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Visual Website Optimizer Review

Visual Website Optimizer is a landing page software that allows you to split test every single aspect of your landing page. So you can A/B/C test your website design, sales pages, lead capture pages, or any aspect of your site, period. Maybe you want to try testing subtle things, like showing (or hiding) the price on your offer, or maybe you could split test different prices, or maybe something totally drastic like a total alteration of your layout?


Either way, Visual Website Optimizer is used by some of the largest brands on the planet, and have helped majorly heavy hitters increase sales dramatically. For example, Website Visual Optimizer is on record having helped GetResponse get 158% more trial signups by split testing a simple tweak, and helped Hyundai generate 62% more inquiries by split testing their landing pages.


There’s also a massive list of through-the-roof case studies proving that companies have had breakthrough results by split testing using Visual Website Optimizer. One case study even proves that women find men with beards more attractive. But always remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Visual Website Optimizer allows you to tap under the hood of your landing page and alter any aspect of your site without knowing a single line of code. The way it works is simple. You simply insert a tiny snippet into your existing landing page, and then Visual Website Optimizer literally allows you to “drag and drop” your way to almost any change you want. So you can change fonts, change colors, change size, and utterly rearrange all aspects of your site. If you want to increase the conversions of your landing pages dramatically, Visual Website Optimizer is arguably the best way to do it.

  • It’s true that Visual Website Optimizer allows you alter nearly every aspect of your webpage without knowing a single line of code so you can A/B split test effectively. But what if you want to split test different things? The cool part is that you could create 1, 2, or even 10 variations of your landing page, so you can split test every little detail, or create massive variations of your landing page. Why is this a genius idea? Because you should always be testing new pages so you can generate more leads, build a bigger list, and of course, make more sales so you can afford to scale your business to the stars.

  • Have you ever been frustrated that your lead capture page, webinar registration page, sales letter, or landing pages just aren’t converting? Or maybe you secretly wonder if your landing page conversion is quite frankly dismal? If you’ve ever had the sneaking suspicion, then put your worries to rest by split testing several variations, which could ultimately allow you to scale your PPC campaigns, media buys, and organic traffic results far beyond what you’re getting now.

Visit VWO >>
PageWiz Review
VWO Advantages
  • Dramatically Change Any Landing Page – Here’s an admission, playing with Visual Website Optimizer is a fun time and is actually quite addicting. Imagine being able to “drag and drop” almost any element of your landing page without knowing a line of code? Seriously? It’s also really fun for bloggers. Imagine being able to “edit” your WordPress site simply by clicking sections, dragging them wherever you want, and changing almost any feature you want? If you hate the way your pages look, or just want to increase your conversions in a big way, then you’ll love testing with Visual Website Optimizer, there’s no doubt about it.

  • Absolutely Zero Coding Required – To be honest, before Visual Website Optimizer you couldn’t get anywhere near this level of customization unless you were a gifted coder. So you can literally change any aspect of your landing page, create as many split test variations as you want, and change absolutely any aspect of your site simply by clicking, dragging and testing a million different variables. (What variables you ask? Variables such as size, shape, color, location, et cetera).

  • Tons Of Split Testing Advice – You could spend a lifetime reading all of the impressive statistics and case studies that Visual Website Optimizer offers you. If you promote any type of offer, build any type of email marketing list, or have any existing landing pages, you’re going to be giggling with delight as you peruse all of the case studies and split testing options that you have. Also, Visual Website Optimizer also offers a boatload of advice as to how you can split test for optimal results, whether you’re trying to add more email subscribers, sell more products, get more leads, get more telephone calls, or whatever your main goal is.

VWO Disadvantages
  • Not Ideal For Building Pages From Scratch – Obviously, the thing about split testing is that you need to have something to split test. For that reason, if you’re a novice marketer and don’t have any creatives to work with, then you’ll need to establish some type of web presence so you can effectively split test your landing pages.

