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WordTracker Review

Wordtracker is an SEO tool that grants the ability to uncover powerful keywords with the few clicks of your mouse, so you can better strategize your SEO campaigns with breakthrough proficiency. 


So imagine this scenario. Imagine if you could finally tap into Google’s low hanging fruit, without second guessing what your content and SEO marketing should look like? If that would feel good, then you should continue reading this review.


Wordtracker’s entire philosophy is that keyword research takes too much time! You probably realize by now how costly it can be when you spend hours on end tinkering around with complicated SEO tools, when really your time is much better spent creating beautiful content for your campaigns. 


So if you’ve ever been frustrated because you’re slaving away on your SEO, instead of actually improving your rankings, then Wordtracker’s main intention is to make you burst a massive sigh of relief.


Not only does keyword research take too much time, it’s also strewn to the brim with guesswork. How are you supposed to rank your website (or a client’s website) if you never have clarity or confidence that your SEO ranking philosophy is sound? If you’ve ever suffered from these SEO setbacks, then Wordtracker’s main objective is to provide unshakable confidence and clarity, even if you’ve suffered from confusion in the past.


Wordtracker makes the bold claim that their vast database of keywords can give you more keywords, so you can develop better campaigns and create better targeted content. In fact, Wordtracker makes the bold claim that their keyword tool pulls over 2,000 relevant keywords in a single search, compared to Google, which only pulls 200 keywords per search. 


Are their claims the acme of arrogance, or are they worthy of praise? Continue reading this summary review to find out more.

WordTracker Review
WordTracker Advantages

Power Keywords – Have you ever looked at your keyword tool, only to be totally baffled and confused as to how it came to those results? Wordtracker contends that the majority of keyword data out there is questionable at best, which is why Wordtracker focuses on keyword data above and beyond anything else.


No More Spreadsheets – Face it, one of the worst ways to track keyword data is by exporting it to a messy excel sheet that can be laden with errors and hard to understand, especially if you’re not a PhD in statistics. 


That’s why Wordtracker focuses on delivering beautiful keyword data that you can trust, and most importantly, you’ll be able to easily organize the data that you’re working with so you don’t have to strain your eyes, or worse yet punt your laptop across the room in frustration.


Wordtracker Academy – Have you ever been frustrated because all of the SEO gurus are flipping terms around and you have no idea what they mean? If that’s the case, you’ll love Wordtracker Academy, so you can finally talk the talk, and learn more than most humans on the planet about SEO. 


Spend a few hours in the academy and you’ll outmuscle the hustle when it comes to SEO, and even the big scary gurus won’t be a match for your newly improved lexicon.

WordTracker Disadvantages

Lack Of Local SEO Features – While Wordtracker specializes in breakthrough (and penetrating) keyword analysis so you can rank your content with magnificent results, and even find rare niche keywords that you haven’t thought of yet, they’re not the most robust platform for ranking local websites, so there’s a lack of emphasis in other areas of SEO analytics.


Free Plan Only Lasts 7 Days – You might think that it’s rude to berate a company for giving a free trial, especially when many of Wordtracker’s competitors won’t grant you the same opportunity. That being said, in full transparency it’s important to note this limitation, which is that Wordtracker only grants their new users a 7-day free trial period.


Ample Competition – You’ve noticed by now that the quantity of high quality SEO tools are growing every five minutes. For that reason, you realize that the Internet’s not getting any less crowded, and of course Wordtracker is going to have stiff competition from a seemingly infinite wealth of SEO analytical tools. How does Wordtracker stack up against the competition? Continue reading this review to discover more.

Who Is WordTracker Ideal For?

If you’re an affiliate marketer, blogger, ecommerce vendor, email marketer, teacher, vendor, or anyone who operates an independently owned website, then Wordtracker can benefit your organization tremendously. 


So you can finally get your SEO rankings on track without being an SEO guru, and even if you’re not sure what “SEO” means you can still benefit tremendously by visiting the Wordtracker Academy so you can get brought up to speed with due expedience.


Wordtracker is also ideal for large SEO agencies and smaller SEO clients, so you can spend less time working with complicated ranking tools and instead spend your time strategizing genius SEO campaigns that will get your clients results, and there’s absolutely no risk to start using Wordtracker.


Wordtracker heavily touts their world class support, so you can proceed with full confidence, and ping them as frequently as you want with your questions, should you wish.

WordTracker Signup Process
WordTracker Register

Registering for Wordtracker is a simple process and won’t take more than a minute. Upon visiting the main Wordtracker site, there’s a very clear call to action prompting you to register.


