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SpyFu Review

SpyFu is one of the best ways to spy on your fiercest, and most annoying competitors. Sounds harsh? Well, realize the fact that your competitors are out there, in the search engines as we speak, slurping up your traffic, leads, clients, and buyers! 


How would it feel to sneak behind the scenes of your top 10 competitors? Would it feel good to know how they’re ranking, so you can sneak in through the backdoor in a legal and ethical manner? If that entices you at all, then SpyFu will be worthy of your consideration.


Are you frustrated because your competitors are enjoying top rankings, meanwhile you’re suffering from a dire lack of traffic, rankings, prestige, and authority? If that’s the case, often times the fastest way to get out of a rut is to “spy” on your competitors, so you can tell what they’re ranking for organically, and so you can see and ethically swipe every ad they’ve ever run on PPC for the last 9 years. 


Sound enticing enough? 


Then continue reading this summary review to better determine how SpyFu can enhance your business for the better, starting today.


Face it. You can have the hottest website, the best copywriting, the best sales pages and the best customer support on the planet. But, what if nobody ever sees your website? Then, all of your hard effort is going to be for naught. That’s why SpyFu exerts the greatest effort to put traffic in your corner, even if your marketing budget is next to nothing.


SpyFu doesn’t just allow you to spy on your competitors, but you can also save a ton of money through their exclusive bonus section for members. For example, you can save 25% on AuthorityLabs memberships, $500 off of any link building campaign by PAGEONEPOWER, 10% all plans on TRUSTPILOT, and a free graphic design power pack from Interested to learn more? 


Then consider registering as a SpyFu member so you can save a boatload of cash for your business, while at the same time spying directly into the very SEO soul of your competition.

SpyFu Review
SpyFu Advantages

Organic SEO Research – Have you ever felt discouraged because your organic SEO rankings are dismal? That’s exactly what SpyFu is all about. They want to turn your frown into a massive smile, so you can beat your competition by finding exactly how they rank, and then turn their weaknesses into your strengths, all the while getting the top position so your traffic increases. 


This can work in your favor for your own business, and it can also help you attract a boatload of clients who will quickly fall in love with your services.


PPC Research – Have you ever lost an arm and a leg on Pay Per Click campaigns? Face it, the cost of PPC is skyrocketing each and every day. That’s why you might love SpyFu and their ability to discover the exact keywords your competition is taking to the bank, so you can snatch up their research and development without split testing hand over fist. SpyFu lets your competition do all the work, while you swoop in and reap the rewards.

A Ton Of Free Tools – Imagine if you didn’t have to hire a six figure SEO analyst to help you determine how you’re ranking in the search engines? SpyFu allows you to spy on your competitors, track backlinks, and analyze a massive array of SEO data without even logging in. This makes it one of most powerful SEO tools on the market, even if you’re flat broke or otherwise suffering from a meager marketing budget.

SpyFu Disadvantages

Limited Free Plan – Maybe you think it’s the acme of foolishness to berate SpyFu’s limited plan while it was previously mentioned as one of their chief advantages? 


Well, in full transparency, and even though SpyFu offers a beautiful set of 100% free SEO analytics that don’t even require a membership, it’s important to remember that many of these features are limited to outside members. So, if you can spring for a membership, you’ll definitely want to consider doing so.


Not The Best For Local SEO – Can SpyFu help you rank and track for local keywords? Absolutely. That being said, SpyFu’s main focus is dethroning and unseating your competition. So, while there’s plenty of room and there are ample opportunities to spy on your local competitors (and your client’s competitors), you won’t find a massive list of NAP (Name, Address, Phone) and citation submission sources within the SpyFu toolset. 


If you’re a local SEO agent, or if you own a local business, there are a few features that SpyFu offers that you’ll love, like the ability to enter a zip code and see a comprehensive list of all competitors, so while SpyFu isn’t specifically designed for local SEO, you can still overturn a few hidden gems.


Lots Of Competition – Have you noticed the quantity of SEO tools out there? The list is ever-expanding on a daily basis. For that reason, you might be overwhelmed, confused, and totally discouraged at the vast quantity of choices. That’s precisely why you should continue reading this summary review, so you can find out exactly who SpyFu is for, and how giving them a try might be one of the best decisions you make all year.

