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Web CEO Review

Web CEO is a suite of SEO tools that will ultimately help you to determine how your websites (and your client’s websites) are ranking in the search engines. Web CEO is entirely web based, so there’s never any clunky software to download, though what you can download are branded reports so you can hand them off to your clients, and you’ll find that getting all of your analytical tools at a glance will be simple and easy.


Web CEO makes collaborating with your entire SEO team easy, so you can manage the process of your employees, better strategize breakthrough SEO campaigns, and even share projects from anywhere in the world, so you can not only please your clients and boss, but keep your entire team apprised of your overall marketing and SEO routines.


Web CEO also integrates with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, so you can better harness Google’s already powerful search analytics without being confused and thrown off by Google’s complicated layout and results that few people thoroughly understand.


You can easily print off beautiful SEO reports with the click of a button using Web CEO, so you can impress your clients, get your boss off your back, and understand your own standings in the search engines even if you’ve been totally befuddled with previous search engine analytical tools before now.

WebCEO Review
Web CEO Advantages

White Label Reports On Your Domain – Have you ever been frustrated and embarrassed when you hand off SEO reports to your clients only to have whatever tool you’re using reveal the source of your ideas? 


Imagine if you could actually send your clients (or boss) a URL with white label analytics built in, so they would have no way of knowing the true source of the content? You’d impress whoever you were showing, while at the same time come off like an SEO guru and nobody would be the wiser as to where you got your statistics from.


14 Free Tools – Maybe you’d like to get started with Web CEO, but you’re a little hesitant to give them your credit card just yet. If that’s the case, you can easily register for a free account and give these 14 SEO power house tools a try so you can begin analyzing your current websites in a matter of minutes. 


In fact, registering takes less than a minute and you can get started right now. (Tools include a free sitemap generator, technical auditor, keyword checker, SEO analysis tool, and a ton more).


Comprehensive SEO Checklist – Maybe you’re hungry to improve your rankings immediately, but you have no idea how to start? If you’ve ever felt that way, Web CEO offers you a comprehensive “Do It Yourself” checklist so you can manually tackle your SEO strategy using the best practices checklist that will get you off to the races without having to shell out thousands to a costly SEO agency or even worse, neglecting these dire rules and sabotaging your organic rankings.

Web CEO Disadvantages

Limited Free Plan – It always feels cantankerous to degrade a free account, but in full transparency the limitations should be included in this summary review. If you’re looking to conduct a ton of analytics on your websites, you’ll find limitations such as a limit on the number of backlinks you can track, a limit to the number of performance analyses, a cap of two on the total number of projects, and an inability to analyze competitor’s backlinks. 


No Free Trial Of Premium Accounts – Despite having a 100% forever free plan, you might find that the inability to test run a fully-fledged account to be somewhat of a turnoff. Other SEO tools often allow you to get a free 10-day or 14-day trial of their premium accounts, however not all SEO analytical tools allow you a forever free plan like Web CEO does, so perhaps this negative is being overly critical.  


Higher Price Than Average – Web CEO is certainly worth the price. Web CEO offers some of the best customer support with the fastest and friendliest staff, some of the best looking tools that will be pleasing on the eye, and some of the best SEO analytical tools anywhere all available under one roof. 


However, in full transparency it’s important to note that their costs are slightly above average. If you’re on a tiny budget, you might consider registering to the Web CEO’s free plan so you can test them out first. Either way, pay close attention to the pricing details later on in this summary review so you can see which plan best suits your needs.

Who Is Web CEO Ideal For?

Web CEO handles a wide array of customers adequately. First of all, if you’re looking for a free solution to your small website’s SEO analytics, then look no further. Web CEO’s interface is very easy to look at, their features are abundant, and you can get started without paying a single red cent.


Web CEO is also for you if you value a beautiful interface, and amazingly friendly customer support. Web CEO is easily one of the best looking SEO analytical tools that you’ll come across. You’ll also notice when you contact Web CEO that their staff replies promptly, effectively, and you can tell that you’re welcome and their support tries their best to help you.


Ultimately, Web CEO is for you if you agree that awesome customer service is a valuable asset for your organization. Whether you’re a small independent Internet marketer, email marketer, blogger, eCommerce vendor, or even if you manage SEO for clients, if you love to feel good about your SEO analytical tools then Web CEO might be a perfect match.


Finally, if you operate within (or own) any type of SEO agency, you can feel absolutely confident that you’ll be in good hands, and the Web CEO staff will never leave you high and dry.

Web CEO Signup Process
Web CEO Register

Signing up with Web CEO is as simple as clicking their calls to action inviting you to join for free. You can register to Web CEO using a traditional username and password, or you can actually use your existing Facebook, Google, or Yahoo account, so registering can take less than 5 seconds if you prefer to use one of those accounts.


Upon registering and logging into Web CEO, you’ll always have the opportunity to upgrade your account to one of their premium plans. You can learn more about their premium plans and the wide array of perks you receive as a paying customer later on in this summary review, so please continue reading.