There are three different plans, and each of the plans come with a risk-free 7-day trial. (You’ll learn more about the plans in the Wordtracker pricing section later in this review).


You do require a credit card to activate the 7-day trial, however the cancellation process is simple in the event that you don’t want to continue your membership and there’s also a 30-day money back guarantee, so registering is a painless and risk free process.

WordTracker Ease of Use
WordTracker Dashboard

It’s important to note that Wordtracker is entirely cloud based, so you can access their powerful keyword tracking tools within the dashboard, and there’s never any software that you’re forced to install, which is definitely a plus.


When you first visit Wordtracker, there’s a text box that will actually allow you to begin testing their keyword finder utility without logging in, which is actually a nice touch since they require a credit card for initial registration. So, to preview Wordtracker’s preview with zero risk, simply visit their homepage and begin testing the keyword tool.


Wordtracker’s entire company policy is that keyword research is already too complicated. For that reason, you’ll probably find their keyword research tools to be “123 easy”. 


In fact, as soon as you access the member’s dashboard you’ll find all of the keyword analytical tools within one handy to access area, so you can begin researching keywords and better strategizing campaigns without messing around and wasting your time on complicated features.


In addition to the very low learning curve and intuitive design of Wordtracker’s website, you’ll also find that they tout their customer support to be best in class, so in the unlikely event that you hit a snag, you can contact their trusty staff for fast and easy support.

WordTracker Features
WordTracker Features

Highly Trustworthy Keyword Results – Have you ever used an older style keyword tool, only to realize that the data was absolutely junk? Has the phrase “Garbage In, Garbage Out” ever applied to the data that you’re getting from your keyword tool?


Face it, if the keywords you’re pulling from your current campaigns are junk, your output is always going to be based on folly. With Wordtracker, they vow to make their keyword data best in class, so your SEO efforts are never for naught.


Massive Keyword Database – Wordtracker boasts a massive keyword list, so you can get more customers, more SEO opportunities, and more organic traffic based upon keywords that your competitors have no real way of discovering.


Cloud Access – Have you ever been at a hotel, on the beach, or even at a restaurant and you had a genius idea, but then later you couldn’t quite remember what it was? If that’s ever happened (and of course it has), you’ll love the idea that you can access Wordtracker wherever you are, without any software or plugins, so you can immediately gain access to your keyword tools and begin a potentially invaluable breakthrough brainstorming session wherever you are, whenever creativity strikes.


Easily Organized – Stop tripping over cells with Microsoft Excel, and step into the new age of keyword analytics and organization. With Wordtracker, you’ll be able to sort, isolate, save, and control your keywords in intuitive fashion, so you’re never losing track of your focus and can instead focus entirely on beautiful SEO campaigns.


Competition Analysis – It’s important to know precisely which keywords have the highest potential, so you can know how your efforts are best spent. Stop wasting time on keywords that are difficult to rank, and instead start picking Google’s low hanging fruit for the fastest and easiest (and smartest) results.


World Class Support – You’ll discover in a following section how invaluable Wordtracker’s support is, for now be rest assured that whether you want to attend a webinar, talk to a support agent via a live chat, or even watch a video tutorial that they’ve got you covered, and then some.


Generate Large Keyword Lists Quickly – Every second you waste waiting for an archaic piece of software slaughters your creativity. It’s infinitely vital that you spend less time fighting software, and more time innovating creative SEO campaigns. That’s why Wordtracker has exerted endless efforts in order to generate thousands of content-rich keywords in a matter of minutes, not hours.


Unlimited Projects – Maybe you’re an SEO agent with a dozen different clients and their needs are ever-changing, and totally different one way or the other. If that’s the case, you’ll love the fact that you can easily manage different projects all within Wordtracker’s easy to understand interface. So you can access everything all at a glance, and without losing your train of thought.

Long Tail Keyword Digging – Did you know that long tail keywords are some of the best ways to get powerful ranking as quickly as possible? But finding long tail keywords that are designed for red hot prospects can be next to impossible with a traditional keyword tool. 


That’s why Wordtracker will help you dig deep into the world of long tail keywords, so you can tackle the utmost SEO potency without spending days (or weeks) on long tail keyword research.

Reveal Little-Known Yet Hugely-Valuable Niche Markets – It’s true that there’s never been this much competition online, which is why it’s never been more important to tap into niches that may provide abundant opportunity for rewarding ranking. 


Wordtracker will help you delve deep into the world of niche marketing, so you can market your products, services, and websites with angles that you had not thought of before, and which may shed new light on your own website’s profitability, sustainability, and long-term feasibility.