Who Is SpyFu Ideal For?

SpyFu is ideal under a few situations. First of all, if you’re an SEO contractor and you need to get clients fast, then SpyFu can help you draw them out and prompt them to sign the dotted line with due expedience.


Imagine approaching 10 local pizzerias in your neighborhood and showing them a comprehensive list detailing how their competitors are smoking them in the local search engines. Imagine doing the same for plumbers, lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, and just about any other local business. 


Do you think you would have an easier time getting clients, or a harder time getting clients? You probably realize that by showing off these branded reports, and evoking a fear of loss (if they don’t take your offer), you’ll arouse the deepest desire of almost any audience so that they want to work with you.


That’s just one way SpyFu can help your SEO agency. There’s a ton of other reports you could help share, and adding SpyFu’s comprehensive toolkit into almost any SEO campaign would be a wise avenue of consideration.


Then there’s the personal blogger, Internet marketer, affiliate marketer, product vendor, instructor, author, and ecommerce store owner who could benefit tremendously by improving their personal website’s ranking. 


So if you own a website, and you want to chip away at your competitor’s lead, without spending a fortune or even worse second guessing your SEO marketing strategy, then SpyFu might be the start to an absolutely beautiful relationship.

SpyFu Signup Process
SpyFu Register

Signing up for SpyFu is one of the easiest things you’ll do for your business. Upon visiting their homepage, you’ll see a few different calls to action prompting you to register.


If you want some solid advice, please continue reading this summary review as you’ll discover a ton more about the different plans that SpyFu offers. Rest assured, regardless of the size of your organization, or your operational budget, you can definitely find a plan that will suit your business.


You will require a credit card to register in the event that you want a premium plan, though there is a no questions asked 100% refund guarantee in the event that you’re not blown away with the awesomeness of the SpyFu service, and you can upgrade your account at any time with a single click in the event that you need more of their service.

SpyFu Ease of Use
SpyFu Dashboard

SpyFu is arguably one of the easiest SEO tools to use. The first thing you should know, is that SpyFu is entirely web based, so you never have to worry about software functionality or which operating system you need to make it work.


In fact, once you enter the SpyFu member’s area, you’ll have the chance to begin entering your own website, or any of your competitor’s websites so you can analyze all of the inbound clicks, organic search statistics, paid keywords, and estimated monthly PPC clicks, all on just the main dashboard.


You’ll also find a ton of other sections of the SpyFu member’s area, including your main overview, an SEO research section, a PPC research section, a keyword research section, a section for backlinks, outreach, tracking, and reports.


There’s also an area for videos, tutorials, and a prominent link to their blog so you can stay up to date, and get help in the event that you need it. To be honest, the learning curve is so low that you’ll find yourself intuitively engaging in almost all of SpyFu’s tools without needing any help, though the SpyFu staff is there in the event that you need them.


In fact, you’ll also see a live support chat box, so if you have any questions or need any help it’s literally only a click away.

SpyFu Features
SpyFu Features

SEO Research – Have you ever been annoyed that your SEO campaigns are weighed down by low level tactics, but miss the boat on high level strategy? Make no mistake, the difference between tactics and strategy can be huge. 


That’s why SpyFu’s main SEO research dashboard is stuffed to the brim with SEO reports that can measure your wins and losses, so you can see the exact pages that link to your competitors, avoid their weaknesses, and even exploit them to your immediate gain in as little time as possible.


PPC Research – SpyFu allows you powerful insights that are nearly impossible to obtain elsewhere. So you can develop an unshakable PPC strategy that saves you money, drives valuable leads, all the while seeing exactly what keywords your competitors are targeting, and so you can snatch their ads that have been working for potentially years on end. SpyFu even lets you tap into your competitor’s advertising spend, so you can see how much they’re paying on certain keywords. 


Why is this so valuable? Because if your competition is putting everything into a particular keyword category for an extended interval of time, you can bet your boots that they’re getting good results using that particular strategy.


Keyword Research – Keyword research is the meat and potatoes of any smart SEO campaign. With SpyFu, you’ll start breakthrough campaigns from scratch, modify your own campaigns, or drastically revamp your failing campaigns or campaigns that simply need a performance enhancing boost. You’ll discover the best domains for any keyword, so you can spy on their rankings over time. 


