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SocialMotus Review

SocialMotus is an all in one social media management tool that allows you to make much better time of your Twitter LinkedIn and Facebook efforts. So if you’re currently struggling to get the most out of your social media engagement, then SocialMotus can easily help you get more traffic, more leads, more conversions, and more followers by using an intuitive and easy to setup dashboard for your social media accounts. SocialMotus has a wide array of features that you’re going to learn more about in this summary review, for now remember that SocialMotus allows you to centralize your social media efforts, schedule posting, and even discover new opportunities for your business, regardless of what your business model looks like.

  • If you’re in the business of lead acquisition, then SocialMotus is going to enhance your operational strategy in several different ways. First, you’ll be able to determine the exact followers who will benefit your business the most, so you never waste time following end users who are quite frankly, not interested in what you have. You’ll also start revealing new leads by finding out what they Tweet about, who they follow, in addition to a whole slew of advanced filters that will allow you to tap into a near infinite supply of hungry targeted leads.

  • With SocialMotus you’ll start interacting with all of your social media network in one handy dandy dashboard that’s simple to use, and sleek enough to make you crack a smile as soon as you start using it. So you never miss out when a heavy hitting client or a diehard fan sends you a message, and you won’t have to juggle between any browser windows or tabs, enabling you to get more results with less time and effort.

  • If you’ve ever been frustrated because your competitors are burying your brand on social media, and from that point on you were hovering over your laptop like a nervous wreck waiting for the next shoe to drop, then SocialMotus will provide unshakable calm and serenity. That’s because you can easily monitor your social signals and mentions on Twitter and Facebook 100% automatically, so you’re never missing an opportunity to defend yourself and your business, and so you can actually reward and interact with your most diehard customers when they praise your work.

SocialMotus Review
SocialMotus Advantages
  • Lead Acquisition – Most social media management tools simply allow you to schedule posts, however do very little in the way of lead acquisition. SocialMotus allows you to find leads, so when you get people to click your links onto your website, and so when new users start following you and messaging you, you’re going to know for a fact that they actually care about you and your business, so you’re never wasting time with the wrong demographic.

  • Intuitive Dashboard – Have you ever logged into a social media management tool then had an immediate grimace on your face, because you had no idea how to use it effectively? With SocialMotus, the second you login and attach your social media accounts, you’ll be in instant control as your dashboard comes to life with vibrant activity all at a glance, so you can connect instantly to your network in real time, all from one centralized hub that’s easy to understand the first time you see it.

  • Easy Message Scheduling – How much time are you losing as you focus on manually distributing your social media content throughout your different accounts? Couldn’t you put yourself to better use if you could finally liberate yourself of these chores? That’s why SocialMotus will allow you to distribute your content across your social channels in one easy process, so you can “plug” your content on an automated schedule, at the ideal time, all the while tracking and measuring your inbound social traffic so you can better strategize the perfect social media game plan every single time you deploy a message.

SocialMotus Disadvantages
  • Not The Most Integrations – SocialMotus’ motto is that it’s better to master a few social media channels than it is to flounder across all of them. So if you’re looking to get better results on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, then SocialMotus is definitely a heavy hitting contender. So if you’re currently wasting time posting on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook manually, and realize that there has to be a better way, then SocialMotus might be a dream come true. However, if you’re looking for more integrations, then it might be a better idea to consider an alternative.

  • No Forever Free Plan – The first thing you need to know about SocialMotus is that you can register using a 100% free plan for a full 30-days, which is quite frankly, beyond generous. That being said, after those 30-days your free trial will expire, after which you’ll have to consider upgrading to a premium plan. No payment method is required to start your trial, so you have absolutely nothing to lose, you can use and abuse them for a full month to see if they benefit your business. The even better news, is that SocialMotus has a very easy to understand premium solution, and it’s scalable to the stars and back. So if you’re curious to learn more about the pricing plans then please continue reading this transparent and honest summary review.

  • Competition – The more you learn about social media marketing, the more you realize how direly important automation and scheduling is. For that reason, it seems that new social media management companies are popping up all the time. For that reason, it’s so easy to get lost when determining what the best solution for your business is. So what about SocialMotus? Who are they for, and what type of results can you actually expect from their service? Continue reading for unblemished and unbridled honesty.

Who Is SocialMotus Ideal For?

There are two categories of entrepreneur who can benefit from SocialMotus. The first category, are the traditional “do it yourselfer”.

So if you’re a social media marketing junkie, a small business, a medium (or large) business, an internet marketer, an affiliate marketer, an email marketer, an eCommerce vendor, a blogger, or even a product launcher or if you operate a brick and mortar business, then you can benefit from SocialMotus.

So you can generate new leads, interact with your following much easier than what you’re doing now, and you can even schedule and track almost everything.

The second category of user who can benefit from SocialMotus, are the agencies, social media managers, and anyone who operates any social media clients, period.


So if you want to provide really cool white label reports, and manage the social media profiles for your clients, then SocialMotus has you covered, and you’ll learn more about white labeling options that are available from SocialMotus later on in this review.

