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Web SEO Analytics Review

Web SEO Analytics is an online service that lets you track the rankings of your website, your client’s website, or a competitor’s website. The best thing about Web SEO Analytics is that many of their services are available without even logging in, so you can simply visit their website, plugin one of your URLs (or a competitor’s URL) and suddenly tap into a massive list of SEO analytical data that you’ll definitely find interesting.

  • Since you don’t have to register right away to use WEB SEO Analytics, they might be one of the fastest ways to increase your traffic, get more leads, and improve your rankings without having to register, enter your credit card details, or memorize any usernames and passwords until you’re ready to make that commitment. And Web SEO Analytics offers a ton SEO ranking analysis tools for absolutely zero cost. (Just click on their “SEO Tools” button to give them a test run).

  • Web SEO Analytics is arguably one of the most popular SEO analyzers on the market. They have a prominent social media presence (over 60,000 Twitter followers and a very active Facebook Fan Page which shows that their following loves their work).

  • If you’re struggling in the search engines and your organic website traffic is waning and dying, then Web SEO Analytics could be the fastest way to find out your weak points so you can better strategize a long-term SEO ranking strategy. (It goes without saying that their services would work wonders on your client’s websites as well).

Web SEO Analytics Review
Web SEO Analytics Advantages
  • Awesome Free Services – Web SEO Analytics boasts a wide range of 100% free tools that quite frankly other SEO analyzers make you pay for. So you can check your domain status, keyword rankings, and even spy on your competitors without entering a credit card number or even creating a Web SEO Analytics account.

  • Massive Authority – Web SEO Analytics boasts arguably the biggest and most impressive list of clients out of any other SEO analysis tool. Companies such as CANON, LexisNexis and Trivago have used WEB SEO Analytics, so if you decide to give them a test run you’ll be in great company.

  • All In One SEO Tools – Whether you want to monitor your website’s link structure, conduct keyword analysis, check your real time SERP rankings, monitor your backlinks or even spy on your competitors, Web SEO Analytics makes it easy, and their free services make them one of your go to resources for website rankings.

Web SEO Analytics Disadvantages
  • Limited Free Plan – Is it a tad curmudgeonly to mark Web SEO Analytics negatively for having a limited free plan, especially when they offer a boatload of 100% free SEO tools that you might love? Well perhaps, but it’s important to maintain 100% transparency throughout the entire duration of this summary review. You will find limitations on their SEO tracking and analytics that essentially prompt you to register to a paid account.

  • The Free Plan Is Hard To Find! – One thing that you might encounter, is that when you try to register to Web SEO Analytics, they want a credit card for the free account. You can ultimately register without entering a credit card, but the registration page is somewhat hidden! (Continue reading this summary review to find the “Back door” access that you might overlook, so you can test Web SEO Analytics’ services without using a credit card. More details are in the “Signup Process” section of this summary review).

  • Free Plans Contain Advertisements – If you rely on Web SEO Analytics’ free plans, not only are you going to be limited in the results that you get, but you’re also going to endure a boatload of advertisements. If you want to escape the advertisements, you have to upgrade to a premium plan. (By the way, if you use an ad blocker (like Adblock Plus), the Web SEO Analytics website will be rendered useless, so they’re especially clever at ensuring that you view the ads if you’re on a free account).

Who Is Web SEO Analytics Ideal For?

Web SEO Analytics is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their website rankings one way or the other. So if you’re an independent webmaster, an affiliate marketer, a blogger, an ecommerce vendor, or if you run any type of website that needs better SEO rankings, then Web SEO Analytics is worth checking out.

Also, if you’re a part of an SEO agency, or otherwise manage SEO for clients, you can find a ton of resources in the Web SEO Analytics suite that can make your life much easier, including the ability to export reports on all of their different SEO tools.

The best part about Web SEO Analytics are their free tools that allow you to start tracking data without registering or paying a single penny.

So if your marketing budget isn’t the biggest, Web SEO Analytics is a service you should investigate at the very least.

Web SEO Analytics Signup Process
WebSEOAnalytics Register

There are three different options when you register for a Web SEO Analytics account. The first option is to register for a free account. To register for a free account, click on the “Register” button at the very top of the page. After you click that link, you’ll see an option that says “or register as a Free Member”. Click that button, and you’ll be able to test out the Web SEO Analytics tools without using a credit card, though you will be limited as to the functionality.

If you’d like to take a step further you can use the second method, which is to start a Web SEO Analytics free trial. The free trial allows you to test the full feature set for 10 days, after which your credit card will be charged.

You can also register to Web SEO Analytics via PayPal as a third option, however if you use PayPal as payment, you waive the right for a free trial.