You’ll get a snapshot at search volume, the value of traffic, and the daily amount of clicks. You’ll even see the real life SERP ratings so you can feel totally confident with the results. Or maybe you want to brainstorm some new content marketing campaigns, if that’s the case you can amass a new wealth of related terms so you can conjure up all the creativity in the world.


Backlinks – One of the largest ranking variables that have historically been out of your control, is backlinking. Sure, you can go out and struggle trying to accumulate as many backlinks as possible, but what if the backlinks you get are super low quality? 


That’s why you should use SpyFu’s backlink tool. So you can not only focus getting backlinks for specific keywords, but so you can type in any competing website and figure out exactly how and where they’re getting their backlinks from, so you can aim to dethrone them, or simply mimic their backlinking strategy and even one-up them in the process.


Top Lists – The SpyFu top lists will make your head spin faster than anything. This quick directory will show you exactly what the top domains are. You’ll discover how much money the top websites are spending on Adwords (you’ll be shocked and appalled by this data, be warned!). You’ll also learn which keywords have the highest cost per click (Again, the figures inside will absolutely shock you, some of the costs per click are well north of $400. That’s not a typo). 


You’ll also discover the domains with the most organic traffic, which keywords get the most clicks, the most expensive keywords, which companies have the highest PPC budget, and the websites with the most phone numbers. These statistics at a glance will provide key insights that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else, and you’ll probably walk away in total shock and awe.


Tracking – SpyFu’s simple tracking feature will allow you to track SEO keywords and the PPC campaigns of any domain. This is easy to use. Simply add the domains of your fiercest competitors, and the statistics will begin to roll in at your fingertips without you doing any extra work.


Branded Reports – You probably realize by now that SpyFu offers an unfathomable quantity of data that is quite frankly, priceless in the right hands. By being able to brand this data, you’ll instantly be propelled to “guru” status, so you can easily bring in new clients, and keep your existing clients. 


Or maybe you just want to show off to your boss that you’re the SEO king (or queen) and that you’re quite worthy of that well deserved raise? Either way, with this data available for you to brand as your own, the stars are the limit.


Business Leads – Maybe you want to print out a massive list of domains by industry or keyword? So you can type in “Internet marketing”, “seo agency”, “pizza”, “lawyers” or anything, and outbursts a massive list of domains. The domains aren’t the only thing that’s listed. You’ll also find data on each domain’s monthly ad budget, their monthly SEO clicks, and what contact information they have available. 


There’s so many ways you can use this. You can use this to attract clients by contacting them directly, and you can also use this list to show existing clients their competition. How you use this data, is up to you, but it’s powerful regardless of how you use it.


Related Keywords – Face it. It can be hard compiling a massive list of targeted keywords for your overall SEO strategy. Maybe you want to start creating beautiful content for your future campaigns, or just need to strategize with a long list of keywords so you can share them with your team? Either way, generating related keywords is simple. 


You just start with a single keyword, and SpyFu can easily produce a massive list of tried and true keywords so you can implement them into any of your campaigns or quickly hand them off to your SEO agents.


Location Search – Here’s a great way to get local clients. Imagine if you could type in a city or zip code alongside a keyword, and suddenly you have a massive list of companies in that area. Also, imagine if that same list contained data such as the quantity of website visitors they have, the monthly ad budget, and methods of contact. 


Do you think this could help you attract a few clients, if you could show them how thick their competition is, and most importantly, how you can help them outrank their most annoying competitors? With SpyFu, creating localized lists like this takes less than 30 seconds.

SpyFu Integration's

SpyFu API – The SpyFu API will allow you to pull keyword data, weekly tracking data, and paid keyword (PPC) data. So you can automate and integrate with your own tools, widgets, dashboards and third party applications that you may wish to use now or in the future. The SpyFu API is well documented, so you and your developers shouldn’t have any trouble with integration using any of your existing or future tools.

SpyFu Pricing
SpyFu Pricing

SpyFu offers some of the best SEO analytics for free that put them in a category of their own, to be honest. That being said, many of their best features are only available to their paid members. So, if you want to unlock the best results, you should consider upgrading your SpyFu plan.