SocialMotus Signup Process
SocialMotus Signup

Registering for SocialMotus is a piece of cake, and that’s because absolutely no credit card is required to register for the service.

So, upon visiting the SocialMotus homepage, you’ll see a massive call to action inviting you to register for absolutely zero cost.

Maybe you’re hesitant to enter your credit card until you know for a fact that you love the service first hand, and if that’s the case then SocialMotus has you covered and then some.

So all in all, registering for SocialMotus is a piece of cake, and it won’t take you more than 30 seconds, literally. (Also, the plans couldn’t be more straight forward, so when registering there are very few moving parts and you won’t require your thinking cap, if anything other than a working email address).

SocialMotus Ease of Use
SocialMotus Dashboard

The first thing to know about SocialMotus is that it’s entirely web based, so you’ll never have to install any scripts or software.

In fact, using SocialMotus is as easy as logging into the member’s area, and as soon as you access the member’s area, you’ll have the opportunity to start connecting your social media accounts.

After you connect your social media accounts, you’ll be able to start interacting with your followers, managing all of your messages from one central hub, and you’ll also have a really nice looking dashboard that’s going to light up your social media insight quite nicely.

So you can understand what’s going on, from one centralized hub, and you can then begin to schedule content, search for new leads, and find brand innovators so you can expand your own social network with only the highest of opportunities.

All in all, SocialMotus has a tiny learning curve, and after connecting your social media accounts, everything kind of falls into place, so you’ll never get lost, stuck, or confused as how to proceed.

In the event that you’re not sure how SocialMotus can best help you, they even invite you to contact their staff personally, and a social media consultant will contact you and work out the perfect social media marketing game plan.


So if you feel like you’re not taking advantage of social media to the best potential, but you’re clueless as to how to go forward, then it might be wise to take SocialMotus up on that offer.

SocialMotus Features
Social Motus Features
  • Social Media Management – At the end of the day SocialMotus is all about social media management. So you can centralize all of your social media profiles, interact with leads, and manage all of your accounts from one central hub. So you can finally get more out of your time, without wasting hours (and days) on social media manually click clacking your day away.

  • Social Media Monitoring – If you’re sick and tired of monitoring for your brand mentions 24/7 like a deranged lunatic, then SocialMotus is going to provide massive value. So you can easily monitor for any brand mentions, on complete autopilot, without stressing out or losing a blink of sleep. This is by far the easiest way to stay abreast of all mentions, so you never miss a chance to defend yourself, or praise your top followers, prospects and customers.

  • All In One Publishing And Scheduling – How would it feel to publish to all of your social media channels with the click of a button? If it would feel good, then you’re going to love the ability not only publish across all of your social media channels with a single click, but you’ll also be able to schedule your posts automatically, so your content is churning even when you’re at the beach, asleep, or having a barbeque with friends and family. Best of all, SocialMotus will even advise as to when the perfect time for your posts to deploy is, so you get more traffic, bigger impact, all without stressing or doing any number crunching on your own.

  • Easy Engagement – Each and every time someone messages you on social media, you have an opportunity to make a fan (and customer) for life. So if you’re in the business of closing leads and sales, or directing traffic to your lead capture pages or sales pages, then you’ll absolutely love this feature that enables you to manage all social media messaging from one central hub. So you’ll never have to operate from multiple open tabs again, and you’ll be empowered to communicate with less stress, so you can perform at your best, easily communicate with fans and followers, and you’ll never lose focus or get distracted.

  • Lead Acquisition – If you’re a hungry marketer looking to expand your client base, grow your list, or find new readers for your blog, then SocialMotus has a few lead acquisition features that will definitely interest you. So you can find new leads according to who they follow, what their interests are, who they retweet, and you’ll even be able to spy and reveal who manages Twitter lists. Why is this so important? Because you don’t want to waste time following and engaging with an end user demographic who isn’t hungry for whatever it is you’re offering. Using this neat feature, you’ll have unshakable confidence because you’ll know for a fact that your followers are statistically more likely to be interested in your offers.

  • Beautiful Analytics – All the scheduling and social media management in the world won’t make a lick of difference if you never understand what you’re doing. For that reason, SocialMotus has beautiful analytics and statistics that are so easy to understand, that you’ll finally be able to develop breakthrough social media campaigns that can take your business, and your client’s business to the next level.

  • Real Time Dashboard – The moment you connect your social media profiles to SocialMotus, you’ll have instant access to an intuitive dashboard that puts you in immediate control of what’s going on. So you can understand at a glance where you stand, what your followers are doing, and what’s going on without fumbling over the run of the mill interface that social media platforms provide by default.

  • Conversion Tracking – SocialMotus’ conversion tracking will allow you to understand the trends that your followers love, so you can better brainstorm and strategize your future campaigns. This will allow you to generate more clicks and better results in less time, so each and every campaign that you run will only get better and better because you’ll have solid data that you can refer to over time.

  • URL Shortener – If you’ve ever been frustrated because your long URLs devour too much of your character limitations when posting on social media, then you’ll love the fact that your links are shortened so you can focus on creating beautiful and awesome content, and stop stressing out about character limitations.

