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WishPond Review

Wishpond is arguably one of the most unique and versatile landing page software utilities on the planet. One of the things that makes them so unique, is the rare flexibility that they provide. So you can build beautiful landing pages, lead capture pages, affiliate presell pages, welcome pages, download pages, webinar registration pages and any other marketing page that you can imagine without any coding experience.


What makes Wishpond so unique, however, is that they also function as a fully operational email marketing software. This gives Wishpond a fascinating advantage, and it ultimately equates to Wishpond being the potential “no brainer” solution for many marketers and entrepreneurs. Wishpond also offers other powerhouse services such as the ability to build your email subscriber list virally with their sweepstakes app, so you can literally incentivize your audience to build your list for you by offering cool prizes and giveaways in exchange for social shares (The sweepstakes feature is awesome, and you’ll learn more about this in the features section of this review).

  • It doesn’t matter what type of marketer or entrepreneur you are. Maybe you’re a diehard email marketing list builder, an affiliate marketer, a small business, or simply someone who’s looking to create beautiful landing pages for your own products, services, books or courses. Either way, Wishpond makes landing page creation easy, so you can finally have the confidence and liberty that’s only possible when you can create the pages you want, when you want, even if you have zero coding and developing experience.

  • Don’t have a webhost? Or maybe you have one, but don’t want to install anything or otherwise make your hosting bill increase whatsoever? If that’s the case, then Wishpond might make you crack a smile. Because Wishpond has several unique methods to publish your marketing pages without you needing a webhost. So you can let Wishpond host your pages for you, you can also forward them to your own domain, and you can even export them and embed them within Facebook if you want. Of course, you also have the chance to embed your landing pages into your own website, should you wish.

  • Wishpond has a full featured contest platform, so you can build your email list virally by offering free gifts, coupons, courses, or any other incentives that you think your end users would like. Other standalone contest platforms cost an arm and a leg by themselves, and Wishpond provides this service as a feature, in addition to a massive list of other features that you’re going to benefit from tremendously. (A full list of Wishpond features are listed thoroughly later on in this very review, so please continue reading).

WishPond Review
WishPond Advantages
  • Flexibility – Wishpond will allow you to use a beautiful drag and drop, what you see is what you get editor to create any type of marketing page that you and your clients will ever need. So you can create lead capture pages, sales pages, webinar registration pages, video landing pages, download pages, and every other type of marketing page that you could possibly ever imagine. Wishpond also offers you even more flexibility as a fully-fledged email marketing autoresponder, a lead management utility, a sweepstakes tool, a form generator, and several other features that you’ll love as a marketer or an entrepreneur.

  • 100+ Templates – You might be thinking that since Wishpond offers so many features, that surely they must be skimping on their templates, right? If you that thought crossed your mind, then you’re absolutely incorrect, because Wishpond offers a very generous pool of beautiful templates, the full inventory counting well over 100 spanning across just about all categories that marketers would require.

  • Email Marketing Capability – In the event that you don’t currently have an email marketing autoresponder, then Wishpond might be the wisest choice for a landing page software. That’s because Wishpond comes fully stacked with a fully functional email autoresponder service, so you can build your list, automate promotions, and build massive rapport with your audience by emailing them with advanced automation rules that are easy to understand, plan, and deploy. So if you want to build your email list, but you’re not sure where to start, then Wishpond might be the best launching point for your marketing promotions going forward.

WishPond Disadvantages
  • Recurring Cost – If you’re looking for a onetime sunken cost, then Wishpond isn’t going to be your best choice. Due to the fact that Wishpond offers an email autoresponder, and frequently updated landing page templates, you will be required to pay an ongoing monthly fee. Just about all email marketing options require an ongoing charge, so you might look at all of the additional features that Wishpond provides to you as a mere bonus, very juicy and generous bonuses at that.

  • Basic Plan Only Allows 1,000 Leads – Combining the power of Wishpond’s beautiful lead capture page templates with the ability to store and email leads is tough to beat. Albeit, you probably realize that email marketing isn’t getting any cheaper these days. Thankfully, Wishpond won’t break the bank, but if you have a sizeable list of over 1,000 subscribers, you’ll have to subscribe to one of their advanced plans. If you’re panicking because you think this might be out of your budget, relax for now because you’ll learn more about the pricing plans later on in this review, so please continue reading.

  • Competition – Wishpond is a powerhouse landing page creator with a boatload of exciting features that their competitors don’t come close to matching. That being said, it’s so easy to get lost in the world of landing page software options, because as you know there are so many of them. After reading this review, hopefully you’ll have a better picture in your mind about who Wishpond is for, how they might benefit your business, and if their services are truly worth checking out.

Who Is WishPond Ideal For?

