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SocialOomph Review

SocialOomph is a social media marketing tool that’s known for having a ton of features. In fact, after reviewing a ton of social media marketing tools, it’s easy to say that SocialOomph is easily in the top 10% when it comes to features. So, if you’re a social media marketing junky, or if you’re currently wasting and waning away on your social media accounts without getting results, then SocialOomph might benefit your company big-league. In a nutshell, SocialOomph will allow you to connect to a ton of different social media platforms, and even automate and schedule an unlimited quantity of blog posts across different blog platforms.


You can automate your social media posting, find new leads, and generate traffic regardless of who your audience is, and what niche your business is in. SocialOomph also has a 100% forever free plan, which is definitely a nice touch, especially if you’re marketing budget is slim to none. (If it is, don’t be ashamed! SocialOomph has you’re back, and if you want to learn more then you’re at the right place at the right time).

  • Have you ever used a social media management tool, but were dismally disappointed because they quite frankly lacked features? Maybe they lacked a forever free plan. Or maybe they lacked integrations, so you couldn’t use your favorite social media platform. Or, even worse, maybe they simply lacked integrations, so you couldn’t do what you wanted? If any of those disappointing scenarios were true, then you’ll probably fall in love with SocialOomph if you give them a chance.

  • If you want to grow your following, then SocialOomph is going to help you dramatically. So you can find new people to follow, and even vet new followers to manually process whether or not they are worthy of a follow back! (This is really important if you use Twitter especially, because one of the most annoying things you’ve ever encountered is when someone plays games by following you, then immediately unfollowing you. Don’t let these clowns waste another moment of your time!).

  • Have you ever taken the time to learn all about a company, only to discover that the company is gone or out of business the next day? If that’s the case, you’re probably going to appreciate the fact that SocialOomph has been in business since 2008. So you can be confident that they’re here for the long haul, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

SocialOomph Review
SocialOomph Advantages
  • Boatloads Of Integrations – If you’re a heavy hitting social media addict, then you’re probably going to benefit hand over fist from SocialOomph. So if you use services such as Tumblr, Plurk,, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter, and you want to make your social media interactions much faster and easier, then SocialOomph not only makes integration simple, but has a ton of features that you’ll learn more about in this summary review.

  • Forever Free Account – If you’re absolutely flat broke, then SocialOomph still has your back. Of course, you won’t be able to unlock the best features, but you can still schedule content blasts, track keywords, use a URL shortener, view mentions, and attach up to five different Twitter accounts without paying a single red cent, and you can get free lifetime access. Pretty sweet, right?

  • Unimaginable Amounts Of Features – If you decide to upgrade beyond the SocialOomph free plan, you’re going to benefit big time from a massive collection of features. So whether you want to dramatically increase the amount of website traffic, find awesome leads who will probably love your products and services, or even schedule Twitter posts via email, then you’re going to find something that can empower your social media action dramatically. You’ll even be able to manage your blog posts, so you can automate and schedule an unlimited amount of WordPress and Tumblr blogs, which is definitely a cool feature if you’re a hardcore blogger, or if you want to be.

SocialOomph Disadvantages
  • Too Many Features – Let’s be brutally honest, shall we? SocialOomph has a ton of features. More features than can possibly be covered in this summary review. The good news, is that the features work well, and they’re constantly being improved, tweaked, and brainstormed to help take your social media marketing to the next level. So if you want to get more followers, help your clients hand over fist, or if you just want to drive more traffic so you can get more sales or build your email list, SocialOomph has you covered, and then some. However, as you know, with this many options it’s so easy to get distracted. That’s precisely why you might love to continue reading this summary review, so you can discover 100% transparently which features are worthy of your time, so you’ll never get lost, confused or befuddled when trying to improve your social media game.

  • Fast Billing Cycle – One funny quirk about SocialOomph is that the billing cycle is every 2 weeks. This might throw you off if you don’t read between the lines, so it’s a good thing that you’re reading this review very carefully. Don’t be worried! SocialOomph on average is very underpriced, especially considering the massively impressive list of features that you’ll probably soon grow to love. Continue reading to learn more about SocialOomph’s best features!

  • Competition – If you’re reading this review, there’s a good chance that you realize by now the unfathomably large quantity of competitors that SocialOomph has. Everywhere you look, there are social media agencies, social media management tools, and social media gurus literally (and liberally) crawling out of the woodwork. This can be a blessing if your budget is massive and if you’re hungry for SEO promotion now, but a curse if you actually need to conserve your budget and spend money wisely. So, how is your SEO budget utilized wisely? Is SocialOomph a competitor? You’re about to find out.

