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Read our most basic primer on what this strategy encompasses.



How does email marketing work
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StreamSend Review

StreamSend is an email autoresponder service that prides itself in high deliverability and social media integration.


If you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, publisher, blogger or author who wants to build an audience on social media while building your email list, StreamSend is an option worth looking at.


StreamSend has an emphasis on social media integration. If you’re already active on social media, or you want to be, what better way to better monetize your existing and future content than by integrating it with your list building efforts?


StreamSend also offers very interesting email template options, such as a massive library of vibrant stock images, video integration, and unlimited image hosting.


StreamSend is focused on deliverability. If you can’t reach your subscriber’s inbox, nothing good will ever happen.


StreamSend’s support staff will work with you until you can hit the inbox on a consistent basis, that’s their guarantee to you as their customer.

StreamSend Review
StreamSend Advantages

Lots Of Emailing Features – Whether you want to integrate your emails with social media, broadcast your latest videos to your subscribers, or start using StreamSend’s massive library of stock images, you’ll be able to exercise your creativity in ways that aren’t possible with other email marketing solutions.


Beautiful Email Templates – If you need your emails to look good, and if your subscribers enjoy stunning looking emails, then StreamSend won’t disappoint and it’s simple to create stunning emails using StreamSend’s drag and drop email editor.


Simplicity – If you’ve ever wrestled and struggled with a self-hosted email marketing solution, you’ll definitely appreciate StreamSend’s simplistic interface. Once you register and login, you’ll crack a smile as you suddenly realize how simple it is to navigate, and immediately begin list building and deploying emails.

StreamSend Disadvantages

Free Account Limitations – While StreamSend will allow you to register and try their services for free, they only allow 200 emails and 30 days of testing. This might prove to be inadequate if you already have an established customer base or following.


However, that being said, it’s still better than nothing and many competitors offer you absolutely no trial or free features.


Lack Of Integration – StreamSend has a strong focus on social media integrations. That being said, relies on ticketing systems and other CRMs, you might find a lack of integrations that work out of the box with StreamSend.


On the bright side, StreamSend does offer their open source API that you can use to integrate almost all of your third party apps with, however this might prove to be troublesome for novice marketers and startups. It’s also vital to note, that StreamSend will help you integrate almost any third party service with their API for a fee, so if you’re worried about any integration, StreamSend is there to help.


Pricing For Larger Plans Aren’t Public – If you intend on sending over 150,000 emails per month, you’ll have to contact StreamSend for a unique quote. While this isn’t a negative unto itself, it’s a variable of consideration that should be noted in full transparency.


The prices of StreamSend aren’t high by any means, however if you intend on sending over 150,000 emails per month, a custom quote is required.

Who Is StreamSend Ideal For?

StreamSend is ideal for almost any information marketer, coach, consultant, blogger, author or business who needs to start building rapport and prestige with their audience using email marketing.


The one variable that makes StreamSend stand out is the advanced social media marketing that’s possible using their content boards. 


The StreamSend content board works as an “all in one” content platform for all of your posts on social media, that will actually work to build your list.


This is perfect and a genius method if you’re active on social media, and want to squeeze even more value from your existing and future social media content.


StreamSend is also ideal for larger organizations who require a comprehensive email marketing solution, as StreamSend offers advanced training, consulting, and integration services.


So regardless of how large or small your business is, they offer solutions that can accommodate your need for a comprehensive email marketing solution.

StreamSend Signup Process
StreamSend Signup

Registering for StreamSend is quite simple and doesn’t require a credit card to start out with. Upon visiting the StreamSend homepage, you’ll have the opportunity to begin a 30-day free trial.


The trial also enables you to send 200 emails to start out with.


In the event that you already have an email list, you’ll see the option to begin importing your email subscribers.


There’s no requirement to have your subscribers confirm their subscription, so you can begin emailing your audience without jumping through hoops or encountering any snags.

StreamSend Ease of Use
StreamSend Dashboard

One of StreamSend’s best features is that their layout is very easy to use, and intuitive. Upon logging in you’ll see all of the fundamentals that you might expect.


You’ll notice easy links to your statistics, a social sharing panel, the ability to add subscribers, an email creation utility, forms and reports.


The learning curve is very low, and you’ll find yourself creating opt-in forms, adding subscribers, and drafting beautiful looking emails using StreamSend’s awesome drag and drop email builder without any hassle.


Even if you have no idea how to code, and even if you have no technical experience at all, you’ll be able to start building your email list and writing emails that your audience will love in no time.

StreamSend Features
StreamSend Features

Social Media Integration – If you’re a social media marketer, you’ll find so many ways to use StreamSend’s social media integrations. It doesn’t matter what social media platform you like the most, you can easily integrate all of your social media content with StreamSend and even turn your content into viral list building assets.