Wishpond is ideal for all marketers of all shapes and sizes. So if you’re an email marketer, an affiliate marketer, a network marketer, a marketer who promotes your own courses, books or products, then Wishpond is for you.

So if you want to build beautiful lead capture pages, sales pages, video sales pages, or make webinar registration pages that rock, then Wishpond can suit your needs.

Another thing about Wishpond is that they host your landing pages for you. So if you want a totally “hands off” approach, and never want to mess around with WordPress or cPanel, then Wishpond should get your close consideration.

Wishpond is also especially valuable if you want to build your list, but you’re not sure where to start. Wishpond allows you to build beautiful lead capture pages, and also allows you to followup with your leads automatically.


So you can build rapport, prestige, authority, and promote almost anything that you want while at the same time building a reputation with your subscribers. (Not to mention the sweepstakes feature, which can help you to build your list virally with the power of social sharing. So if you want to build a list, but you’re not sure how to get traffic? Try offering a sweepstakes promotion where you give away something awesome in exchange for social shares, so other people essentially build your list for you).

All in all, if you don’t have an email marketing service at this time, and you’re looking for a landing page builder, then Wishpond might be the best “all in one” solution that you’ll find.

WishPond Signup Process
WishPond Signup

You’re probably anxious by now because you think that Wishpond costs an arm and a leg. A beautiful landing page software, an email autoresponder service, and a sweepstakes generator all in one? Surely, this must cost a bountiful fortune? Luckily, you can register for Wishpond without paying an arm and a leg (more details in the pricing section of this review), and you can also register without opening your wallet for a full 14-days.

So, when you visit Wishpond, simply click on the call to action to join, and you’ll get a 100% free 14-day trial, absolutely no credit card required. All you have to do, is fill out a super-short form, register, login, and start digging deep into the Wishpond member’s area that’s rich with resources and features.

WishPond Ease of Use
Wishpond Dashboard

As soon as you access the Wishpond member’s area, you’ll be at ease because everything is readily available and easy to understand. There’s a clearly marked section for creating landing pages, for managing your leads, for sending email broadcasts to your leads, for managing email automation, for creating contests, for creating web forms, and for creating popups. So even though Wishpond offers a ton of services under one umbrella, everything is clearly labelled and organized so you never get confused.

Regarding the Wishpond drag and drop editor and the page builder, the learning curve is dismally small, and you’ll be building beautiful landing pages in just a few minutes from now if you want. That’s because the Wishpond landing page builder is 100% what you see is what you get, so if you can drag your mouse, and tap your keyboard you can easily create beautiful marketing pages for just about any occasion.

There’s also a massive list of templates that you can use for all occasions, and creating beautiful landing pages won’t take any effort, stress, or technical knowhow.

In the event that you hit a snag, there’s a handy dandy “Show Me How” button that floats next to whatever you’re doing, so if you ever get lost, instructions are always right there.

WishPond Features
Wishpond Features
  • Drag And Drop Page Builder – With Wishpond you won’t need to be a web developing expert or pro copywriter to create beautiful landing pages that convert. Instead, you can select from over 100+ premade templates and edit them to suit your fancy. It doesn’t matter what you’re promoting, you’ll be able to develop beautiful landing pages in style, without spending forever and a day, and even if you’ve suffered from technical overwhelm in the past.

  • Simple Split Testing – Have you ever used a standalone split testing software, that was so clumsy and complicated, that you just gave up? If that’s the case, you’re seriously throwing money away, because split testing is the single best way to get more return on your marketing budget, bar none. So you can find out exactly which of your landing pages are getting the most opt-ins, or the most sales, and you’ll never have to second guess your work, or bang your head against the wall when your landing pages aren’t converting. With Wishpond, you’ll be split testing your creatives in no time, so you can market with the best of them with full confidence and control.

  • Popups – Wishpond has an awesome popup feature that offers 50 unique popups templates. But maybe you’re freaking out, because popups are evil right?!?! Wrong. It seems like people have always been saying that popups are dreadfully annoying, and that they would never consider having popups on their webpages under any circumstance, period! That being said, popups are being used now more than ever. Why do you suppose that is? The real reason popups are still being used, is because they work like gangbusters. With Wishpond, you won’t be forced to deploy any annoying or nagging popups that make your end users loathe your very existence. Instead, you’ll be able to create beautiful popups that aren’t aggressive or irritating, so you can promote almost anything you want, all the while generating more clicks from your visitors, and turning potential naysayers into your biggest fans.

  • Lead Generation Forms – Remember that Wishpond also acts as a fully-fledged email marketing autoresponder service. For that reason, you’ll be able to deploy absolutely beautiful lead generation forms. So you can build your list, followup with your audience, and build relationships that can last a lifetime.