Who Is SocialOomph Ideal For?

SocialOomph is ideal for absolutely anyone who uses social media. Since SocialOomph offers a 100% forever free plan, and a massive list of features that can be unlocked for dirt cheap, their target audience is truthfully, quite massive.

So if you’re a blogger, social media enthusiast (or guru), internet marketer, affiliate marketer, author, instructor, ecommerce vendor, coach, consultant, or if you run any type of marketing agency and you have clients, then SocialOomph can massively benefit your business.

At the end of the day, if you want to automate your social media, make publishing blog content easier, generate new leads, more followers, or increase your website traffic, then SocialOomph is worth checking out, especially considering the fact that you never have to pay a single red cent, unless you agree that the features warrant the meager upgrade cost (which you’ll learn more about later in this summary review).

SocialOomph Signup Process
SocialOomph Signup

The best news about SocialOomph registration is that you don’t even need a credit card to sign up to SocialOomph. In fact, registering will only take you a minute.


When you visit SocialOomph, you’re going to see a massive list of features that you get, and you’ll also see a call to action inviting you to start a free account.

Once you get logged in with your free account, you’ll have the opportunity to try SocialOomph’s professional account free for 7-days, which means you can get free access to the premium features for a full 7-days, without spending a single red penny. So if you register for a free account, you can then try SocialOomph’s professional version for free to see if you like it.

They don’t pressure you into the 7-day trial, however you’re welcome to give it a try anytime you want so you can unlock their full spectrum of features.

SocialOomph Ease of Use
SocialOomph Dashboard

SocialOomph is 100% web based, so you never have to install any software, apps, or widgets. In fact, the moment you register you’ll gain access to the member’s area, so you can immediately begin connecting your social media accounts and testing out the features.

Upon logging in and connecting your social media accounts, you’ll probably find that the ease of use is very intuitive, so you’ll probably never hit a snag, get lost, or get frustrated with any complications.

Everything is neatly organized. So once you login you’ll notice a tab for all of the different social networks, and also menu locations for posting, following, monitoring, and a help section if you ever get stuck.

Overall you probably won’t need any help, however SocialOomph is there to help you with a ton of support features which you’ll learn about more thoroughly later on in this summary review.

For now, don’t get stressed if you think their features are hard to use! Everything is very well defined, and in all probability you’ll be up and running without any problems.

SocialOomph Features
Social Oomph Features
  • Schedule Content Posting – It doesn’t matter how you use social media, or what networks you use. With SocialOomph you’ll be able to schedule all kinds of content, be it Twitter posts, Facebook updates, or posts on a Pinterest wall. This is the ultimate set of features that will free up your time, allow you to get superior results, all the while keeping your followers happy so you can continue to build massive rapport, prestige, and authority.

  • Twitter Keyword Tracking – One of the best ways to get high quality followers and better leads on Twitter, is by keeping track of what people are saying. You can do this manually of course, but it’s never going to be ideal because you’d have to spend your entire day tracking keywords. With SocialOomph, you can setup keywords to track, and then analyze that data whenever you’re ready.

  • Retweet And Mention Monitoring – Who’s interacting with you on Twitter? This can be relatively straight forward (and advantageous) to track manually, if you have enough dedication and focus. However, if you have more than one Twitter account, then watch out, because it’s going to be nearly impossible to maintain and keep constant track of unless you spend hours each day. That’s why SocialOomph boasts this feature so heavily, so you can easily stay atop of your social signals without monitoring Twitter manually 24/7, and you can finally liberate yourself of the chore while taking advantage of the significant benefits that come with keeping an eye on your closest followers and fans.

  • Automated (And Reviewed) Direct Messages – Have you ever wondered how people send direct messages on Twitter? With SocialOomph, it’s a piece of cake, and they also expand on this basic function. So you can send direct messages to everyone who follows you, or, you can manually approve direct messages only after you verify that the follower is worthy of a direct message. This allows you to promote absolutely anything you want, while at the same time blocking your outgoing direct messages from going to your competitors, or shady looking accounts.

  • Manage Any Amount Of Pinterest Boards – Pinterest is one of the best ways to share your infographics, images, book covers, course covers, illustrations and any other artwork. However, as you know, manually sharing and managing all of this content can be a pain, especially if you manage different boards. With SocialOomph, you’ll be able to add your images onto infinite (theoretically) amounts of Pinterest boards, even if you have multiple accounts.

  • Schedule LinkedIn Content From Different Accounts – One of the best ways to generate leads on LinkedIn, is by posting unique content on your business page, and on your LinkedIn profile. However, as you know, this can be a massively time consuming process, especially if you’re managing different pages and profiles. With SocialOomph, you’ll be able to automate and schedule all content posting, so you never have to login manually ever again unless you choose to.