  • Coders Get The Most Out Of It – It’s true that the Visual Website Optimizer allows you to edit any aspect of your landing page without knowing a single line of code. So you can click, drag, drop, and edit without knowing anything about IT or coding, period. That being said, if you do know how to code you can add Java snippets and packages to enhance the content with dynamic features, you can also add and edit the CSS right within Visual Website Optimizer. If you’re sad because you’re not a coder, then don’t feel bad because you can still customize your landing pages to your heart’s content with the drag and drop editor.

  • Advanced Marketers Benefit Faster – Do the rich keep getting richer? Maybe. If you’re an advanced marketer, or operate a business that is already getting sales and driving abundant traffic, then you can benefit ridiculously by using Visual Website Optimizer. So ask yourself how a 156% increase in conversions would feel? That’s what GetResponse was able to garner by using Visual Website Optimizer.


On the other side of the spectrum, what if you’re a totally novice marketer who’s scraping for your next buck? If that’s the case, Visual Website Optimizer can still be of great use, so you can better scale your campaigns and increase the ROI of your marketing budget. However, obviously, the larger your organization is, and the more traffic you have to play with right now, the faster your results are going to be. That being said, who couldn’t benefit from a 156% increase in conversions? So, there’s room for businesses of all sizes with Visual Website Optimizer, but heavy hitters might get bigger results, faster.

Who Is VWO Ideal For?

Visual Website Optimizer is ideal for anyone who has any landing page, for absolutely anything. So you could be an Internet marketer, a blogger, an author, a coach, a consultant, a webinar marketer, an email marketer, a network marketer, a brick and mortar company, a service provider, a pastry chef, or maybe you’re the head of marketing at a major fortune 500 company.

Regardless of who you are, you realize by now that you could benefit from more sales, better conversions, and higher returns on your marketing budget. That’s pretty much a guarantee, isn’t it?

So imagine this scenario. Imagine if you could create 5 variations of your current landing page, so you could put your sneaking suspicions that your landing pages just aren’t converting as well as they could be to rest. How much is that worth to you? Imagine if you could afford more traffic, and outbid your competitors by running circles around them? Would that feel good?

How about this. Imagine if you could finally afford the rising cost of Facebook PPC, Google AdWords PPC, and the heavy hitting media buys as a result of dramatically increasing your conversions? If you could see yourself benefiting from these scenarios, then Visual Website Optimizer can absolutely benefit you, regardless of what your intentions are, and regardless of who your end user demographic is.

VWO Signup Process
VWO Signup
Visit VWO >>

Registering for Visual Website Optimizer is a simple process. Upon visiting their homepage, take a moment to glance over their ridiculous case studies that prove their worth more than just about anything, also take a gander at all of the heavy hitting and prominent clients that they have.

After checking out Visual Website Optimizer’s impressive accolades, consider registering for a free 30-day trial. This will give you the confidence to check out their drag and drop editor, so you can begin creating your first split test campaign without paying a single penny, or even opening your wallet. That’s because Visual Website Optimizer doesn’t even require a credit card to start out with, so you have absolutely nothing to lose, and an unfathomable conversion improvement to gain.

VWO Ease of Use
VWO Dashboard

The first thing you should know about Visual Website Optimizer, is that they’re designed for non-coders. In fact, the entire premise of Visual Website Optimizer is so that you can eliminate the need for IT, period.

So how does it work? After logging in to the Visual Website Optimizer member’s area, you’ll be provided with a tiny code snippet that you can insert onto your website. If you have WordPress, you can even install a tiny plugin that does everything for you. Installing the code is simple, and there’s ample instruction on how to do so regardless of how your website is managed and what platform it’s on.

Once the code snippet has been installed, Visual Website Optimizer will “connect” to your website, and at this point a comprehensive tutorial takes place. So you’ll learn the already intuitive layout of Visual Website Optimizer allowing you to effectively split test and alter literally every aspect of your landing page.

You’re almost guaranteed to have a blast dragging, dropping, and split testing your landing page; you can easily change every aspect of your site. You can change the location, change the font, change the size, change the color, hide almost any element, and a host of other modifications that aren’t possible otherwise unless you’re a coding guru.