  • Contests Galore – Running contests is arguably the best, yet most underrated and little-known way to build your email list. So imagine this scenario. Imagine being able to give away a gift (maybe a free course, a collection of books, an Amazon gift card, or anything), and then prompting your end users to share the contest in order for them to get a chance at winning? The best part, is in order to qualify for the contest, your visitors will of course have to subscribe to your email newsletter. Then, to increase their odds at winning, they are prompted to share the contest registration form. This is how you can turn almost any giveaway into a potentially viral marketing campaign, while letting your audience do all the work as they build your email list on near-autopilot. Other contest software providers cost an arm and a leg for this one service alone, and Wishpond also has a ton of other contest features, such as voting contests, photo contests, Instagram contests, hashtag contests, essay contests, and more! (Very very cool).

  • Lead Capture Pages – Wishpond at the end of the day focuses largely on building your email list. Many of the Wishpond templates are geared toward creating beautiful lead capture pages, so you can prompt your visitors to join your list. In traditional drag and drop fashion, you’ll be able to create beautiful lead capture pages by promoting anything that your prospects would trade their email address for. So you can craft the perfect lead bait, and promote your lead capture pages until the cows come home.

  • Email Automation – Wishpond offers some beautiful automation options, so you can craft a killer email autoresponder campaign that introduces yourself, your business, tells stories, interacts, asks questions, and of course, sells anything that you want. All on full autopilot, so you can focus on building your email list, while Wishpond does all the heavy lifting selling and building rapport.

  • One Time Email Broadcasts – Maybe you just launched a course, or are entering an affiliate marketing contest and need to drive some quick traffic? If that’s the case, you’ll be able to send a onetime email blast to all of your leads generated within Wishpond. Wishpond puts you in control, so you can promote whatever you want, whenever you want, at the click of a button.

  • Advanced List Segmenting – Maybe you want to segment your leads based upon their behavior? Maybe some of your leads enjoy certain types of products, or they spend lots of time checking out certain areas of your website? You’ll be shocked at how you can “spy” on your leads ethically and legally, allowing you the knowledge to truly take your email marketing to the next level without being or hiring a psychic.

  • Beautiful Landing Page Templates – Wishpond has so many awesome features that it’s easy to lose focus of what matters the most, conversions! You’ll find that the landing page templates that Wishpond offers are absolutely beautiful. So you’ll never be stressed out that your landing pages aren’t going to convert. In fact, you’ll be so happy with how they look that you’ll probably end up sharing your landing pages with everyone that you ever run across, and you’ll be happy to do it because your pages will look great.

WishPond Integration's
  • Salesforce – If you’re selling products on Salesforce, then you’ll love the ability to integrate with Wishpond so you can profile your end users, followup with them, add them to your list, and essentially sell more products.

  • AWeber – It’s true that Wishpond has a fully functional email autoresponder service. But maybe you’re a diehard fan of AWeber and wouldn’t switch for the world? If that’s the case, then you can rest easy knowing that AWeber is fully functional with Wishpond, and you’ll never have to give AWeber up if you don’t want to.

  • GetResponse – GetResponse is another massively popular email autoresponder that’s massively popular, so maybe you don’t want to give it up? If that’s the case, you won’t have to, because GetResponse integrates with Wishpond with the click of a button, so you can get up and running and never drop the email autoresponder that you’ve come to love.

  • SurveyMonkey – One of the best ways to sell more products and dig deep into the psychographics of your demographic, is by asking them questions. With Wishpond, you’ll be able to analyze the SurveyMonkey survey results so you can integrate that very data so you can better personalize your marketing.

  • ClickWebinar – If you use ClickWebinar to host your webinars, you’ll be able to create awesome webinar registration forms with Wishpond, and then your attendees will automatically be registered to your upcoming event.

  • GoToWebinar – GoToWebinar is probably the best webinar platform on the planet. The only problem, is of course their absolutely dismal registration pages. That’s why Wishpond bent over backwards designing some truly beautiful webinar registration pages that integrate with GoToWebinar, so you can finally promote your webinars in style.

  • Eventbrite – Do you use Eventbrite to host events of any type? If you’re a diehard Eventbrite user, then you can easily synchronize your leads with Wishpond, so your marketing campaigns will always be in the loop and you won’t have to worry about any messy importing or exporting, or even worse the copying and pasting of leads from one app to the other.

  • UserVoice – If you use UserVoice as your help desk management utility, then you can actually show the content of your tickets within Wishpond, which will allow you to better define your workflows and overall marketing intelligence.

  • Wishpond API – Maybe you’d love to develop your own apps, widgets, dashboards and applications, or have one of your developers do it for you? Wishpond has a well-documented API, so you can be as advanced (or as simplistic) as you want every step of the way.

  • Zapier – If you don’t see your favorite application or service in this list of integrations then don’t worry. Because Wishpond integrates with Zapier, and Zapier will allow you to integrate with over 500+ third party applications with ease. In other words, no matter what application you use, you can be rest assured that Zapier will allow a simple integration one way or the other.

