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The Top 18 Email Marketing Blogs

What is email marketing?


This is a concept where consumers are targeted via electronic mail with the purpose of creating awareness about products and services as well as promotional offers. This form of marketing can be used to impact customers differently and today, the concept has evolved becoming one of the most important forms of marketing for businesses, bloggers and website owners.

In a typical scenario, any business can develop content for email lists which are used to reach subscribers as well as establish a new relationship with current and new customers. Usually the subscribers list is complimented by a database which allows the marketer to customize, to mine the data and perform precise targeting among other uses.


Electronic mail has been a powerful medium since the inception of the internet and today and research has shown that more than 2 million emails are sent per second. This is quite astonishing and a good thing for business people and marketers. This shows that electronic mail has maintained or even gained more edge even with the emergence of mobile ads and social media.

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Who uses email marketing?
In the business world today, gaining more customer intelligence helps to ensure that one is ahead of their competitors. Every business person has many goals and objectives which include making more sales, retaining current customers, attracting new customers, making profits and expanding the business among others.


Traditional marketing methods such as bill boards, TV and radio ads have been passed by time as they don’t reach a target audience accurately especially when compared to electronic mail marketing. Today, there are many people and businesses using this form of marketing. 


They include:
a. Website owners and bloggers
b.Ecommerce stores
c.Marketing gurus
d.Health enthusiasts
e.Non governmental organizations

Below are some of the benefits of email marketing.


  • Affordable - When you compare electronic mail marketing and other traditional forms of marketing like TV ads, electronic mail marketing is very cheap even when you send the mail in bulk form. With TV ads, you will have to pay every time your ad runs and the amount paid is too high.

  • Availability of call to actions - No marketing system can convince a customer to purchase an item after viewing an offer all within two clicks of a button. Only electronic mail marketing can achieve this.

  • Very easy to create - Thanks to easy to use email creators and free templates, you can create emails with ease and be able to send them to your subscribers.

  • Easy to track - Statistics are very important and electronic mail marketing allows the marketer to keep track on the performance of the emails sent.

  • Easy to share - It all takes one click on the forward button and you will be able to share a newsletter or an offer to your family and friends.

Top 18 Email Marketing blogs you need to know about
The power of electronic mail marketing has lured many professionals to come up with blogs in order to help newbie’s to find their way in the world of marketing. Thanks to these blogs, newbie’s, other marketers and business people are able to be informed on how to attract new customers, retain current ones and create awareness about their products.

Below are top 18 email marketing blogs you need to know about.

1. Hubspot


Founded in 2006 due to a simple observation, Hubspot has become a leader especially due to the inbound marketing strategy developed by the founders, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. The blog provides the powerful, easy to use, integrated set of applications which business can use to attract, engage and delight customers by providing inbound experiences which are helpful and personalized.


Hubspot as an electronic mail marketing blog is on the mission to make business, website owners and bloggers around the world to be more inbound than outbound.

2. Copyblogger


The blog was founded in January 2006 and since then it has taken the mandate of teaching people around the world about how to create online content that converts online visitors into buying customers. The company provides valuable information which helps to attract the attention of online visitors, drive traffic and build one’s business. This is basically what every blogger, website owners and online store owner wants.


The company was founded by Brian Clark and before then, he was building business with online content marketing since 1998 even before internet users knew about the term.



3. DuctTapeMarketing

John Jantsch is the founder behind Duct Tape Marketing Consulting network. The blog is a host to hundreds of free eBooks which cover everything from how to earn referrals, managing one’s time as well as being more productive.


There are webinars which help to train bloggers and website owners especially in succeeding with local search, growing one’s business into a profitable venture and ensuring the success of small business marketing.


Users have access to podcasts which they can listen on their iPods, laptops and smart phones. You can get to listen to hundreds of electronic mail marketing talk with John about the success of a business, about marketing and other business opportunities.

4. Mail Chimp


Mail Chimp is not your typical email marketing blog but it is a company that offers other individuals and businesses with tools for creating emails and newsletters which allow them to create awareness about their products as well as promotional offers. The company has been around since 2001 and was started as a side project that was funded by different web development jobs.


Today, the company has become the world’s leading electronic mail marketing platform and allows users to send billions of emails every day. The managers and developers of the service have ensured that small business get democratized as well as creating innovative products which empower customers to grow.



5. Convince & Convert

Convince & Convert

This blog is composed of a group of digital marketing advisors who provide different tips and tricks that help small businesses realize their goals and objectives easily. 


The advisors are available to help newbie’s with content marketing and electronic mail marketing through audits, development of strategic plans, through workshops and training plus configuration of metrics and tracking. Furthermore, the group offers ongoing advice as well as counsel to help people achieve their business goals.