The learning curve is literally nothing; once you get up and running, you can begin creating as many split test variations as you want. Maybe you want to split test 5 different versions of your landing page? It’s all a piece of cake, and the code snippet is so tiny that you won’t notice any lag on your site whatsoever. You can also always revert back to your “control”, so you never risk messing your site up, or otherwise losing access to your default landing page.

VWO Features
VWO Features
  • Super-Fast And Dynamic Split Testing – Usually if you want to split test landing pages, it would take you a year and half to create all of your separate landing pages. With Visual Website Optimizer, all you have to do is drag and drop, edit, and tweak variables in the landing page so it reduces the time required to test dramatically. So you can split test tiny segments of your page (multivariate testing), or test totally different creatives and layouts. You can even split test the URL of your landing page. No matter what you want to test, it won’t take much effort or time in comparison to conducting manual tests, which could take hours, days, or even weeks (and, you wouldn’t have the beautiful statistics to complement the simple process that Visual Website Optimizer provides).

  • Set It And Forget It Installation – Are you secretly frightened because you think Visual Website Optimizer is going to be an ongoing nightmare? Please be at ease, because installing only takes a few seconds, and the code has been designed to specifically be very simple to install, and it’s dynamic so you literally set it up once, and then never fuss about it ever again.

  • Tons Of Tracking – Whether you want insights based upon the behavior of your end users, or just want to calculate cold hard revenue data, Visual Website Optimizer puts you in control with abundant charts, data and statistics so you can measure and track your split testing results so that they make sense. All this while making it simple for you to proceed with crystal clarity.

  • Heatmaps And Click Analytics – Maybe your landing pages have several calls to action, or your blog page has several buttons on the homepage and you want to see which ones get the most attention and clicks? Never “guestimate” what your end users are doing ever again. With Visual Website Optimizer, you’ll have visual confirmation showing precisely where your end users are clicking, so you can eliminate potential “dead ends”, and potentially replicate content that’s getting clicked overwhelmingly.

  • Cross Team Integration – Are you part of a massive team who are going to need access to certain projects? Or maybe you have a trusty marketing partner, sidekick, or virtual employee who needs access, but you don’t want to give them access to your main Visual Website Optimizer account? If that’s true, then you can easily provide access to your projects without forking over your main account, allowing you to synchronize your projects across your entire team, freeing you to work on your business, and not stress out about accessibility.

  • Advanced Behavioral Targeting – Do you think sites like Google, Amazon, Bing, and LinkedIn show the same exact content to the same people? Absolutely not! The truth is that the biggest and smartest companies on the planet dynamically showcase content based upon who you are, where you live, and what type of software you’re using. Sounds too complicated right? Well with Visual Website Optimizer, you can segment your website content and the content that your website visitors see based upon over 15 variables, such as the visitor’s location, device, time of the day, day of the week, their operating system, referring URL, their cookies, and more.

  • IdeaFactory – The Visual Website Optimizer IdeaFactory is a selection of split testing ideas that will get you brainstorming with breakthrough clarity. So even if you’re not exactly sure what you can split test, there’s almost nobody better to ask than Visual Website Optimizer. So you can tap into a massive database of effective split testing ideas, allowing you to get more leads, close more sales, build a bigger list, and ultimately increase conversions based upon proven split testing principles.

  • Feedback From Visitors – If there’s one thing you get from this review, please get this; your opinion never matters! Sounds harsh right? Well, it’s realistic. At the end of the day, your end user demographic are the ones who matter the most, period. That’s why Visual Website Optimizer makes it dead simple to poll your end users. So you can ask them for detailed feedback, open ended questions, or a simple yes/no to better determine how they like your landing pages. So not only can you let your end users put their money where their mouth is, but you can also ask them for their invaluable input.

  • Landing Page Analyzer – If there’s one thing that Visual Website Optimizer has in abundance, it’s big data; they know what works with regards to your landing pages. For that reason, you’ll be able to get your landing page analyzed, so you can cross reference your landing page in congruence with 21 best practices that Visual Website Optimizer has bent over backwards to amass, so you can gain powerful insights with regards to your content before you run a single split test.

  • Massive Case Study Library – Seeing is believing. As soon as you access Visual Website Optimizer, you’re going to be bombarded by a truly impressive library of split testing results, so you can not only gain motivation for your split tests, but so you can proceed with the utmost confidence.

