand yourself every step of the way, while essentially promoting anything that you want.

SocialDraft Pricing
SocialDraft Pricing

Socialdraft pricing is largely based upon how many users you want to have, and also the number of social media profiles that you want to attach. Also, it’s worth nothing that there are significant discounts if you agree to a yearly plan. Finally, there are also bonus features that you unlock as you progress through the three different price plans.

The first plan is the genius plan. The genius plan allows you one account, and 10 different social media profiles. The genius plan comes with all of the core features, such as the ability to post on your favorite social media networks, and the ability to schedule posts using their drag and drop editor. The genius account costs $59 per month if you pay monthly, and $29 per month if you pay yearly. As you can see, you save 50% if you agree to a yearly subscription, so it’s definitely worth considering their yearly plan.

The second plan is the super genius plan. The super genius plan grants you 5 user accounts, and the ability to interact with 20 different social profiles. You get all of the core features that the genius account offers, in addition to the ability to collaborate with other accounts. The super genius plan also gives you a custom URL shortener, so if you promote any links on social media you’ll have your own branded URL, which is a cool feature. The super genius plan also offers advanced reporting which you can easily export. The super genius plan costs $99 if you pay monthly, or $49 if you agree to a yearly plan.

Finally, there’s the business plan. The business plan grants you 25 user accounts, and the ability to connect up to 40 social media profiles. The business plan grants all of the features previously mentioned, plus the ability to use white label branding, which is very handy if you have clients to report to. You also get 24/7 support, so if you need help at 3:00 in the morning Socialdraft has got you covered. The business plan costs $199 per month, or $99 per month if you agree to a yearly plan.

SocialDraft Support

Socialdraft is one of those companies that is designed to be 100% intuitive. So there’s a good chance that after registering and accessing the member’s area, that you won’t necessarily require any support.

However, in the event that you do need help with something, it’s nice to know that Socialdraft has your back with a few support features that you’re about to learn more about.

First of which, is the Socialdraft training videos. There’s a massive collection of training videos on all topics, ranging from getting started, using the dashboard, the calendar, alerts, projects and reporting, as well as specific training videos on the social media channel level.

All in all, there are dozens of instructional videos, and before you even register for Socialdraft you might want to give those videos a look so you can “spy behind the scenes” to see if you like their overall style and so you can take a gander at the Socialdraft member’s area.

There’s also a support knowledge base that’s stuffed with a ton of questions that you might encounter when you start using the software, or even if you’re considering using the software. You can also add your own questions to the knowledgebase if you want, and the knowledgebase is in a “forum” format, so other users will have the opportunity to answer your questions also.

Socialdraft also has a blog that’s worth checking out. The blog itself is frequently updated (they seem to post almost every day) and has lots of cool information on not only Socialdraft, but also general marketing principles and cool business tips.


So if you want to learn more about Socialdraft, or are a marketing geek who loves all the content you can get your hands on, definitely check out the Socialdraft blog.

Finally, in the event that you need to speak to Socialdraft one on one, you can easily contact them through their live chat helpdesk that’s prominently featured throughout all of their pages. You can also give them a call if you prefer to discuss any issues on the phone.

Upon registering for Socialdraft, you’ll also be invited to reach out to their staff via the email you registered with (they send you an email followup inviting you to ask them anything), so you’re never going to be left in the dark, and reaching out to Socialdraft is very, very easy, even more so once you’re a member.

Also remember that if you subscribe to their business plan, you’ll get 24/7 support, which is definitely worth considering if you foresee heavy support requirements in the future.

SocialDraft Reputation

When you dig deep and learn more about Socialdraft, you’ll find that they’re a passionate group of social media nerds based out of New York City who absolutely love what they do.

If there’s one thing you should consider when choosing a business to partner with, it should be if they really, truly love what they do.

If they love what they do, it’s going to shine through everything else. Their products and service will be better. Their customer support will be superior, all of which are massively important variables.

At the end of the day, Socialdraft is a small company stuffed to the brim with employees who not only love social media, but they also want you to succeed.

When you browse Socialdraft’s customer testimonials, it’s clear that they’re widely appreciated and valued. Brick and mortar companies love Socialdraft for the ability to monitor who is coming to their physical locations. Agencies love Socialdraft for the ability to collaborate across teams.


Social media nerds love Socialdraft for their really cool drag and drop editor, and small businesses love Socialdraft for saving them both time and money.

Socialdraft has even been featured on Travel And Leisure, where the owners are showcased with regards to how to manage a business online.

Socialdraft has also been featured on, where the owner chimes in with what it takes to run a business from abroad, even if you’re a tiny startup trying to lower costs.

Socialdraft was also on Social Media Today when the topic of whether or not Socialdraft is setting the standard in social media management came up.

SocialDraft Conclusion

Here’s the bottom line. If you use social media to generate leads, close more sales, drive traffic, or to build your audience, then using social media the old fashioned way is almost insane.

It’s too easy to get distracted. You’re almost guaranteed to waste time. There’s no telling how much action you’ll miss out on, and finally, you’ll never be able to brainstorm and generate content at your best.

That’s why Socialdraft shines. So you can schedule all of your social media content using a beautiful drag and drop calendar which will enable you to strategize from the best possible position. So you can generate more traffic, entertain your leads, and plan content that can help make you the focal point, instead of you fumbling over browser tabs and confusing your entire team with a lack of direction.

You’ll even be able to discover at what time you should be posting your content, so not only are you scheduling your social media content with Socialdraft, but you’ll be scheduling your content at the ideal time so you always make the highest impact.

So if you’re still struggling to get the most from social media, or if your current social media management tool isn’t as intuitive or as easy to use as advertised, then you might benefit tremendously from giving Socialdraft a go.

It’s 100% free for a full 14-days, there’s ample support if you hit a snag, and there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

So if you want to schedule your content on your favorite social media channels using a drag and drop scheduling calendar that’s simple easy to use, so you can brainstorm and strategize awesome content, then this might be the best way forward for your business.


You’ll never again have to fumble or get distracted by using 10 different browser tabs, and your followers will probably appreciate the new content that you create as a result of your newfound organization.


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Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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