Powerful Video Features – How would it feel to turn your videos into email list building tools? So suddenly all of your tutorials, webinar replays, and even promotional content can be used to start adding subscribers to your StreamSend list without doing any extra work.


Automated Followups – You realize that automation is one of the best benefits to email marketing. But you also know that automation can be tricky and complicated. Imagine if setting up email automation was as easy as clicking a few buttons, and writing email content that built your brand, made sales, and established rock solid rapport.


Pull Your Social Content Into Your Newsletter – If your business is busy on social media creating awesome content, and if you’re not stretching that content as much as you can, what a shame! So imagine this situation, imagine if all of your social media content was repurposed so you can build even stronger relationships with your subscribers? The best part, is that you can automate this entire process so there’s no more complicated copy and pasting.


Interesting SEO Benefits – All of your social media content can be shared with your email subscribers, but you can also add all of your content to one centralized hub. This hub is known as your StreamSend content board. Your content board centralizes all of your social media posts and shares, so your audience can easily keep tabs on your content across all social media platforms. The best part, is that your subscribers are prompted to join your email newsletter while visiting your content board, and as you can imagine, the SEO benefits stack up quite nicely as you add more and more content.


Updated Website Content – Google loves nothing more than more content added more frequently. The only trouble is juggling the million tasks that you already have. That’s why StreamSend makes it so simple to update your website content based upon your StreamSend content boards. So each and every time your content board is updated, you can synchronize that data on your website, which then gets awesome backlinks and more authority in the search engines.


Mobile Friendly Email Templates – There’s absolutely no doubt that more and more of your customers and leads are accessing your emails on their mobile devices! As time goes on, this trend is only going to increase. For that reason, if your emails aren’t 100% mobile friendly, then you’re giving away the farm and slaughtering your email marketing budget. You can now rest easy and immediately deploy a massive array of beautiful mobile friendly templates that your end users will love.


High Level Support – It doesn’t matter if you’re a tiny organization or a massive franchise, StreamSend offers scalable support that molds around your specific needs. Additional fees are required for more advanced consulting and solutions; however, you can find solace in the idea that you can obtain all of the services that you need under one happy roof who knows their product better than any third party.


Flexible And Scalable API – Does your organization need to integrate with a dozen different CRMs and third party platforms? You can rest easy because StreamSend gives you full access to their easy to use API. In the event that the word API frightens you, StreamSend will offer programming support so you can integrate almost any service with their comprehensive list of features.


Drag And Drop Email Builder – Who says that only graphic design and computer science nerds can design beautiful emails? If the words Photoshop and CSS give you night terrors, then you’ll be delighted to breeze through the beautiful email templates that StreamSend provides to you as a customer.

StreamSend Integration's

Content Boards – It’s so important to understand StreamSend’s content boards, because it’s easily one of their most central integrations and hottest features. The content boards are complex. They allow you to share your social media content, centralize your posts, and build your list all in one spot. The content boards also allow you to share all of your social media content on your website, and your email newsletter. Content boards also boost your SEO, because they provide unique, high quality and ongoing backlinks back to your website, all the while building your email list.


Twitter – If your company uses Twitter to engage with your audience, then imagine if you could use that same exact content to not only add subscribers, but to add powerful backlinks, and fresh website content. And imagine if you could take that same exact content and synchronize it with your email newsletter. That’s how you can make every tweet you ever write 10x more powerful.


Facebook – If your company isn’t on Facebook, you’re missing the boat! It doesn’t matter who your end user demographic is, you can bet your boots that your audience is on Facebook looking for your services. If you are on Facebook, and you post high quality content, then why not use StreamSend to get more out of each post that you ever write? You can now use StreamSend in conjunction with Facebook to add more subscribers, build your list, and build powerful SEO backlinks to your main homepage.


Google + – Let’s face it. Google + never took off like Google intended, but don’t pretend for a minute that Google doesn’t secretly give you massive SEO benefits for having a presence on their favorite social media platform. For that reason, there’s never been a better time to start using Google + to promote your business, and you can easily integrate all of your Google + content into your email newsletter, your StreamSend content board, and most importantly, you can use it to build your list and even synchronize content directly into your email newsletters. Why is this so important? Because if you can multiply the use of your content, you’ll have more creativity and freedom to increase your post frequency, and the benefits for creating content will explode exponentially.


Pinterest – Did you know that Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms on the planet? If your company has any graphics, images, or artwork, then you should absolutely be using this platform to build a web presence and powerful SEO. With StreamSend, integrating and sharing your content with your email subscribers is as easy as clicking a few buttons, and you can easily synchronize the same exact content on your content board, thereby boosting your SEO and building your list at the same time.