VWO Integration's
  • Google Analytics – You can easily put Google Analytics on steroids by pushing all of your relevant data from Visual Website Optimizer directly into Google Analytics.

  • SiteCatalyst – If you’re a diehard Adobe fan and love their tracking and analytics, then you’ll be pleased to learn that you can easily integrate with Visual Website Optimizer, allowing you to analyze your tracking and split testing data without abandoning your beloved analytical provider.

  • Mixpanel – Mixpanel’s motto is that “actions speak louder than page views”. This is entirely true, especially in the world of split testing. With Visual Website Optimizer, you can easily track everything including your campaigns easily without any technical overwhelm or messy copying and pasting.

  • WordPress – You can easily connect your WordPress blog directly with Visual Website Optimizer, so if you have landing pages that need split testing, or you just want to have beautiful heatmaps drawn out on your blog landing page, then you can easily get it done with absolutely zero coding.

  • Joomla – Imagine if you could drag, drop, and modify every single element of your Joomla website without editing a single line of code? It’s simple to accomplish with Visual Website Optimizer, in fact, you can begin split testing in the next 10 minutes if you want.

  • Drupal – Do you have landing pages on Drupal? Then you can easily integrate with Visual Website Optimizer and take your split testing efforts to the next level without contacting IT, or contacting anyone for that matter.

  • Magento – Here’s where things get super powerful. Imagine being able to split test your ecommerce store without knowing how to code, so you can potentially dramatically increase conversions across all of your products? With Visual Website Optimizer, it’s no longer a pipedream and is easily accomplished.

  • BigCommerce – If your business uses BigCommerce, then you can synchronize your data with Visual Website Optimizer easily, without the technical overwhelm and without getting frustrated.

  • Shopify – So you can integrate your Shopify information directly into your Visual Website Optimizer account, and run all the campaigns you want with insane insight that’s otherwise a hassle to obtain.

  • VWO API – If you want to customize Visual Website Optimizer to your wildest dreams, then you can tap into the VWO API allowing you to custom tailor it to your dirtiest needs and desires, so you can automatically integrate custom reporting using your own plugins, widgets, dashboards, or applications.

VWO Pricing
VWO Pricing

Visual Website Optimizer pricing is largely based upon how many monthly website visitors your landing page can split test.

There are three plans total, and two “categories” of plan.

For example, there are the standard plans, and the enterprise plans. The standard plans come with basic features, such as unlimited split testing, heatmaps, mobile website testing, the IdeaFactory, the visual editor, and up to 5 users.

The startup standard plan has a limit of 10,000 monthly visitors, and costs $59 per month or $49 if you agree to a one-year term.

The business standard plan starts out with 30,000 monthly visitors, and costs $155 per month or $129 per month if you agree to a one-year term.

Then, there’s the enterprise plan, which is offered for large agencies and enterprise-wide operations. The enterprise plan allows all of the standard features, plus geo-targeting, manual website reviews, API access, and unlimited users.

The enterprise plan is customized based upon how many visitors you have, and starts out at $999 per month, and is billed annually.

So, which plan should you consider? If you’re an individual website owner, a product vendor, a blogger, or a small startup, definitely consider one of the standard plans.

If you’re a large agency that manages a lot of traffic, consider upgrading to the enterprise plan.

Either way, you can get started for absolutely zero cost for 30-days, so you have nothing to lose and the world to gain.

VWO Support

One could easily write a review for the abundance of free tools and resources that Visual Website Optimizer provides, it’s difficult to know where to start, (not joking).

The first free tool is known as the ideafox. The ideafox is a searchable database of split testing case studies, that you should definitely check out if you even have a sneaking suspicion that Visual Website Editor could benefit you in the slightest.


You can search by website type, and challenge. So in other words you can search by what type of page it was (landing page, web app, magazine, webinar, et cetera). You can also search by the purpose of the split test, for example, to get more downloads, sales, email subscriptions, et cetera. This one resource alone is worth bookmarking and referencing at your leisure.