  • On The Go? Tweet Via Email (Works With Multiple Users) – Imagine if you could not only send an email to post on Twitter, but if your entire team could do the same? This will enable you to post boatloads of high quality content from multiple sources (so your entire team could send emails and post to a single Twitter account), without even logging into Twitter, or SocialOomph for that matter. This feature really opens the doors to your creativity and shoots the potential of your social media through the roof.

  • Automate And Schedule Any Amount Of Blogs – Not only can you use SocialOomph’s what you see is what you get editor to create and publish blogs, but you can also centralize all of your blog content publishing from one central hub, which is definitely cool. You’ll also be able to automatically update your social media networks each and every time you write a blog post, so you can drive traffic, entertain your subscribers, and educate them every single time you write a blog post, all without any extra effort or work.

  • Drip Fed Social Publishing (YES!) – This is one of the best features that you can hope for if you need to keep your social media followers updated indefinitely. The way it works, is that you attach a content reservoir to your social media accounts, and then, simply stuff that reservoir with content. You never have to worry about scheduling the updates, all you have to do is fill the reservoir with content, and then the content is automatically drip fed to your social media accounts, enabling you to keep your social media profiles updated without any extra work, period.

  • Custom URL Shortening – If you’ve ever been annoyed with character limitations when updating your social media profiles, then don’t worry because SocialOomph provides their own custom URL shortening service, so not only can you save valuable URL real estate, but you’ll also be able to track your clicks, enabling you to gain insights on your results, and better brainstorm future campaigns.

SocialOomph Integration's
  • Twitter – SocialOomph’s has been integrating with Twitter for many years now. Since then, SocialOomph has enhanced their Twitter integrations several different ways, so you can build a bigger and better following, and even automate interactions and direct messages. Twitter integration is a snap, and won’t take more than a few clicks of your mouse.

  • Facebook – Whether you want to automate the process of posting in your group, or simply schedule status updates, then SocialOomph has you covered. SocialOomph even handles multiple Facebook accounts, so if you have clients or simply juggle different Fan Pages and groups then you can easily integrate each account and schedule content to your heart’s content.

  • – SocialOomph’s integration with are where things truly get a little out of control, in a good way of course. If you’re not familiar with, it’s basically a cool app that connects with a ton of social media networks, emphasis on “a ton”. So, with this particular integration you’ll be able to send updates to your profile directly from SocialOomph, giving you fascinating leverage and even more social clout. Integration is a step, and only takes 2 seconds of your time, no exaggeration.

  • RSS – SocialOomph integrates with your blog’s RSS feed several different ways. Arguably the best way, is by feeding (pun intended) your social media accounts based upon your RSS content. This is a powerful way to keep your social media accounts stuffed with awesome content, and will get more eyeballs on your content, period. You can even feed your other blogs from your RSS, so you can mass syndicate and distribute your blog content, all stemming from a single source.

  • WordPress – SocialOomph integrates with both, and, so it doesn’t matter what type of blogger you are, you can integrate in a few minutes and then begin distributing your content all over social media, and to the world.

  • Tumblr – If you’re not using Tumblr, you should be. It’s one of the most popular blogging platforms on the planet, and it’s absolutely free. If you have a blog elsewhere, you might consider “reblogging” your content on Tumblr so you can reach an entirely new audience. Integrating with Tumblr with SocialOomph is a snap, and won’t take more than 30 seconds.

  • LinkedIn – As you know, LinkedIn is the single best place to get leads for business to business opportunities, at least as far is social media is concerned. So if you offer any services or products that business professionals might appreciate, then you should be promoting yourself on LinkedIn. Integrating and scheduling content updates with SocialOomph is a snap, so you can free up your time and start focusing on your business, instead of being a social media slave.

  • Pinterest – You realize by now that Pinterest is probably the single best method to promote your artwork. The only problem is that managing different boards and posting regular content can chip away at your day like nothing else does. Luckily, integrating with SocialOomph is easy, so you can post on multiple boards and even multiple accounts seamlessly, and without spending more time than you have to.

  • Plurk – Plurk was originally touted to be a rival of Twitter, and they’ve since developed their own core audience. Plurk is basically a microblogging platform, and is ranked around 2,000 in the world according to Alexa, so there’s a boatload of traffic on this site that you can tap into by posting regularly. Thankfully for you, you can easily integrate Plurk with SocialOomph, allowing you to get schedule content and gain tremendous benefits without any additional learning curve.