In the event that you decide to select a free trial, or if you subscribe via PayPal, you can cancel your subscription at any time right within the member’s area without haggling or quibbling, so it’s risk free to try.

Web SEO Analytics Ease of Use
Web SEO Analytics Dashboard

The first thing you should know about Web SEO Analytics is that their tools are cloud based, so you can access your rankings from anywhere on the planet and you never have to download any software.

Web SEO Analytics is also particularly easy to use. The learning curve is absolutely tiny, especially if you’re familiar with any SEO analytical software that you may have used before. Even if you’re a total novice, you’ll probably be tracking your data like an expert before long, and you won’t encounter much trouble.

Web SEO Analytics does offer a massive list of SEO ranking and analytical tools, and for the majority of instances the only thing you have to do is enter your URL, or the URL of your competitor.

So if you want to check the SERP rankings, conduct keyword research, analyze your blog, conduct your entire domain, put two domains head to head, find aged domains, check for duplicate content, or the overall health of your website, all you need to do is enter a URL and then sit back as Web SEO Analytics does the rest for you.

Web SEO Analytics Features
Web SEO Analytics Features
  • Research Keywords – The crowning jewel to any SEO analytical suite has to be keyword research. So you can figure out exactly how you’re ranking, in real time, so you can better optimize your future SEO campaigns and thereby increase your traffic dramatically.

  • Spy On Competition – Are your pesky competitors smacking the daylights out of your organic search traffic? How would it feel to sneakily spy on them, so you can tell where they’re ranking, how they’re ranking, and why they’re ranking better than you? This will potentially allow you to unseat them from the throne, so you know exactly how to get a competitive advantage by taking advantage of any weak spots in their game.

  • Audit Your SEO – Speaking of weak spots, do you know what your weak spots are? What’s missing in your organic reach game plan? Web SEO Analytics will crawl every back alley of your website, regardless of how big or small, so you can find any onsite errors that are dragging your search rankings into the ground.

  • Analyze Your Backlinks – Here’s where things get wild. Imagine if you could type in any website URL, and automatically see where they’re getting their best backlink juice from? Are you frustrated because your top 5 competitors are seen all over the Internet? Well with this feature, you’ll be able to see exactly where their backlinks are coming from, so you can strategize methods to steal their thunder while at the same time building massive link authority pointing directly to your homepage.

  • Monitor Your Campaigns – If you want to constantly improve your marketing and SEO strategy, you need to actively monitor your campaigns so you can see what’s working and what isn’t. Web SEO Analytics constantly updates and monitors your overall authority so you can measure and track your strategy, so you never waste a minute of your time on ranking methods that aren’t doing you justice.

  • WSA Spider – This is arguably Web SEO Analytics’ cream of the crop feature. They offer a comprehensive web crawler that will crawl your entire website to seek out your on-page optimization, backlink structure, your overall website strength and even your social reputation, so you can get everything in a single glance.

  • Backlink Hunter – Web SEO Analytics’ backlink hunter will literally scour the Internet finding you red hot opportunities so you can get superior backlinks. Imagine if you knew exactly where to acquire backlinks that will bring you the best SEO juice and exposure, without damaging your reputation by potentially acquiring a backlink structure that looks fake, which Google absolutely loathes.

  • WSA Directory – The Web SEO Analytics directory allows you to instantly tap into a massive wealth of data on over 20 million top level domains. So you can check, tweak and deploy your SEO campaigns by harnessing this data in a million different ways.

  • Fast Index Checker – Want to quickly determine each page of yours that’s indexed by Google and Bing with the few clicks of a button? Simply enter your URL and watch as Web SEO Analytics provides a full spectrum analysis of your website’s current index status on Google and Bing, in real time.

  • Mass Website Submission – Have you ever wasted hours on end manually submitting your pages to the search engines? Face it, this process can be an ongoing, never ending nightmare. That’s why Web SEO Analytics will automatically submit your website to Google, Ask, Bing, Jayde, ScrubTheWeb and other massive search directories with a single click.

Web SEO Analytics Integration's
  • Google Analytics – Have you ever regretted the day that you started to use Google Analytics? Or worse yet, hurled a litany of curses because they’re so difficult to use? If that’s the case, don’t feel bad; it happens to everyone. That’s why integrating Google Analytics was a top priority for Web SEO Analytics, and you can access all of your important Google data from the Web SEO Analytics interface. So you can pull your traffic overview, social traffic, efficiency (new sessions, bounce data, goals, and ecommerce data), in addition to GEO traffic without ever logging into Google Analytics ever again.