There’s also the split test calculator, which can provide an idea of what type of results you could achieve with even a tiny fractional increase of conversions.

Then there’s the landing page analyze; if you’re not sure where to begin your split testing journey, begin here.

The final tool is the split testing significance calculator, which will help you determine whether or not your split testing is actually significant or not, so you can better gauge just how your results are in the wide spectrum of the overall split testing world.

Aside from the free tools that Visual Website Optimizer provides, there’s also a massive resource of training.

So there’s an A/B split testing guide which covers split testing from A to Z, just in case you’re still not sure what split testing is exactly, why it’s so direly important, and how you can get started with as little effort (and as much results) as possible.

Visual Website Optimizer also offers a ton of webinars that are in a free to access archive, so you can easily tap into their massive wealth of knowledge for absolutely zero cost in the event that you’re curious to learn more.

Then, there’s a wide collection of ebooks (over a dozen) that are free to download that show off different split testing features, benefits, and even case studies.

You probably realize by now that Visual Website Optimizer offers a massive wealth of free resources, and this is addition to the already intuitive and easy to understand visual editor itself, the “walk you by the hand” tutorials within the editor, and also the ability to contact their helpdesk via simple form, or you can call them directly where they have toll free offices in the USA and UK. (You can also email Visual Website Optimizer directly if that’s your preference).

VWO Reputation

Out of all the landing page software options on the planet, Visual Website Optimizer has arguably the most prestige and the best testimonials. Visual Website Optimizer has been mentioned on heavy hitting platforms such as Smashing Magazine, Forbes, Mashable, The Next Web, and Tech Crunch.

In addition to being featured all over the Internet, Visual Website Optimizer also has a boatload of massively heavy hitting clients, such as Target, Woo Themes, Disney, Microsoft, AMD, Toyota, and DIRECTV.

But what good is any of this without rock solid proof of results? Website Visual Editor literally boasts more case studies from clients than you can count. So essentially, Website Visual Editor has a reputation for actual results that you can bank on.

Perusing through this massive library of case studies is arguably the fastest way you can skyrocket your conversion, so you can witness first hand invaluable insight that few humans on the planet have access to. Suddenly, you’re in the midst of an unlimited pool of split testing statistics that very few can claim.

So maybe you want to brainstorm your next split test campaign, but you have no idea where to start? The best thing to do, would be to visit the Visual Website Optimizer IdeaFactory, so you can tap into a near infinite wealth of proven split testing strategies, in addition to an idea gallery stuffed to the tip-top with breakthrough ideas so you can strategize until the cows come home.

VWO Conclusion

Earlier in this review it was indicated that large organizations can yield the lion’s share of benefits with Visual Website Optimizer faster, but in all honesty, that’s not entirely true if you read closely between the lines.

Because, it doesn’t matter if you’re a startup, or the head of marketing for a fortune 500 company, you can benefit tremendously by increased conversion rates, one way or the other.

If you’re a small startup, then you realize by now that the cost of traffic keeps going up. It’s getting more difficult to afford paid advertising by the day, and you need every ounce of conversion optimization that you can get. If you split test manually, without the help of Visual Website Optimizer, you’ll be rolling along at a snail’s pace, and it might cost you more than you get out of it. With Visual Website Optimizer, you reduce the cost of IT, and significantly increase the speed at which you can test wildly different creatives.

So, maybe you’re a tiny startup with a landing page, but your conversions aren’t what they could be. Then Visual Website Optimizer is definitely worth checking out.

But what if you’re a massive organization? Or maybe you have an endless supply of traffic at your fingertips, then imagine what a dismally tiny 5%, 10%, 15%, or 25% increase in conversions could do for your company?


After browsing the impressive list of case studies provided by Visual Website Optimizer, you can’t help but feel absolutely certain that you can benefit enormously, regardless of who you are, and what business you’re with.

The truth of the matter is that split testing is arguably the single best way to increase conversions, for any landing page, period. Visual Website Optimizer is a tool that will ultimately help you split test any number of landing pages in the shortest time possible, and they don’t cost a single red cent to get started with, so you’re shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t at least try them out for a free 30-day trial.

Visit VWO >>

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