When it comes time to upgrading with SpyFu, there are three major options. The SpyFu plan you select is largely based upon your number of business leads, the number of keyword rankings that you can track weekly, the number of reporting credits, and the number of top list results.


If you’re a small business, blogger, Internet marketer, affiliate marketer, or even if you have an SEO client or two, you can easily get by with the basic plan. The basic plan affords you with the ability to conduct unlimited search results and unlimited data exporting, so there’s plenty to work with. The basic plan costs $79 per month, or $49 per month if you pay annually.


If you have a lot of heavy hitting clients however, you’ll want to consider the professional plan, so you can create custom branded reporting for your customers, which they’ll definitely appreciate and will probably keep them addicted to your services. The professional plan costs $139 per month, or $79 per month if you pay annually.


If on the other hand you’re a largely successful agency with many SEO agents and/or clients, you should look at the agency plan. The agency plan provides unique SpyFu logins for your entire team, and you’ll have enough data at your disposal to handle even the most robust of clients, all the while keeping them happy and satisfied with your work. The agency plan costs $999 per month, or $832 per month if you pay annually.

SpyFu Support

When you register and access the SpyFu member’s area, you’ll quickly discover that the learning curve is so low, and the features are so intuitive that you’ll hardly be relying upon their support functions.


That being said, you’ll also find that the SpyFu support functions are exemplary, and their staff actually cares about your success, and they’ll go out of their way to help you.


Inside the SpyFu member’s area, you’ll find videos and tutorials that will walk you through each of their tools. Upon watching the videos, and browsing through their tutorials, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have any questions.


However, in the event that you’d still prefer to reach out to SpyFu, there’s a live chat box and you can be in touch with a friendly SpyFu chat representative from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm MST Monday through Friday. You can also contact SpyFu via phone or through a traditional email support helpdesk if that’s your preference.


SpyFu can also recommend a massive range of consulting in the event that you’d like to take your relationship to the next level. SpyFu recommends everything from online reputation management experts to website usability services, so regardless of your demands or staffing needs, they’ve got you covered.

SpyFu Reputation

The fascinating thing about SpyFu’s homepage, is that they actually list their ratings publically (and prominently) in plain view. You probably realize how rare this is, and it’s definitely a breath of fresh air that you’ll probably appreciate. 


You’ll notice that many of the reviews are recent, and the majority of them are absolutely glowing, complimenting SpyFu’s services and customer support. The ratings are provided by a neutral third party, so you can be assured that there are absolutely no shenanigans taking place with regards to the transparency and integrity of the reviews.


SpyFu has even been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, The 4-HourWorkweek, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.


At the end of the day, SpyFu is known for being a friendly, and entirely knowledgeable SEO presence. Above everything else, they’re known for their uncanny ability to spy on your competitors, their transparency, up to date training, frequently updated blog, and for being a company that you can trust.

SpyFu Conclusion

Maybe you’ve wondered how SpyFu has received such adulation from major SEO authorities, and how they can really help your business.


Well, ask yourself how frustrating it can be when your competition is eating your lunch. Ask yourself if your clients feel anxiety, when they see their competitors outranking them left and right, on every search engine.


Combine this major fear of loss with the idea that paid traffic keeps getting more and more expensive. When you browse the SpyFu top lists, you’ll see that many major brands are spending tens of millions on PPC advertising, and can afford to pay outrageously high costs per click. (And you seriously won’t believe how much many companies are paying per click. Just see for yourself by using SpyFu’s “Top Lists” feature).


For that reason, it’s easy for the little guy (or gal) to get pushed out of business. That’s why SpyFu is so in-demand, and so popular. So you can finally win the fight against the bigger, more successful companies of the world. So you see how they’re ranking, how they’re bidding, and how they’re performing. So you can finally increase your traffic, without spending millions of dollars like many of the big dogs do.


Because you probably realize by now, that even if you have the best intentions in the world, and the best looking website on the planet, if you don’t have abundant website traffic, everything else is for naught.


That’s why you might try SpyFu, so you can see how powerful their tools are. It won’t cost you a single red penny to start testing their impressive features, and enrolling in one of their advanced plans might be the best decision you ever make for your business.


About Mike DeVincent

Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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