WishPond Pricing
Wishpond Pricing

Wishpond pricing is largely based upon the number of leads that your plan can handle. There are three plans in total, and the majority of features are all the same throughout the same plans.

So all plans allow you to get email & live chat support, allow you to build landing pages, allow email marketing, website popups, lead management, contest & promotions, et cetera.

The only moving parts, are the number of leads, API access, and the number of users per each account; (so if you have a team, you could give more accounts to your clients, boss, or virtual workers).

The first plan is the basic plan, which costs $149 per month, or $99 per month if you agree to pay annually. The basic plan allows 1,000 leads and 1 user, though doesn’t allow you API access.

The second plan is the pro plan, which costs $259 per month, or $169 per month if you agree to pay annually. The pro plan allows 2,500 leads, 5 users, and does allow API access.

Then, there’s the growth plan, which costs $429 per month, or $279 per month if you agree to pay annually. The growth plan allows 10,000 leads to start, though you can have up to 50,000 leads for additional fees. You can also have unlimited accounts, and of course, API access.

When selecting a Wishpond plan, the largest variable of consideration is how big your email list is. If you’re just getting started, you can easily start out with the basic plan, and try it free for 14-days. If your email list is already larger than 1,000 leads, then you might consider a larger plan. Also consider that you can always use a third party email autoresponder if you want to take advantage of the Wishpond page builder and their other features.

WishPond Support

Wishpond is one of those companies who exert ridiculous amounts of effort to offer awesome support.

For example, the first thing you need to know about Wishpond support is that they offer 24/7 support, so if you’re tinkering around with a landing page at 2:20 in the morning, regardless of where you are on the planet, you can get help fast.

Wishpond doesn’t stop there. They offer a massive collection of training tutorials, including training webinars, ebook downloads, and a massive help center with a collection of frequently asked questions (which is truly gargantuan and neatly organized by the way).

You can also schedule a demo if you want, so if after reading this review you’re still not sure if Wishpond can help your business, consider going that route.

Finally, and arguably the best support feature that Wishpond offers is the Wishpond Academy. The Wishpond academy is a massive collection of video courses on all things marketing. Courses on lead generation, how to run effective contests, how to promote your business on social media, how to run effective advertisements, a ton of email marketing tutorials, and how to create awesome landing pages (among a massive list of other courses) are all available for you, for absolutely zero cost.


To be honest, this one section of Wishpond is worth checking out even if you decide that their service isn’t for you, so be sure to check out Wishpond Academy. But be warned, because there’s a good chance that you’ll fall in love with the awesome content, so only dive in if you have hours to spare.

WishPond Reputation

Wishpond is a small tightly knit team of marketing nerds who want to help you build your business. After viewing their “About me” page, you’ll see that they’re a happy team who love what they do and are happy with their work. (Which, as you know, is vitally important from a customer service standpoint).

Wishpond also has a near perfect reputation with regards to customer testimonials, they have over 5,000 customers, and their clients have accrued more than 22,000,000 leads (no, that’s not at typo) since 2012.

Wishpond has a massive list of clients, and are known to be one of the simplest marketing platforms, and are also known for more than just their simple what you see is what you get page editor, as marketing automation is one of their “bread and butter” principles.

Wishpond has been featured all over the Internet by RE Blog, VentureBeat, and MarketingDIVE and they’re known for being an up and coming company that offers innovation, automation, awesome customer support, and ease of use.

After viewing the Wishpond homepage, you’ll find a wealth of testimonials, press releases, and a list of clients that’s sure to impress, and their reputation is one of prestige and authority in the marketing world by any measure.

WishPond Conclusion

If you’ve read this review, you realize by now that Wishpond isn’t your average landing page software. Wishpond goes far beyond mere landing pages, and offers a full suite of marketing tools that just about any marketer would love.

Wishpond allows you to capture leads, so you can build your list and contact them automatically for as long as you want.

Wishpond allows you to create beautiful landing pages for any situation, whether you want to sell your own products, presell an affiliate product, promote your webinar, or even create download pages for your audience.

Wishpond even allows you to build your list by launching viral giveaway campaigns; a service that many companies charge far more than what Wishpond is charging, and they only offer that one service.

So ask yourself this.

Do you want to make selling your products easier? Do you want the ability to create beautiful landing pages, without spending a decade or more of your life learning graphic design, HTML, and CSS?

If any of this is the case, then you might as well try Wishpond. They offer awesome services for marketers and entrepreneurs of all skill levels, and they’re absolutely free for 14-days.

In fact, you won’t even have to open your wallet. No credit card is required, and by this time tomorrow, you might be building your audience, promoting your products, and establishing rapport and authority with your audience that could last a lifetime.


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