  • Keyword Exclusions – Are there certain keywords and search terms that you’re trying to avoid like the plague? Then you can simply add those exclusions when searching on SocialMotus. Because often times, avoiding certain types of end users is vitally more important, because as you know, one bad apple can often ruin the entire bunch.

SocialMotus Integration's
  • Facebook – Facebook is arguably the single most popular social media platform for your business. Thankfully integrating with SocialMotus is an absolute breeze. So you can easily interact with your network from one centralized hub, without stressing out, and everything will be synchronized in real time, enabling you to get much more work done in significantly less time.

  • Twitter – Twitter is an absolute hotbed stuffed to the brim with insane quantities of leads, regardless of what niche or market you operate in. The problem with Twitter, is of course the high potential to totally suck your clock dry of time. That’s why integrating Twitter with SocialMotus is genius. So you can get better results, in less time, while at the same time scheduling awesome content that your current (and future) followers will thank you for.

  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is by far the single most important social media network for business to business. So if you’re currently looking for heavy hitting business leads, or have a LinkedIn presence that needs to be more optimally managed, then you can easily integrate with SocialMotus with the click of a button, freeing up your schedule as you interact and build massive rapport that can last into perpetuity.

  • – is SocialMotus’ preferential link shortener that will allow you to get better use of your social media real estate. You’ll also be able to better track your results, so your marketing campaigns will fuel your insight for your future campaigns, enabling you to get better results each time you deploy a new idea.

SocialMotus Pricing
SocialMotus Pricing

It was mentioned earlier that the SocialMotus pricing plan is dead simple to understand, and that it’s super scalable. Both of those facts are entirely true, because there’s only two variables that you have to consider.

The first variable, is if you want to use SocialMotus for yourself, or for clients. The second variable, is how many SocialMotus accounts you want.

First, let’s talk about if you want to use SocialMotus for yourself. There’s a “one size fits all” plan, and it contains all of the SocialMotus features. It’s called the SocialMotus business plan. So you won’t have to conduct any number crunching, and you won’t have to figure out what plan is best for you.

The business plan is a simple $15 per month per user, and you get all of the features that SocialMotus offers. This takes the stress out of trying to figure out which plan works best for you, because for your typical end user, there’s only one plan to worry about, and you can scale it as high as you want.

If you want to provide access to your team, then you can simply add additional users for $15 per additional account. So the business plan is quite frankly, dirt cheap, and you can stack as many users as you want just in case you have a large team, or virtual workers.

There’s also the white label plan, which will be your top choice if you have clients as a marketing agency. If you’re interested in the white labeling option that SocialMotus provides, then they invite you to contact them for a custom quote.

SocialMotus Support

SocialMotus is one of those services that’s quite frankly, simple to use with an intuitive layout and easy to understand member’s area.

So once you access the SocialMotus’ member’s area and attach your social media accounts, the learning curve is near zero, so there’s a good chance that you’ll never have to rely on their support functions.

In the event that you should ever require assistance using the tools, you can always contact a friendly SocialMotus support representative, and you’ll probably find that they’re anxious to help you one way or the other.

SocialMotus can be contacted via email, or their phone helpdesk and they operate under the business hours of 9:00 am to 5:30 pm AEST (Australian time).

SocialMotus also offers social media consulting, so if you’re currently on the fence and you’re just not sure how to proceed, then you might benefit by inquiring about their social media consulting. You never know, they might be able to help you in ways you never thought of, and it might benefit you tremendously to reach out.

SocialMotus Reputation

SocialMotus is a relatively small social media management startup, founded by a company called ApexPacific. They’re based in Australia, and at the end of the day they’re passionate about helping small businesses get better results, in less time, even if their current budget isn’t the biggest in the world.

SocialMotus has a reputation for having the passion and energy to help almost any small business get better results with social media. Because you probably realize by now how much time it’s possible to waste when you’re just not getting the results that you want.

SocialMotus has a heavy social media presence, and you can view one of their Google plus tutorials here on Slideshare if you’re curious to learn more about their style and passion for all things social media.

After scouring the internet for testimonials and reviews for SocialMotus, it’s easy to conclude that their service is affordable, and valued by their clients and customers for their ability to manage social media profiles all from one centralized hub, while providing a low learning curve and ease of use.

SocialMotus Conclusion

What do you value as a business owner?

Do you value getting more leads, clients, and sales? Do you value your reputation?

Do you value time?

Regardless of what you value, you probably realize by now the importance of not wasting time. So if you want to generate new leads, stay abreast of marketing trends, and keep in constant contact with your end users, then you have to be on social media, period.

The biggest problem of course, is that there are perhaps no bigger time sucks in the marketing world than interacting on social media manually.

That’s why SocialMotus is a company worth checking out. Especially considering since you can get started for absolutely zero cost for a full 30-days, and you won’t even have to insert your credit card until you’re confidently sure that they’re worth your time.

So, what can you gain in those 30 days? You can gain the ability to interact with your followers. The ability to attract more leads, and the ability to monitor your brand on your favorite social media channels, while at the same time not wasting and waning as you watch your days go by.


About Mike DeVincent

Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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