LinkedIn – If there’s one social media platform that your business can benefit from hand over fist, it’s definitely LinkedIn. Why LinkedIn? Because it’s the best social media platform for working professionals, so if your business caters to any business or professional demographic, then you can benefit tremendously by having a LinkedIn presence. If you post any content on your blog, why not repurpose that content on LinkedIn? In so doing, you can automatically post that same exact content on your StreamSend content board, thereby increasing your SEO, building your list, and you can then send that same content to your email subscribers automatically.


Google Analytics – If you don’t measure, you can’t grow! That’s why StreamSend integrates with Google Analytics. So you can finally have the upper hand on your statistics, measure what’s working, and scale your effective promotions to the moon and beyond.


API – StreamSend offers you 100% free access to their comprehensive API that’s surprisingly easy to use. So you can integrate almost any third party service with their system. If coding frightens you, they also offer you programming services so you can rest easy and integrate without breaking a sweat.


YouTube – Make no mistake, your end users want video more than ever! Even if you’re the best email copywriter on the planet, you can’t deny that video is your audience’s preferential content to consume. That’s why StreamSend enables you to share your YouTube videos directly into your email marketing messages. If you can copy and paste, you can share your videos inside of your email marketing content. This can not only help to build massive rapport and authority, but can also help skyrocket your YouTube rankings, and even help sell almost anything that you want.


Your Own Brand – Here’s where things get a little wild. Did you know that StreamSend offers a white label solution? So if you wanted to, you could offer email marketing services to your clients and customers. If you work in any services industry, how would it feel to add a fully-fledged email marketing solution to your menu of services offered?


If it would feel good, then you can dive in and start promoting your own white labelled email marketing service, and StreamSend will work on your behalf to please your clients while you build massive goodwill and a reputation for email marketing excellence.

StreamSend Pricing
Stream Send Pricing

StreamSend pricing is based upon the number of emails that you send per month. So your total number of subscribers is not a variable of consideration, other than the fact that if you have lots of subscribers obviously you’ll need to send more emails per month.


So if you would like to send up to 2,000 emails per month, the cost is $19.90 per month. If you would like to send 20,000 emails per month, the cost is $59.90 per month. And if you would like to send up to 100,000 emails, the cost is $159.90 per month.


StreamSend does offer plans for large volume email marketers, however in order to get a price you must contact StreamSend for a personalized quote.

StreamSend Support

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice email marketer, or a grizzled email marketing veteran. The truth is that you need support! So if you’re ever confused about importing leads, setting up automation, integrating API or even designing beautiful emails that your audience will love, getting support is only a click or a call away.


StreamSend offers white papers and video training in the event that you’d like to learn more about their services, in addition to a help desk, and fully fledged email ticketing system. Their support hours are from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm PST.


In addition to a traditional helpdesk, and all of their helpful tutorials and white papers, StreamSend offers advanced high level consulting services for everything you could possibly ever need as an email marketer.


Services such as design support, custom landing pages, automation advice, advanced training, database integration, API programming, and even campaign management are available for additional fees.


At the end of the day, StreamSend support is scalable, because they offer all of the support required for a small startup, and if you require advanced support you can also get accommodated.

StreamSend Reputation

StreamSend has a reputation for their SEO and social media integrations.


So many email marketing services neglect SEO and social media, which is a fascinating phenomenon because SEO and social media can be a powerful email marketing and list building tool.


So at the end of the day, StreamSend’s reputation is one of high email deliverability and as an email marketing service provider that doesn’t neglect social media and SEO integration.


StreamSend’s content board is a feature and benefit that sets it apart from other email marketing service providers from a social media perspective.

Stream Send Conclusion

Why is it that so many email marketers neglect social media integration? Why is it that the majority of email service providers don’t use content to bolster SEO, so as to help grow your list, and get more out of each piece of content that you ever write?


Moreover, why is it that the majority of email marketing service providers never focus on building your email list, so you can get the most out of your email marketing efforts?


If these are questions that you’ve ever asked, then StreamSend might be the perfect email marketing platform for your business. So you can focus on creating beautiful social media content, and getting your social media content shared, all the while building powerful backlinks to your main website, and using the same exact content to build your email list.


In this way, you’ll make every single piece of content you ever create all the more powerful, which will provide some of the best incentives you could ever get to continue creating awesome content, and building your brand at the same time.
All of this is possible with StreamSend, but please don’t miss the best part.


The best part, is using all of your social media content as email newsletter material, all the while building massive rapport, authority, brand awareness from the same exact content.


So you can start selling more services, products and establishing yourself as an unshakable powerhouse in your market and in the eyes of your target audience.


About Mike DeVincent

Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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