Web CEO Ease of Use
Web CEO Dashboard

If you’ve ever been annoyed at how difficult SEO analytical software can be, then you’re going to love tracking your web properties with Web CEO. The moment you access the member’s area, you’ll be asked to integrate your current Google Analytics account and your Google Search Console account with your Web CEO account. 


This is a genius move, because as you know by now Google’s interface is perhaps more difficult to understand than anything, though Web CEO makes understanding Google’s complexities much easier.


The learning curve is quite low, and once you access the member’s area you’ll find that there’s a dashboard containing all of your information at a glance, including keyword statistics, ranking data, and also a handy listing of your current projects. So if you can enter a few URLs, you can easily start tracking the rankings of your site so you can work on improving your ratings for yourself, or for your clients.


In the top navigation, you’ll find an area so you can modify your projects, select the different SEO analytical tools, print off reports, and you’ll also find an area so you can get help, read any company news, and access Web CEO articles so you can keep in the loop as to what’s going on with their service.

Web CEO Features
Web CEO Features

All Of Your SEO Tools All In One Place – Forget the days of needing 10 different memberships each having their own tool. Web CEO brings everything under one roof, so you can monitor your links, your keyword research, your SEO analysis, generate XML sitemaps that Google will love, in addition to enjoying a full inventory of SEO analytical tools that you and your clients are going to benefit from big time.


Easy Keyword Suggestions – Have you ever tried to develop new SEO campaign strategies, but you have no idea where to start? The Web CEO’s keyword suggestion tool will make content marketing a breeze. So you’ll know exactly what keywords to hammer in on, so your new content ideas make the search engines scream, all the while you can build massive rapport with your website visitors, clients, and ultimately benefit from the big search engines.


Internet Link Optimization – Did you know that Google weighs your internal link structure more heavily than you realize? Internal link building is one of the variables that most SEO experts overlook, especially if they’ve been around and doing SEO for a long time. It’s a variable that can make or break your onsite SEO, and Web CEO makes optimizing your internal links not only easier for your website visitors, but will make it easier for Google to give your website better rankings without doing any extra work.


Beautiful PDF Reports – Face it, nothing’s worse than when you’re giving reports to your heavy hitting clients that aren’t branded with your company data. With Web CEO, you’ll be able to hand off documents that match your brand, so you’ll get the credit and not some third party company.

Site Usability Problem Checker – Have you ever had a client scream because one of their links wasn’t working? Having a nightmare like that occur can kill your confidence (and the confidence of your client) faster than anything. With Web CEO, you’ll proceed with unshakable confidence because you’ll know for a fact that your client’s websites are rock solid, and their links will always work when scrutinized by their own team.


Schedule Full Website Audits – If you have more than a few clients to manage, it can be a chaotic mess trying to organize your game plan effectively, especially if you lose track of which client is due what report on which date. 


That’s why you’ll love Web CEO’s ability to schedule the auditing for you, so you can get reports on a set schedule, hand them off to your staff (or directly to your clients) without paying thousands of dollars for someone to keep you on track, and without missing costly errors that could make you look inept.


In-Depth Analysis On A Per Page Basis – Have you ever tried to rank a specific page for a product, book, or membership service, but no matter what you do, you can’t get that page to rank? Web CEO will look under the hood of any specific page you want so you can run a thoroughly detailed analysis of the page to make sure that Google’s current ranking algorithms are in congruence with any site, at any time, regardless of what Google changed last Tuesday.


Compare Your Linking With Competitors – One of the fastest ways to help your ranking is to spy on your competitors, and see where they’re getting their backlinks from. So you can see exactly what the weak points are in your competitor’s campaigns, and even siphon some of their best strategic backlinks so you benefit from their research and backlink development.


Remove Link Toxicity – Did you know that some backlinks can actually damage your reputation? Web CEO will help you locate these troublemaking sources, and will allow you to ping Google to remove the links so they no longer do you any harm.


Fast And Easy Submission Tool – Have you ever developed a pain in your wrist from submitting your website to thousands of directories? Face it, it can be enough to make a grown man (or woman) cry. 


If you feel that pain, then you should consider using Web CEO’s mass submission tool to submit your site to well over 90 of the world’s biggest search engines and directories, so you can finally proceed with the freedom that’s only possible when you’re not a slave to manual directory submission.

Web CEO Integration's

Google Analytics – Unlike the majority of other SEO analytical tools, Web CEO actually allows you to integrate with Google Analytics. Why is this so vital? So you can finally tap into Google’s immense and unrivaled search algorithmic data without being a PhD in mathematics and computer science. 


Because you probably realize that Google has potentially unrivalled data, but the complexity of their search makes results useless to many end users who quite frankly don’t understand what they’re looking at.


Google Search Console – You can also integrate Web CEO with the Google Search Console, so you can monitor your traffic by the top queries generated, the top pages viewed, the top countries viewing your content, and also the devices that your website visitors are using.