  • Google Search Console – There’s really no question that the Google Search Console is a beautiful tool. The trouble, as you know, is that it can be annoying to juggle all of your different logins, and then once you get access, you might stare at your screen in confusion (and your clients definitely won’t understand what they’re looking at). That’s why Web SEO Analytics allows you to pull your website’s top queries, top pages, top countries, and your visitor’s top devices directly into the Web SEO Analytics console. So you can “opt-out” of Google Search Console, without sacrificing or neglecting the beautiful data that it provides.

  • Web SEO Analytics API – Web SEO Analytics also provides a comprehensive API, so you can manage your new projects, export your results (in JSON format), provide white label reports, and manage the entire suite of Web SEO Analytics’ tools using your own widgets, software, reporting tools, or plugins that your business owns or wants to develop in the future.

Web SEO Analytics Pricing
Web SEO Analytics Pricing

Web SEO Analytics allows you to try their tools without paying a single red cent. However, there are limitations on the free accounts that you should know about. First of which, is that the results that Web SEO Analytics provides to you will be incomplete in many ways. You’re also limited to how many reports you can run on a daily basis as a free member. Additionally, as previously mentioned, unless you’re a premium member, there will be an abundance of advertisements alongside your reports.

In the event that you upgrade to a paid plan, you won’t have to suffer through advertisements, and more SEO tools and daily reporting options open up to you. Regarding the specific premium plans themselves, there are three different options.

There’s the pro plan, which is free for the first 10 days and then costs $32.51 per month. The pro plan allows you to have API access, though is somewhat limited to the quantity of daily reports you can access, and there is no branded report option.

There’s also the agency plan, which costs $32.51 for the first 30 days, and then $88.56 per month thereafter. The agency plan offers you more daily reporting options and API access, however no branding option.

Finally, there’s the enterprise plan, which costs $223.09 per month. The enterprise plan boasts the most daily reporting options, grants API access, and white label reports.

Web SEO Analytics Support

The Web SEO Analytics tools are relatively straightforward, and there’s a good chance that you’ll never have to call upon their support.

The majority of their tools only require you to enter a domain, and then you can begin analyzing a ton of different statistics and rankings by reading their easy to read graphs, and easy to export data.

In addition to Web SEO Analytics’ simplicity, you’ll also find a “Show Help” button within each of their tools that clarify how to use each tool, and they’ll also show you exactly what you’re looking at, so you’re never lost, confused, or left scratching your head at the data that you’re analyzing.

Additionally, if you ever require assistance Web SEO Analytics is easy to contact, and they provide to you an email address and also a web contact form and they promise to get back to you in the event that you ever require assistance using their products.

Web SEO Analytics Reputation

Web SEO Analytics boasts one of the best client lists of any SEO analytical software, including companies such as Black Lotus, LexisNexis, Canon, Babylon, and Trivago.

Web SEO Analytics is known for offering some of the best free SEO tools and analytical data of any other company, and their customers love being able to simply visit their website, enter a URL, and start collecting a ton of data that can help them get more traffic, more leads, and ultimately more sales.

A lot of different clients love Web SEO Analytics for different reasons. SEO agencies appreciate them for their white label branded reporting, and their massive list of SEO data that can be available to help get massive results for their clients.


Smaller businesses love Web SEO Analytics because they have arguably the biggest list of free SEO rank checking tools available anywhere, so they can get better SEO results by harnessing that data wisely to plan breakthrough SEO campaigns.

Web SEO Analytics Conclusion

Like it or not, having massive social proof can help build massive confidence in a company’s trust. Web SEO Analytics has massive social proof. Their Twitter following is massive, they have some of the biggest companies on the planet as their clients, and they also offer some of the best SEO rank checking tools for absolutely zero cost.

So, if you’re a startup who’s trying to get more traffic, so you can close more deals, and otherwise make more sales, but you just don’t have the massive budget to hire a 6 figure SEO analyst, then consider using Web SEO Analytics to help rank your website. You can start out with a free account, or otherwise register for a 10-day free trial, and see if they can help you get more traffic, more visitors, more subscribers, and more fans.

If you’re already a successful SEO agency, or if you already have clients, then you’ll appreciate the fact that Web SEO Analytics can offer you more SEO tools than the majority of their competitors, and their rock solid reputation should bring you unshakable confidence, so you know that you’re dealing with trustworthy and reliable people.

So what’s the next step? You could easily visit Web SEO Analytics right now, plug in your website, your client’s website, or your competitor’s website, and see what insights could make your SEO strategy change dramatically. Maybe one key piece of information will make a lightbulb go off? Maybe one key piece of data will make your SEO campaign crystal clear going forward.

You can start brainstorming without even logging in. Once you get accustomed to their tools, you might decide that upgrading is worth it so you don’t have to view advertisements, and so you don’t have as many limitations. There’s nothing to lose, and you have the world (and a ton of free organic SEO traffic) to gain.


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