WordTracker Integration's

Wordtracker API – If you want instant access to a massive database containing over 3.5 billion (that’s billion with a “b”) search terms, and 350 million keywords, then you’ll love Wordtracker’s API. So you can develop your own tools, make them unique to your own business, and tap into Wordtracker’s immense pool of data. 


The Wordtracker API is scalable, well documented, and provides unlimited access to their data, so you can get insight into your own search rankings, and the rankings of your customers using your own widgets, software, apps and dashboards.

WordTracker Pricing
Word Tracker Pricing

Unlike other SEO analytical tools, which admittedly have very confusing pricing plans, Wordtracker is relatively straight forward. In fact, there are only three plans to deal with.


The plans are based upon the total number of keyword results you can get per month, the number of territories, and API access. Each of their accounts allow competition metrics, so you can see how your competitors are faring in the search engines in accordance with different keywords (which is a great feature by the way).


In any event, the three plans are as follows. There’s a bronze plan, a silver plan, and a gold plan. The silver and gold plans also allow you to save 40% by paying annually.


The bronze plan costs $27 per month, and allows 1,000 keyword results across the top 6 territories, though does not allow API access.


The silver plan costs $69 per month if you pay monthly, or $37 per month if you pay annually. The silver plan allows 5,000 keyword results across 13 territories, though does not allow API access.


Then there’s the gold plan, which costs $99 per month, or $53 per month if you pay annually. The gold plan allows 10,000 keyword results per month across 200+ territories, and allows API access.

WordTracker Support

Wordtracker boasts having one of the best support desks in the world of SEO. If you ever have any questions about Wordtracker, they’re available via email, live chat, and phone. Their operating hours are from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm (UK Time) and 04:00 am to 01:00 pm (New York Time).


In addition to their support staff who remain ready to help, Wordtracker also offers a free training resource that was previously mentioned, called Wordtracker Academy. Wordtracker Academy is stuffed to the brim with training resources so you can learn SEO, discover the secrets of effective keyword research, link building, social media marketing, content marketing, and even pay per click.


The Wordtracker Academy also has a list of resource, and more information about the Wordtracker tools that you’ll find helpful whether you’re already an absolute SEO novice, and even if you’re already a grizzled SEO veteran.


Wordtracker also offers training videos, training webinars, articles, e-books, and a wealth of resources that really puts them in a category of their own with regards to training, support, and excellent service.


So whether you’d like to jump in head first and use Wordtracker’s (already easy to understand) tools, start direct messaging their helpdesk, or study at their Wordtracker Academy, you’ll find ample opportunities to learn, and you’ll never be left in the dark.

WordTracker Reputation

Wordtracker has a ton of beautiful testimonials from some massively heavy hitting SEO authorities, and they’ve been featured in several prominent publications.


Inc. Magazine,, SEO book, SEOmoz, Duct Tape Marketing, and Search Engine Land have all featured, so you can see that they have a track record of recognition, and their services are quite well known and recognized for excellence in the world of SEO.


But what about their real reputation? What is Wordtracker known for? 
Well, for starters, Wordtracker started way back in 1998, when Google was still in beta. If you take a time machine way back to 1998, very few humans on the planet knew what Google was, let alone a search engine, let alone SEO optimization and keyword research.


When Wordtracker was started by Mike and Andy Mindel, people must have thought they were crazy. However, after all of this time, Wordtracker has continually innovated themselves as the premier keyword SEO analytical software, and their main intention is to stay on top of the game, while at the same time making your life as a small business, independent website owner, or SEO agency (or consultant) more effective, better, faster, and easier.

WordTracker Conclusion

If you’ve been in the SEO world for long, you probably realize that Wordtracker brings a lot to the table. They’re arguably one of the longest running SEO keyword tools on the planet, and they’ve had ample opportunity to continually innovative themselves, while at the same time staying on top of their game.


The bottom line comes down to whether or not you’re finally sick and tired of outdated, and ineffective keyword tools. If you’ve ever sat there for 20 minutes waiting for your keyword pulls to finish, or even worse, pulled out your hair as a result of the data being flat out wrong, then Wordtracker might be the single best option for you.


So you can better strategize your marketing efforts, and brainstorm beautiful SEO optimized content that will finally give you and your client’s websites a massive advantage over your competitors who are probably using outdated tools.


So, you have two choices. You can continue using outdated keyword tools, and create content blindly, while you have absolutely no clarity and certainty that your SEO optimization strategy is going to work at all. Or, you can use one of the world’s most trusted keyword tools, so you can craft killer SEO strategy that’s unshakable, positive, accurate, and up to date.


You can try Wordtracker for absolutely zero cost, they tout their customer support as some of the best on the planet, and they offer a ton of free training in their Wordtracker Academy.


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