The blog is headed by Jay Baer who is the President and a hyper free digital marketing strategist, speaker and New York Times bestselling author. He founded the company in 2008.



6. NeilPatel

Neil Patel is the founder of and is widely known to be an experienced and successful electronic mail marketing guru who has developed different webinars and lessons. They have helped to train newbie’s to become successful business people who are able to attract thousands of customers through emails and newsletters.


The blog offers different opportunities for users to take advantage from webinars, courses, tips and consulting services. Users can sign up to the blog by providing their first name and email address. Once you have done so, you will receive lessons that will enable you to grow your business, attract new customers, retain current customers and meet your business goals.



7. Econsultancy

Econsultancy is a blog with a magazine style theme that provides different articles on various forms of marketing. The company is part of Centaur Media which is an organization that creates award winning digital media and iconic print brands for various events and cutting edge data products. The company enables and inspires the very best performance in different markets.


Econsultancy provides different marketing solutions as well as training that help small business people to grow their business, attract new customers and retain their current ones. It is the home to the largest community of marketing and ecommerce professionals.



8. Epsilon

Epsilon is a marketing agency that helps global brands to identify their customers, where they are and how to gain their loyalty. The agency achieves this through electronic mail marketing where they personalize experiences as well as help to build relationships between companies and customers.


The agency has a blog that provides different articles which are based on marketing as well as news that helps to encourage new users. Thanks to their insights and strategy solutions, companies and businesses are able to achieve so much.



9. MarketingProfs


This is a web platform that offers marketers around the world a chance of providing their in-depth knowledge which is used to help another business. The blog offers real world education for modern marketers through training, best practices and research. 


This helps any business person with a website or online store to be able to attract new customers, retain the current customers and be able to promote products and services they have.


You can get real time news on marketing, training from marketing experts around the world and you can have knowledge about different events and workshops being held around the world too.



10. Litmus

This is an email marketing company that provides tools that help marketers and business people to create send and track thousands of emails to their subscribers. The platform offers different tools such as email creator, auto responder, email templates, tracker and report generator. 


These tools when combined allow a business to be able to reach many customers around the world.


Although it provides different tools to help in creating emails and newsletters, the company has a blog where it provides tips and tricks for reaching more customers, for creating killer content that will ensure conversion and eBooks that help to guide a new user.


11. Vertical Response

This is a blog owned by Deluxe Company and it provides different information related to email marketing. There are several resources available on the platform and they include marketing guides and webinars which enable one to train themselves in electronic mail marketing best practices.


The platform offers tools and templates that allow individuals, marketers and business people to develop newsletters and emails which can be sent to a select group of people. It also offers other tools and they include auto responder, reporting, tracking and integration. 


The service is free to use if you have less than 1000 contacts making it affordable and flexible to bloggers and website owners who want to market their web platforms.



12. MyEmma

The company has an email marketing blog which offers insight, tips and tricks about successful marketing a business. It provides tools that allow users to create content as well as send emails to subscribers.



13. WhatCounts

WhatCounts Blog

WhatCounts is among the leaders in data driven email. If you are looking for the right service that offers the best tools to reach your target audience, then WhatCounts is the right service for. 


It has an electronic mail marketing blog that provides tips on how to create best content and track emails among others.



14. GetResponse

Get Response Blog

As a company, GetResponse provides tools that allow users to create, send and track newsletters and emails. It has a blog that offers information and advice on how to improve your business through electronic mail marketing.



15. Kissmetrics

As a company, Kissmetrics offers SaaS or Software as a Service solution. The professionals at the company help business to find out what their customer want, find out who your best customers are and how to build better products for tracking customers. 


It has a blog that provides insight into electronic mail marketing, its benefits and how to be successful with it.



16. Aweber

Aweber Blog

Aweber’s blog provides tips on electronic mail marketing which is a plus for individuals and business selling products and services online. If you want to market your blog or website, you can sign up to the company’s service.

17. Pure360

Pure360 Blog

This is a UK based email and sms marketing provider that was founded in 2001. It helps clients to get the best out of their campaigns. The blog provides tips and best practices information useful to marketers and bloggers.



18. Smart Insights

The company and its staff have a passion for helping marketers and business in getting more out of integrated digital marketing. This is done in order to ensure that all opportunities are utilized well while avoiding losing money and wasting time. The blog on the website provides useful information to readers.

Final Thoughts
Email marketing is still one of the concepts that will enable any business to reach their targeted audience easily. Unlike traditional marketing systems like TV and radio ads, electronic mail marketing assures you of higher chances to convince a customer to buy a product by simply giving them an offer.

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