  • – is SocialOomph’s own custom URL shortening tool. So you can post content on social media, without taking up space with a massive URL. You’ll even be able to track data so you can get better insight as to how your content is performing, and hopefully this insight will allow you to brainstorm better content well into the future by figuring out what your audience likes to click on.

SocialOomph Pricing
SocialOomph Pricing

SocialOomph pricing is based upon the number of features that you want to use. So there’s very little moving parts, and not many variables other than the specific plan that you use, which all unlock different features.

So, all in all, there are three different SocialOomph payment plans. The first that you should know about, is the 100% free for life plan.

The free for life plan grants you the basic features, such as the ability to schedule content on Twitter, track keyword stream alerts, the ability to save drafts, URL shortening, mention and retweet tracking, and the ability to use up to five Twitter accounts.

As you can see, the free plan is somewhat limited with regards to what features you have, though it’s a really generous starting point, and to be honest it’s a lot to give away for free.

Once you register for the SocialOomph free plan, you’ll have the opportunity to try the professional plan free for 7-days. This is a non-aggressive upgrade that you can use if you choose to, though SocialOomph never pressures you into upgrading, and there’s never any obligation or “gotchas”.

Regarding SocialOomph professional, this is where the majority of features are unlocked. So you’ll have the ability to use other social media networks (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Plurk,, et cetera). You’ll also have the ability to send social updates via email, the ability to manage blogs and RSS feeds, and a ton of other features that are honestly too numerous to mention.

SocialOomph professional costs $17.97 bi-weekly, and you can cancel at any time because there’s never any long-term contract or obligation.

There’s also SocialOomph Twitter unlimited. SocialOomph Twitter Unlimited is designed specifically for those who only want to use Twitter, so if you have more than 5 Twitter accounts, or if you simply want to unlock additional Twitter features then Twitter unlimited is definitely worth considering. Twitter unlimited only costs $6.97 bi-weekly.

SocialOomph Support

The thing about SocialOomph, is that they have many dozens of features, so you’re probably wondering what happens if you need help?

The good news is that SocialOomph is heavily documented, and all in all the member’s area is intuitive enough so you probably won’t require help, especially if you already know your way around your favorite social media channels.


That being said, if you do need help, SocialOomph has your back.

The core of SocialOomph support is through their self-help center, which has pages upon pages of detailed tutorials on their many different features.

So if you’re ever confused about how to best use a feature, or just aren’t sure about the best way to proceed once you become a SocialOomph member, then you’ll benefit big time by checking out the help-center.

If you need to personally contact SocialOomph for one on one support, then they also have a ticket submission system, so you can contact them and they promise to get back to you as soon as they possibly can.

SocialOomph Reputation

SocialOomph has a reputation as being one of the original authorities in the Twitter and social media management game, and they’re known for having a ton of different features.

That’s because SocialOomph has been in the social media management game since 2008, which as you know, is a literal lifetime as far as the social media world.

Back in 2008, SocialOomph was known as, and they focused primarily on In 2009, they broadened their horizon, and from their headquarters in Canada, decided to rebrand as

To be honest, SocialOomph’s core functions still focus on Twitter, however they’ve definitely expanded big time and have exerted great efforts doing so.

At the end of the day, SocialOomph are known for being social media marketing enthusiasts, and nerds. They boast hundreds of thousands of users, and they’ve continually been adapting and expanding their services for nearly a decade, which is an eternity in the social media world.


They’ve been around since before social media was cool, which is a testament to the fact that they truly love social media, and they know more than most the importance of social media and how to help you and your business interact and get the most from it.

SocialOomph Conclusion

Have you ever pulled out your hair because you can’t get your social media management software to behave the way you want?

In other words, does your social media management tool lack features? Or maybe your social media management tool just doesn’t integrate with the social media networks that you want?

Even worse, are you using social media manually, and wasting untold hours per day trying to get more traffic, leads, and interaction on social media?

If any of those cases are true, then you can’t go wrong with giving SocialOomph a try.

First of all, you can try SocialOomph for absolutely zero cost, so there’s nothing to risk, and you have a ton of social media authority to gain. In the event that you fall in love with SocialOomph’s free plan, you’ll probably upgrade, so you can unlock even more features.

There aren’t a ton of moving parts with regards to their membership plans, so you’ll never have to crunch numbers, and you’ll never be confused to see exactly what you’re getting. The process is simple. Register for SocialOomph for free, and if you want more, then it will only cost you a couple of bucks.

These days, as you know, money doesn’t stretch very far. With SocialOomph, you won’t have to pay the heavy hitting membership fees, and the number of features that you get in exchange, from a company that’s been doing this for years, is quite frankly, very tough to beat.


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