Web CEO API Integrations – Web CEO has a massively powerful API, so you can attach your application, dashboard, plugin or widget to Web CEO’s database that’s stuffed to the brim with rankings, SEO audit data, and analytics. This way, you can integrate Web CEO almost any way that you envision, and you’re limited only by your creativity. (Having a trusty developer at your side wouldn’t hurt either, but rest easy because the Web CEO API is well documented and supported).

Web CEO Pricing
Web CEO Pricing

It’s important to remember that Web CEO offers 14 (of 15) of their tools absolutely free to all accounts. So technically, if you just have one tiny website without many pages, you can get by easily by using their free plan forever.


However, in the event that you demand lots of analytics, have SEO clients, or just don’t want to be weighed down by the free account limitations, then you should consider Web CEO’s premium plans.


There are four premium plans under the Web CEO umbrella, and each level of membership varies greatly in the amount of active projects, keywords tracked, pages crawled, total backlinks analyzed, keywords monitored, and frequency of scheduled reporting.


The first plan is the startup plan. The startup plan costs $99 per month, or you can pay $75 per month if you subscribe to a yearly plan. The startup plan allows you 5 active projects, 5,000 pages to crawl per month, 10,000 backlinks to analyze monthly, allows PDF branded reports, though offers no white label branding on your domain.


There’s also the corporate plan. The corporate plan costs $199 per month, or $149 per month if you pay annually. The corporate plan allows you 25 active projects, 125,000 pages to crawl per month, 150,000 backlinks to analyze monthly, allows PDF branded reports, though offers no white label branding on your domain.
Then, there’s the agency fixed plan, which costs $499 per month, or $375 per month if you pay annually. 


The agency fixed plan allows you 50 active projects, 1,250,000 pages to crawl per month, 2,500,000 backlinks to analyze monthly, allows PDF branded reports, and offers white label branding on your domain.


There’s also the custom (agency unlimited) plan, which is an à la carte plan which starts at around $99 per month and might be ideal if you have a unique set of requirements or otherwise want to focus on certain features.

Web CEO Support

You’ve noticed that the Web CEO support has been given high praise in this summary review. That’s because after contacting Web CEO, you’ll notice that they reply to you thoroughly, completely, and with a friendly conduct. 


This is more than can be said about many of their competitors, and if you value friendly and benevolent customer support, then definitely put Web CEO at the top of your list.


The Web CEO support staff can be reached by phone (They have UK and US numbers), by email, by contact form, or by live chat.


Web CEO is open to handle your support from 2:30 am to 2:00 pm New York time, and 8:30 am to 7:00 pm Greenwich London time, Monday through Friday.
In addition to their stellar support, Web CEO also offers a wealth of resources, including a frequently updated blog with updates and news, and a quick start guide so you can get up and running as quickly as possible. 


You can also schedule a Web CEO demo with their VP of sales, so if you have any questions before getting started, you can get them all addressed live and you’ll get any presales questions you have addressed in the best atmosphere possible.

Web CEO Reputation

Web CEO was founded in 1992 under the name Radiocom, which makes them one of the oldest Internet marketing companies on the planet with few exceptions. In 2000, Radiocom changed their name and launched a desktop SEO software in 2001 and since that time, have helped over 1,112,130+ registered end users help rank their website.


As you can imagine, Web CEO has been around the block (and then some), and this leverage has provided them the opportunity to perfect their game big time.
You probably realize that many of the older SEO companies never properly innovate themselves, though in 2011 Web CEO took their SEO software off of desktops and turned it into the vibrant cloud SEO analysis tool that you see today.


Today, Web CEO staffs over 50 programmers and currently aids thousands of Internet startups, Fortune 500 Companies, SEO consultants and agencies from all over the world.


At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a top shelf SEO toolset, and if you demand superior customer support in addition to beautiful tools that are constantly updated, you can be confident that Web CEO is one of the leaders in the game, and judging by their past history, that isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

Web CEO Conclusion

There are so many companies offering comprehensive SEO analytical tools in today’s marketplace. But, you’d be hard pressed to find any of them with a reputation as stellar as Web CEO, and even more hard pressed to find a company who’s been around longer.


So here’s the bottom line. If you’re a tiny one man (or woman) team, an independent webmaster, a startup agency or even a heavy hitting SEO authority looking to bulletproof your SEO toolsets, then you can’t go wrong with Web CEO’s SEO analytical tools.


All in all, the Web CEO plans are massively scalable. So you can use them if you have absolutely no budget, and you can use them if you’re a huge SEO agency with dozens (or even hundreds) of clients and they’ll be able to handle your requirements. Even if you’re a tiny one-person team with a small website, you can still find Web CEO to be valuable and worth your time.


They don’t cost a single penny to start using, and you can easily register right now for a free account, or take things to the next level and request a live demo to see just how they can improve and enhance your business.


There’s nothing to lose, and you have the world to gain by giving them a whirl.    


About Mike DeVincent

Mike researches and reviews products for Top 10 Marketing Software. Mike has vast experience in blogging, teaching and internet marketing. See Mike's profile on Google+.

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